75,000 American Mile Signup Bonus for Citi Executive MasterCard

The Points Guy says that this link — which goes straight to an application page, not to a landing page detailing the offer — will give you 75,000 American Airlines miles after $7500 spend within 3 months for a new Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM MasterCard®.

In addition, he indicates it will give you up to a $100 statement credit, $1 for each of the first $100 you spend on that card.

That credit helps because this is the $450 annual fee card that provides American Airlines lounge access, and offers 10,000 elite qualifying miles after $40,000 in spend during a year.

The best public offer for the card is 60,000 points after $5000 spend within 3 months.

I intend to apply for this offer. It’s a big spending requirement and a big fee, but I consider the miles to be worth it, and as an American Executive Platinum member with uncertainty in my travel year ahead I’d like to get a head start on the elite qualifying miles.

Update: To be clear, none of the links in this post are ‘mine’ and I do not receive anything if you choose to apply for cards using them. I cannot independently vouch for the details of the offer, however I have now applied and was instantly approved for the card.

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  1. Applied and approved. Thanks!
    I had been eyeing the 60k deal. Glad I waited.
    Now I have three AA Citi cards..

  2. @Jon

    I like the credit card pushing — I can’t stay up on the best offers without it.

    Problem is, I just got an invite for a Chase Ink card requiring 5k spend in 3 months, so I can’t jump on this one right away.

  3. Is this card churnable? Citi has gotten very strict on this. I had this card several years ago and would love to get it again. What has been your experience? Thanks and love your site!

  4. @MilesAbound – is it targeted the way this one is (with an application link anyone can use), or targeted the way those snail mail Amex 100k solicitations for their Platinum card are? Because the former would be huge, the latter I generally just ignore or hope to get in the mail myself 🙂

  5. I had the same or similar offer a little while back but the below spending credit was for only on AA spend.

    “In addition, he indicates it will give you up to a $100 statement credit, $1 for each of the first $100 you spend on that card.”

  6. @ Charlie Unless you want Admirals club access, I am not sure if this card is worth it.you can get 50K miles for “free” is you apply for the personal/biz cards. so you get additional 25K/$350~1.3 cents. may not be a level at which you want to buy miles+waste a citi credit hit (Citi is now restrictive)

  7. @asar, true. But if you can’t apply for a Citi AA card right now for the obvious reason that you have one or too recently applied, this is a way to get 75K additional miles that you otherwise couldn’t get. I agree that if you don’t value Admirals Club and CAN apply for a Citi AA Platinum then you should.

  8. Asar and Glenn are both correct. I have multiple Citi AA personal and business cards and I’m several months or more from a churn. What do you mean about Citi being “restrictive”? I was declined for a Thank You points card last year for having 7 or 8 recent inquiries at the time.

  9. @Glenn, Asar, Charlie – cents per mile calculations only hold true as long as the AA award chart remains the same. If they pull a United before you get the opportunity to use the miles then suddenly your great deal of 75K miles potentially becomes a not so great deal of 32K miles for $450.

  10. Is the Admiral’s Club membership provided by this card good regardless of what airline you’re flying or only if you’re flying AA/US?

  11. @Evan, its a full AC membership. Doesn’t matter if you’re flying on AA metal or not.

    Also, the card includes a $100 credit, which is supposedly for ANY spend, though people have apparently been successful using it for AA GCs as well, or just you know, actual AA spend. So the math should be $350 / 75K rather than $450.

    As far as I understand it the current Citi AA rules are the ones established last August or so, after the crazy churnable every week Platinum card died. You can only apply for one Citi AA card every 12-18 months or so. The different variants don’t matter any more–they used to. The CitiBusiness AA is still apparently churnable every 90 days or so.

    The assumption is that the Executive with its hefty fee will be independent of that, but not sure we have proof yet.

  12. If I get an authorized use card later after approval will the authorized use be able to use the lounge as well or only the primary card holder. Also, is there any fee for adding an authorized user?

  13. “Only primary Citi Executive® / AAdvantage® World EliteTM MasterCard® cardmembers receive membership privileges to the American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges. Authorized users are not entitled to Admirals Club® membership privileges”

  14. I got this card In December with the 60,000 point bonus. I just called and got my award upped to 75,000 points if (when!) I spend the extra $1500 before my 90-day signup anniversary. Yay!

  15. Just signed up for the 100K offer and didn’t get an instant approval online. However, Citi asked me to call a number with an application code, which I did. The very pleasant rep on the phone approved my CC application and confirmed that I was eligible for the 100,000 miles (with 10K spend in 3 months) and a $200 statement credit. Thanks, Brian (TPG) and Gary! 🙂

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