Yesterday I wrote about an offer for the Alaska Airlines Visa with 25,000 miles after first purchase and 15,000 more for $10,000 spend within 6 months. So 40,000 miles for $10,000 in spend.

Steven commented in another post that there’s also an offer of 30,000 miles without a minimum spend requirement.

That offer was first made last summer</a, though the link to it was no longer available. It's good to see it back.

The offer is for 25,000 miles on approval (no minimum spending) and 5000 more miles “for being a customer.”

There doesn’t appear to be any verification that you need to be a pre-existing customer, that they will do anything like check to see whether you have bank accounts with them already for instance, and I’d bet that anyone — even folks who have never had a Bank of America account before — will get the full 30,000 miles. Though since they only promise it to folks as a thank you for being a customer (gee, getting upproved for the card makes you a customer, no?) I suppose it isn’t guaranteed.

The card comes with a $75 annual fee and a $99+tax companion certificate valid for any coach seat in conjunction with a pad ticket (both tickets earn miles).

Some people will find 30,000 miles without spend more attractive, it really depends on your spending capacity and other things you may be putting spend towards at the moment.

Others will choose to wait, thinking that last month’s 50,000 mile offer with minimal spend might come back. That’s the best offer I have ever seen for the card, and haven’t seen it more than once, so I can’t predict its return. And with Bank of American getting the card now doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be ineligible for a bigger offer that comes around down the line.

  1. TWA44 said,

    Gary, do you know if current holders of this card can get a second? I am a B of A customer and both my husband and I have the card already. Thanks!

  2. Jonathan said,

    @TWA44 – You can keep getting these cards without closing your old ones. It’s kinda ridiculous actually.

  3. TWA44 said,

    Great, thanks, Jonathan!

  4. Points with a Crew said,

    I think I’m going to wait at least for awhile – both of these offers aren’t that great and I have no pressing need for an Alaska card

  5. Jonathan said,

    @Points with a Crew – 30,000 AS miles for $75 is not that great? What?

  6. Joel said,

    I signed up for a 30k card in October last year. Same thing, 25k upon approval and 5k for being a BofA customer. Got the 30k. Don’t have any other accounts with BofA, this card is my first account.

  7. JeffreyP said,

    Any idea whether they would match the 25K offer (add 5K) I signed up for last week.

  8. yuneeq said,

    “Some people will find 30,000 miles without spend more attractive”

    Why is this even debatable? 30k + $10k spend = 40k points with no time threshold to spend 10k. How is the 25k +15k after spending $10k within 6 months, better in any way?

  9. Scott said,


    But with the 25k offer you get 25 + 10k from spending + 15k bonus = 50k, so it’s better if you are willing to do the spending.

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