1. Print copies of your itineraries when traveling abroad
  2. How to avoid jetlag
  3. Carry a sheet printed in the local language with the name and address of your hotel
  4. How to predict things will go awry before they actually do
  5. Travel with a compact power strip
  6. Shoulder seasons are best for hotel upgrades
  7. How to get into a sold out hotel.
  8. How to prevent – and recover – lost luggage
  9. How to ask for an upgrade
  10. How to get help during irregular flight operations
  11. Saving on foreign currency when traveling abroad
  12. Always wear shoes when visiting the airplane lavatory

  1. Andrew said,

    And the filthy anti-shoe toilet brigade will be here in 3…2…1…

  2. steve kalman said,

    I have a new (to me) app called word lens. Point it at a sign or menu item written in a foreign language and it translates it right on the image. Several languages available for download.

  3. steve kalman said,

    One more thing on the foreign currency. When at LHR or AMS, take your leftover paper currency and put it on your starbucks card. You’ll get bank rate conversion with no fee.

  4. Mike said,

    I would add something else to #5: Buy a portable battery pack, like the 10,000 mAh Anker pack from Amazon with two USB ports. If that’s too big (physically), there’s a 5,600mAh version that’s pocket-sized.

    It might not charge a laptop, but it’s more than enough to charge a phone or tablet several times over. My 10k mAh Anker saved my life during Comic Con last year when I stayed in a hostel where everyone else had taken a power outlet for their own charging needs.

    I also bring it whenever my family goes to a theme park, or to any social/networking event, etc.

  5. John-Paul said,

    Aside from ensuring that a copy of my passport is always in my bag and with a family member not travelling with me, I don’t bring any printed documentation. In a much wider sense, I don’t get the obsession with printing things. I have both of the things you suggest ready to hand on my phone, and this does come in handy sometimes (like taxis and the like). But do we really need to be printing things so much? It seems so 20th century. :)

  6. Gary said,

    @John-Paul – some countries require the printed copy to enter the airport terminal, unfortunately

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