American Express Membership Rewards has a new partnership with Emirates and indeed through this Friday they are offering a 25% bonus when you convert Membership Rewards points to Emirates Skywards miles.

To highlight this offer, American Express asked if I would give one lucky reader 25,000 Emirates miles. Sounds good to me!

To be clear, I do not receive anything for running this contest and giving away the miles. But American Express is providing the points.

I covered the transfer bonus when it was first announced, along with the launch of the relationship between American Express and Emirates. See this post for more details on the ins and outs of booking awards through Emirates Skywards.

The transfer bonus makes a business class roundtrip New York JFK – Dubai, normally 145,000 points, just 116,000 Membership Rewards points. And it makes a business class roundtrip New York JFK – Milan, normally 90,000 points, just 72,000 Membership Rewards points. Which — even with fuel surcharges — seems quite reasonable.

Here’s how to win

  • Leave a comment on this post, answering the question “Where would you go if you had a head start with 25K Emirates Skywards Miles?
  • Enter no more than one time per day (loosely defined, either as 24 hour or calendar day).
  • Contest closes 8pm Eastern time on Thursday, so that I can announce the winner on Friday — the same day that the transfer bonus ends.
  • All decisions, actions, and interpretations are mine, not subject to appeal, and you agree by entering that I have no liability for the manner in which the contest is run. In other words, don’t give me a hard time when I’m trying to give away miles, thank you!

So.. check out the transfer bonus, and let me know in the comments Where would you go if you had a head start with 25K Emirates Skywards Miles?

  1. Jamie said,



    Definitely will go to Dubai as I never been before.

  3. Jonathan said,

    Always wanted to see DXB :)

  4. Dan said,


  5. Terence said,

    New York !

  6. Ben said,

    I’d accelerate my Y to J upgrade for my holidays in Australia!

  7. DJP_707 said,


  8. far north trader said,

    I would take my wife to Milan

  9. Sagar said,

    Would use it towards a A380 first class award :) and to try their on board shower

  10. Eric said,

    Easy… I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai!!!

  11. Dan ray said,


  12. Steve said,

    Definitely Dubai!

  13. Miro said,

    Probably would fly from VCE to DXB… simple…

  14. Michael W Travels said,

    I’d do Milan in business class with my wife & son.

  15. Annie said,

    I really want to see Dubai!

  16. Joan said,

    I’d go to Dubai.

  17. Max said,

    Mo Chi Minh City! Never went to Vietnam and it is on top of my travel bucket list.

  18. Matt Perkins said,

    Milan for me too!

  19. Prateek said,

    Dubai! My sister and brother in law live there and I haven’t had a chance to visit them yet. Would be a great trip with Emirates!

  20. Charlie said,

    Home from Dubai – flying the Emirates A380 in First was addicting!

  21. miles said,


  22. Tom said,

    India (for exploration) & the Maldives (for relaxation).

  23. Graham said,

    Loved Dubai last time
    Would love the chance to re visit


  24. Brendan said,

    Dubai of course!

  25. Ralf said,

    I would go anywhere with Emirates, as long as I don´t have to fly Economy in a 10 seat a row 777

  26. David said,

    Dubai would be fun to check out.

  27. Trevor said,


  28. william georgiades said,

    I would go straight to the bar, the shower, the suite and Dubai.

  29. Ernest said,


  30. Barun Patra said,

    I am in India for the next month.. 25k miles would be a nice excuse to take a few days of break in DXB!

  31. Nancy said,

    Definitely LAX – DXB. Their A380 service starts next month!

  32. Cl said,

    Not sure if 25K is enough for any international travel on Emirates, but Milan nonetheless

  33. Stephen said,

    I’d have to use them towards a flight from Istanbul to the Middle East mid-winter when the cold gets to be too much!

  34. DJ S said,


  35. Margaret said,

    I would visit Dubai

  36. MDDC73 said,

    Milan probably, but Duabi is nice too.

  37. Mark said,


  38. DaninSTL said,

    The airport.

    Seriously I guess Dubai.

  39. Jay K said,

    Never been to Dubai. Would love to go there and run do Mission impossible stunts off the Burj Khalifa. Haha.
    Or just sight-see. :)

  40. Smitty06 said,


  41. Shimbo said,


  42. GeoffB said,

    I’d go to Rome!

  43. Cl said,

    Mxp !

  44. Kelly Henry said,

    Sri Lanka

  45. Jay said,

    Milan and northern Italy.

  46. Denise L said,


  47. Mike said,


  48. Sean M. said,

    I’d use it to upgrade next week’s flight EBB-DXB.

  49. Greg M said,

    Milan, Italy

  50. MD said,


  51. Ben said,

    I would definitely want to visit Dubai.

  52. AndreiM said,

    Shanghai (PVG) for New Chinese Year Festival 2014 :D

  53. Kevin said,

    I would put it towards saving up for a first class suite trip to Seychelles or the Maldives from NYC

  54. Gabriel said,


  55. Menashe said,


  56. joel said,


  57. Brad said,

    I would go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi

  58. Robert P said,

    I would use those miles towards a business class upgrade

  59. Amit said,


  60. Joe EZ said,

    Lusaka, Zambia for a safari

  61. joe s said,

    Milan definitely

  62. Bob said,

    I would go to Dubai on the A380 – looks like an amazing product!

  63. Eric said,

    I’d go to Milan!

  64. Dino said,


  65. Dingo said,


  66. Ruy said,

    Sri Lanka.

  67. SF said,


  68. Bill n DC said,

    Bucket list. 1st class on 380 shower suite to Sydney via Dubia.

  69. Richard said,

    Anywhere on an A380!

  70. JP2 said,


  71. Joanna said,

    I would use those miles towards an Emirates business class ticket to Milan!

  72. Pablo said,

    Hong Kong!

  73. Julia said,


  74. Barry said,

    Seychelles or the Maldives sounds good!

  75. BOShappyflyer said,

    Italy for me! :)

  76. Debbie @ Traveling Well For Less said,

    Dubai :)

  77. Jiong said,


  78. Peter said,

    Anywhere the A380 flies so I can take a shower in the sky!

  79. Erich said,

    I would go 35,000 feet up in the sky, just to take a shower

  80. Jana Miller said,


  81. Jay said,

    I think I would go to Milan, Italy!

  82. Michael H.(oldfox) said,

    I would love to go to Dubai!

  83. Jacob said,

    I would put it towards a380 first class

  84. Dave said,

    I would use it to go to Dubai!

  85. Tom said,

    Would love to see Dubai via A380 first class!

  86. Eugene said,


  87. Nat said,

    So many places. I’m going to go with Warsaw.

  88. gba said,

    Anywhere as long as I could get a shower on the way there

  89. Magda said,

    for Xmas to see my mom in the Czech Republic…

  90. scibuff said,

    BC on EK with a 25k miles “discount” would be a great deal :D

  91. Yong said,

    I’d go to Dubai with those miles!

  92. Jon said,

    Milan is just the starting point… onto Dubai!

  93. Joseph said,


  94. mogon said,


  95. Joey said,


  96. Owen said,

    Absolutely, Dubai. Thanks!

  97. Scott said,

    Lucky enough to fly Dubai earlier this year from Rome to Sydney in business on the 380, and would fly back to Sydney is a second!

  98. jamesk said,


  99. Nick F. said,

    I’d be headed to the Maldives!

  100. ODTravel said,

    Rio, Brazil

  101. u600213 said,

    Well, although I admire their on board service and seats, I’m Jewish and have never really considered Emirates or the other gulf based carriers as an airline for my own travel. However, if it was free or subsidized , New Zealand because my wife wants to go there.

  102. Jeff said,

    New York-Dubai-Tokyo!!

  103. FlyerM said,

    I’d head straight to Dubai for high tea at the Burj Khalifa.

  104. Dave Golden said,

    Dubai would be awesome. Thanks for the contest!

  105. M A said,

    Definetly Dubai or Abu Dhabi and get a chance to see the many Grand Prix events they host

  106. Calvin Ong said,

    Nice top off to fly on LAX-DXB on the A380 F!

  107. Jenny said,

    Plaza on the River, London

  108. Rob_NY said,

    I would go to Capetown using the great connections Emirates has through DXB!

  109. david said,

    tucson most likely.

  110. Exxon said,

    I would take a trip to Hyderabad and stay at the Hyatt.

  111. Mark said,


  112. tondoleo said,

    The House of Miles

  113. gomike said,


  114. laurent said,


  115. Aarif said,

    Being practical, probably would use the miles for South Asia to DXB when returning from next South Asia visit.

  116. Trevor said,

    Dubai, definitely.

  117. Gerhard said,


  118. pankaj said,

    Dubai to see the Palm :)

  119. Mark said,

    Dubai for some golf.

  120. Gyimil said,

    Upgrade a Europe to Dubai flight.

  121. Marc said,

    Manila or Clark in the Philippines. Taipei might be a good choice as a future destination.

  122. scott b. said,

    Milan, Italy

  123. Robert said,


  124. Eric said,

    I would use those miles towards an A380 business class upgrade

  125. Ron said,


  126. dave said,

    def would do Dubai like a sheik

  127. Sean bailey said,

    Milano! Definitely! Merci

  128. Nathanael said,

    India for sure

  129. CW said,


  130. John said,

    Visit Dubai for the first time

  131. Meg said,

    I would fly to the Maldives, our dream trip! We would have a wonderful time on the most gorgeous beaches…and I have long wanted to see the inside of an Emirates plane. Even the flight attendants’ uniforms look amazing!

  132. Joel said,

    I’d head to Dubai.

  133. christopher said,

    getting to go to dubai would be great!

  134. Quinn said,


  135. tiffany l said,

    milan sounds good!

  136. Dundili said,

    I would like to explore more of the middle east, so maybe Muscat or Jordan.

  137. Zach said,

    I’d use it to jump start on our adoption trip to Ethiopia

  138. Ram said,


  139. Michael said,


  140. Tom said,


  141. Ricky said,

    Dubai would be a fun destination on Emirates FC!!

  142. MT said,


  143. Laura said,


  144. Anup said,

    I would go to Abu Dhabi.

  145. Magnus said,


  146. karung99 said,


  147. AG said,

    Dubai !

  148. Baqa said,


  149. Jon said,


  150. Marc m said,

    Dubai sounds interesting to me!

  151. JO said,

    Emirates to Milan from JFK, a far more elegant way to hit up French Riviera, Como or Swiss Alps. And 25k miles gets us an inch closer.

  152. Tuan said,

    I would go to Dubai and stay at the Burj Al Arab.

  153. kevin said,

    Dar Es Salaam then to the Saychells!

  154. Sasidhar said,

    Seychelles – diving and snorkelling :)

  155. Brett A said,


  156. Sandy said,

    I would like to travel to dubai. Check out their indoor ski

  157. mal said,

    Back home to Australia… the long way.

  158. YYa said,

    Guangzhou, hometown :D

  159. Jon said,


  160. Peter Y said,


  161. Arthur H said,


  162. Mike said,

    Dubai or Milan

  163. aegt said,


  164. Kelvin Stroud said,


  165. Jacob K said,

    I’d use the points to go to Milan!

  166. tim said,

    Dubai for me

  167. Steve said,


  168. Avi said,

    Dubai on the A380. I wanna get on that shower

  169. Harold said,


  170. Alex said,

    Definitely Dubai. I’ve wanted to go for the last ten years and have never been able to scheme my way into a trip there!

  171. avidtraveler said,


  172. Scott C said,


  173. Peter said,

    The Bustan Palace in Muscat, Oman.

  174. Trudy said,

    I would fly to Milan and then spend some time in Italy. Thanks

  175. Lantean said,

    Kuala Lumpur

  176. Ben said,

    Auckland, New Zealand!

  177. Pamela said,

    I’d love to check out Dubai!

  178. JUN CHEN said,

    Sri Lanka:)

  179. George H said,

    I would fly from Afghanistan to visit my family back in the US.

  180. James said,

    I would go to London, England!

  181. claudiu tolas said,


  182. Avi said,


  183. Haseeb said,


  184. Tony said,

    DUBAI of course! Indoor skiing!

  185. Adam said,

    I would use the 25,000 Skywards miles towards a trip to Milan since North America East to Western Europe is a sweet spot in the Emirates chart, requiring only 45,000 miles in coach. With the 25,000 Skywards miles, I’d need only 16,000 Amex Membership Rewards points, factoring in the 25% bonus, to reach 45,000 Skywards miles!

  186. Andrew said,


  187. Iowan said,

    Shower on A380…destination is secondary (Dubai, most likely).

  188. Narayana S said,

    I would use it to go to India on my upcoming trip in July.

  189. Brian M said,


  190. Paul said,

    Milan also I think. Like the fact I don’t have to route through Dubai

  191. glen said,

    I’d visit my friends in Dubai!

  192. David J said,

    I’d go for a first visit to Dubai!

  193. Matt said,


  194. Phi said,

    25k would give me enough to upgrade from business to first on the AKL to SYD route. While it’s not a lot of time, it’s enough to experience Emirates first and more importantly the shower.

  195. Kevin said,

    I would take it to the Maldives

  196. Scott said,

    Definitely Australia!

  197. Jeff said,

    The Seychelles

  198. Mr. N said,

    Dubai is my dream destination. I have never been there.

  199. Jate said,

    I would totally go to Dubai!

  200. Joseph said,

    Dubai of course!

  201. Uri said,

    Sri Lanka!

  202. Mark said,

    I have always wanted to go to Dubai!

  203. iwantmoremiles said,


  204. Namaste-Duniya said,

    I’d use the miles to visit Abu Dhabi.

  205. Ben said,

    Milano for sure!

  206. Alan Barak said,

    Lyon, France would be a great lie-flat seat destination, because we could see cousin Jennifer’s new twins.

  207. Michelle S (Miles, Points, and Mai Tais) said,

    India to visit family

  208. WN said,


  209. nikdro said,


  210. laura said,

    Dubai/Maldives! :)

  211. Justin said,


  212. Nick C said,

    Hong Kong on the A380! Nothing better than having a shower at 35,000 ft. Beats the caviar and bubbly!

  213. Tara said,


  214. Joan said,


  215. Omar said,

    I’d go LAX-DXB on the A380!

  216. Tulio said,

    Nice gift and transfer bonus option. Let’s go and visit Santa Maria Delle Grazie

  217. John777 said,

    I’d go to Dubai!

  218. Danny said,

    Dubai – never been!

  219. Stephen said,

    Entebbe to visit two children we sponsor through Children of Uganda (

  220. Susan said,

    I would love to go to Dubai!

  221. JD said,


  222. James said,


  223. Russ said,


  224. Eugene said,

    Dubai, continuing on to India

  225. Ed said,

    I really want to see Dubai

  226. Daniel M said,

    I would definitely go to Dubai!!!

  227. Ali said,


  228. Tom said,

    Dubai. I have a good friend who lives there.

  229. Yo said,

    Maldives for our honeymoon in 2015.

  230. phil said,

    Milan, Italy

  231. Will said,


  232. Rocky said,


  233. greg said,


  234. MaxC said,

    DXB on a 380… showering in F

  235. Mandy said,


  236. Chris said,

    Well it wouldn’t get me there but it’s be a nice start towards a Maldives trip

  237. Oleg said,


  238. Paul said,


  239. Atreu said,


  240. Raymond G> said,

    If I had a head start like that, there’s only one choice… I’d use them to help me get to Dubai!

  241. brian said,

    EK first on the A380 to anywhere :)

  242. riverchica said,

    I’d put it towards a flight to Africa.

  243. Lisa said,


  244. James W said,

    I’ve got some friends moving to Dubai and would love to visit them!

  245. Lucy said,

    I would go to Dubai.

  246. Howard said,


  247. TLAJR said,

    I’d be on my way to Dubai!

  248. Alison said,

    I would discover Dubai (IATA: DXB), the hub for the Emirates Airline and home to a city of statuesque architecture. Thank you !! :-)

  249. Ada said,

    Dubai then Hong Kong!

  250. Damien said,

    It would get me that much closer to trying an A380 first class suite with shower!

  251. Buddy M. said,

    JFK to Milan for me.

  252. palefire said,

    Dubai, never been.

  253. Hans said,

    JFK to Milan.

  254. Apostolos said,

    Jakarta,Indonesia via Dubai

  255. Matthew said,

    I’d visit Dubai. For that, I might even settle for coach, but probably not. :-)

  256. Kristi said,


  257. Michael said,

    Dubai for sure

  258. Adam said,


  259. stephen said,


  260. Anita said,

    I would use it to fly business class from IAD to LHR for my babymoon! I have a decent amount of ultimate rewards points and this 25k is perfect to top off my account.

  261. SST said,


  262. Jbm said,

    Definitely New Delhi!

  263. Elias said,

    I would go to Dubai

  264. Michelle S said,


  265. MSPpete said,

    I would combine with my AMEX points to go to Maldives.

  266. Randall said,


  267. Eliza said,

    I’ve been pondering a trip to the Maldives, the 25M Emirates miles would be a great head start.

  268. Tom said,

    LAX-DXB sounds like the way to go.

  269. JTP said,

    Definitely Dubai… Never been to the middle east, hope this changes that!!

  270. Kyle B said,

    I want to try the new A380 service from LAX-DXB

  271. M said,


  272. DanR NYC said,

    Dubai… Atlantis awaits us !

  273. Michael T said,


  274. Benjamin said,


  275. Lauren said,


  276. Arnold said,

    I would pick Milan

  277. Res said,

    Dubai, for sure!

  278. Ralph L said,

    Milan for me

  279. R. said,

    Milan sounds nice.

  280. Shane said,


  281. Justin Does... said,

    I would definitely go to Dubai!

  282. Mitch said,

    At least as far as Dubai. If I could put the miles together, perhaps onward to India.

  283. Nikki said,

    Maldives :)

  284. Peter said,

    JFK-DXB in FC. Its the only way to fly on Emirates.

  285. Nick said,


  286. Naiel said,

    DXB is fun; I’d go there!

  287. Mandrake said,

    Maldives, via Dubai!

  288. Ivan W said,

    Would love to use them toward going to DUBAI :)

  289. Daniel A said,

    Dubai in first class!

  290. Junlan said,

    Would use them to go Milan…

  291. Dave said,


  292. Takhliq Khan said,

    Istanbul with a stopover in Dubai.

  293. Matt B said,

    I’m glad no one has mentioned my destination yet: Milan

  294. SFOPhD said,

    DXB no doubt!

  295. ShoNuffHarlem said,

    Milan, no doubt, to relive me and Mrs. Nuff’s honeymoon and go to Venice for the first time.

  296. Ian said,


  297. omp said,

    chc-syd in f

  298. Chengyu said,


  299. TheBeerHunter said,

    Dubai of course!

  300. Nic said,

    Maldives for me!!

  301. Dude26 said,


  302. Beverly Wright said,


  303. AC said,

    I need one way between MLE-CMB so it seems like a good way to use 25,000 Emirates miles.

  304. Jesse said,

    I would like to go to Dubai

  305. Daisy said,

    Go to Milan

  306. Leo said,


  307. Richard H said,

    Dubai first, then on to somewhere else.

  308. ncSam said,


  309. Don R. said,

    Home for Christmas!

  310. chris said,

    Easy answer for me…F class JFK-DXB on the A380 and then continue on to the Maldives.

  311. Jordan said,


  312. CardinalandGoldFan said,

    I would be off to Dubai for sure.

  313. Raj said,

    I would go to India to see my 96-year-old grandmother!

  314. Jon said,

    Definitely Dubai!

  315. Felicia said,

    Milan :)

  316. DCARob said,

    I would like a head start to Perth.

  317. bruce said,


  318. barbara said,


  319. Sarah said,


  320. Sam said,

    Maldives would be awesome!

  321. Sice said,

    Abu Dhabi, for sure!

  322. Rishabh said,

    Always wanted to go to Dubai.

  323. nathan said,


  324. Jose said,

    JFK-Dubai Suite Please!

  325. Varun said,

    I would use them for travel to my next IC stay on Pointbreaks !

  326. dwh said,

    I want to head to Dubai

  327. Daniel said,

    I would go and visit Dubai!

  328. EL said,


  329. Joe said,

    I would use them toward my next trip home to Uganda!

  330. Jordan B said,


  331. Harish said,

    Dubai, of course!!

  332. Jan said,


  333. Chelsea G said,


  334. Ryan H said,


  335. David said,

    Dubai, and then onto the Maldives!

  336. Dwayne P said,

    Would certainly shoot for a trip in Dubai!

  337. Aleks said,


  338. Jay said,


  339. Celeste said,

    Dubai and the Seychelles

  340. Michael said,


  341. Hilary said,

    NYC > Milan

  342. Jeff said,

    a380 first class!

  343. CaroleZoom said,

    Dubai. Oh to see the Burj Khalifa!

  344. Mark said,

    Milan – JFK to kick off my RTW oneworld ticket ex-JFK in style!

  345. SSM said,

    India to visit my family!

  346. Bob said,

    I will go to Dubai

  347. Jeff said,

    Sydney to New Zealand A380 first class

  348. Steve said,

    Dubai for sure

  349. Ursula said,


  350. Kim said,


  351. Jonathan said,

    A380 first class!

  352. Mike W said,

    I’d head to Dubai!

  353. Dennis said,


  354. Dragana said,

    I would go to Dubai with stopover in Zurich. I want to visit both of those cities in my lifetime

  355. Michele said,

    Dubai for sure!

  356. Tom said,

    An easy one: DXB.

  357. Askia Suruma said,

    I want to go to the Maldives!

  358. dh said,


  359. Curious George said,

    Visit family in NBO!

  360. Sandeep Babu said,


  361. Mike Pitchford said,

    Dubai would be cool

  362. Bhavana said,

    Dubai for sure!

  363. TerryH said,

    Hong Kong

  364. JeffreyP said,


  365. Jeremy said,

    At the risk of sounding like everyone else… Dubai :)

  366. Jeff said,

    I’d do a ski vacation in Dubai!

  367. UAPRemierGUuy said,

    I’d transfer them to a better program with better redemption. Just being honest!

  368. Julianne said,

    The Seychelles, via Dubai (with a stopover, of course) in first class. I NEED to take a shower in the air.

  369. PJ said,

    I’d head on out to DUBAI!

  370. Robert said,


  371. Jason Krakowiak said,

    Dubai first class

  372. Cliburn said,


  373. Stavris said,


  374. Ilija said,


  375. Liz said,

    Dubai then on to Seychelles :)

  376. RZ said,


  377. Xavier said,

    Dubai on an A380 first class award ticket.

  378. Bryan said,

    Half of my trip from DXB to MLE.

  379. YH said,

    Dubai on an A380!

  380. Stefan said,

    Would love to go visit DUBAI… of the places on my bucket list.

  381. Toni said,


  382. Jason said,


  383. Richard said,


  384. Bhanik said,

    Dubai !!!

  385. Connie said,

    Dubai, Seychelles, Maldives ….so many choices

  386. CK said,

    I would LOVE to visit Amman, Jordan, sometime…

  387. Leigh said,

    Ho Chi Minh City–I’m hoping to take a trip there next year, and this would definitely help!

  388. Sarah said,


  389. Becca said,


  390. Sue said,

    I would go to Milan.

  391. nbdona said,

    Dubai on A380

  392. Matt said,


  393. Liz said,


  394. puck said,


  395. Anita said,

    Australia for me & my hubby !!

  396. MikeL said,

    Dubai for sure!

  397. Ashish khera said,

    Dubai for next air show.

  398. mcdullhk88 said,

    I’d pick Dubai easily!

  399. Rui N. said,

    I’ll have to think about that answer :)

  400. Jenny said,

    DXB, for sure!

  401. AC said,

    I would travel to Dubai to see some of the world’s most magnificent (and new) man made structures!

  402. Kurt said,

    I would go to Milan.

  403. Jill P said,

    I’d go to town and paint it red!

  404. James said,

    To see Dubai and then on to the Maldives.

  405. Ketan S said,

    I’d use this to fly JFK-MXP route in FC.

  406. Elena G said,

    Milan sounds nice :)

  407. ZYF said,


  408. Matt said,

    5th freedom flight HKG-BKK to get on that a380 shower!

  409. Frequent traveler said,

    I’ll go to Dubai definitely.

  410. barry said,


  411. Michael Braun said,

    Milan sounds good

  412. Or N said,

    I’d take the fiance to Rome.

  413. Noy said,

    Probably the Maldives.

  414. Ming Cheng said,


  415. Alex said,

    I would go to Dubai!

  416. John Stewart said,

    Not very far, that’s for sure.

  417. Wouter IJgosse said,

    Maldives of course, where else?!

  418. Andrew said,


  419. Tarun Agarwal said,

    Dubai and then Istanbul

  420. anthony said,

    dubai! got to see it once.

  421. Chris said,

    Think I’d check out Dubai as I’ve never been!

  422. Daniel Zimmerman said,

    Dubai. Definitely.

  423. Mandrake said,

    Maldives, via Dubai!!

  424. Naren said,

    Same as most people, Maldives, with a stop in Dubai

  425. Gino said,


  426. Andy said,

    Jo’burg for winter

  427. Greg said,

    I’d use them to top an award to Dubai.

  428. holly said,

    I would go back to Luanda, Angola to see all of my friends, to swim in the ocean and to just enjoy that friendly beautiful place! I lived there for three years and would be so happy if I could visit again!

  429. holly said,

    I would go back to Luanda, Angola to see all of my friends, to swim in the ocean and to just enjoy that friendly beautiful place! I lived there for three years and would be so happy if I could visit again!
    And of course I would visit Dubai and its beautiful architecture and even Abu Dhabi. I love Africa and the Middle East.

  430. Michelle Bunt said,

    Tallinn, Estonia :)

  431. Jorge said,

    I would certainly start with a trip to DXB and then since I would already be in the neighborhood I would also visit DOH, BAH and MCT. Of course in combination with my own MR and UR points :)

  432. Daniel said,

    I would use it towards a first class A380 upgrade, 25000 is enough for most sub 4.5 hour flights!

  433. A. S. said,

    Would be nice — I’d use the points towards summer vacation plans!

  434. Ira said,


  435. Jack said,

    A380 First Class!

  436. Aoife said,

    Definitely Dubai, would love to finally see it as its been on the ‘to see’ list for some time now!

  437. Cristy said,

    I’d love to use the points to get to Stockholm!

  438. Chip W said,


  439. Aaron said,

    a visit to Bangkok

  440. GringoLoco said,

    go to HEL*

    *place my ex-wifey constantly tells me to visit ;)

  441. Nat said,

    Yesterday I said Warsaw, today I’ll say Addis Ababa!

  442. Zach said,

    We would love to see Dubai too!

  443. Jordan B said,


  444. Chelsea said,


  445. Apt2Roam said,

    Milan sounds good.

  446. Sunnie said,

    Why not the Maldives? Or do I have to stick with my first answer for every entry? Then it’s Pakistan!

  447. Daniel said,

    All these people saying Dubai! I’d go to China

  448. DCARob said,

    This would make a good head start to Cape Town.

  449. Robert P said,

    I’d head to Maldives!

  450. Jen said,

    Dubai! I’m curious what the fuss is about. :)

  451. Jenny said,

    Cape Town, South Africa

  452. chancensam said,

    LAX-DXB in F

  453. Jerry said,


  454. MSPpete said,

    Maldives would be nice.

  455. dwh said,

    I’d head to Dubai

  456. Carl said,

    I’d head straight to Australia! Been wanting to go for so long now!

  457. James W said,

    I’d head to Dubai to visit some good friends who are moving there shortly

  458. Mike said,

    I’d check out Dubai

  459. Gloria said,


  460. Askia said,

    I’d go to the Maldives!

  461. TRH said,


  462. JeffreyP said,

    Cape Town

  463. Haseeb said,

    South Africa

  464. James said,


  465. Natalie said,

    The Maldives!

  466. ahmed said,

    I’d love to fly JFK to Milan!

  467. Sice said,


  468. Jansen said,


  469. Peggy said,

    Dubai to get on the Regent Seven Seas Voyager

  470. Joeheg said,


  471. mike said,

    amman, jordan.

  472. Jeff The Wanderer said,

    Dubai, of course. Never been and definitely want to go!

  473. Gil said,

    VCE via DXB in F of course.

  474. Stephen said,


  475. Kelly said,

    Stockholm and then off to Russia!

  476. Kayvan said,

    Want to fly in First class to Dubai

  477. Murat said,

    Sydney…Is it enough ? :)

  478. Cate said,

    Milan, then Venice!

  479. SSM said,

    I’d head to India to visit my relatives!

  480. Duane said,

    My wife wants to go to Italy so I would go to Milan.

  481. Marc m said,

    Maldives baby!

  482. Joe said,

    I would use the miles to fly home to Uganda :)

  483. Virginia Schwicker said,

    Maldives, Dubai, Seychelles! What a trip of a life that would be!

  484. Steve said,

    I would use the 25,000 miles to jump start a trip to Dubai and then to Sydney.

  485. nick said,

    this would def help in getting me to Dubai!

  486. Steve said,


  487. Mr. N said,


  488. tiffany l said,


  489. sophie said,

    Abu Dhabi for next November for Formula One racing!

  490. paige said,

    i think New Zealand – one place i haven’t been yet but would LOVE to go to.

  491. Michele said,

    Dubai perhaps.

  492. Tom said,

    Could be useful in getting to MLE.

  493. Stavros said,


  494. Michael said,

    I would go to Dubai

  495. Robert said,

    MRU Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

  496. Jeremy said,


  497. Matt said,

    I would go anywhere on an a3800 1st class to try those showers! How about BKK

  498. Chris said,

    Dubai for me

  499. Scott B said,

    Dubai would be my choice. Thanks, Gary.

  500. Rishabh said,


  501. Ben said,

    And I’d try to do a DOH BAH DOH just for fun.

  502. Becky said,

    New Delhi and into Rajasthan. India sounds like such a fascinating country and there’s something funnily ironic about flying there in style to then rough it a bit in the places I want to go…

  503. Jeffsetter said,

    MLE routed through DXB for sure

  504. Robert P said,


  505. Mike said,

    I would go to Dubai

  506. DCARob said,

    These miles would help with tix to the Maldives.

  507. MSPpete said,

    The Maldives would be a nice destination.

  508. jordan b said,


  509. Chelsea said,


  510. Evan K said,

    Any route on Emirates A380 First Class :)

  511. Jenny said,

    Quite useful in getting to MLE one day

  512. dwh said,

    South Africa

  513. Romuald said,

    To Male :)

  514. GringoLoco said,

    go to HEL*

    *place my ex-wifey insists I visit ;)

  515. Marc m said,

    Dubai sounds awesome!

  516. Bryan said,

    I would use it to fly to Dubai and then to MLE.

  517. Haseeb said,


  518. James W said,

    Dubai to visit some good friends

  519. kevin f said,

    The moon, ok well thats not feasible….so Normandy Beach to visit the fellow Soldiers.

  520. Sice said,

    Dubai, Mrs Sice was there in the mid 90s, time for her to go back and see how the city has changed!

  521. Lisa said,

    That’d be a good start on a trip to Australia…

  522. SSM said,

    I’d go to India!

  523. panda said,


  524. Mandrake said,


  525. Cory said,


  526. JD said,


  527. Dia said,

    Milan. Thanks for the contest!

  528. myb821 said,


  529. Michael T said,

    Still MIlan!

  530. Don't Forget to Enter to Win 25,000 Miles - View from the Wing - View from the Wing said,

    […] Click Here for the Official Entry Thread, to comment for your chance to win 25,000 miles. […]

  531. Doug said,


  532. Annie said,

    Milan sounds the best :D

  533. Ray Beck said,


  534. Doug said,

    Milan for sure

  535. Gavin said,

    Dubai def.

  536. Hans said,


  537. Josh said,


  538. Kristi said,


  539. Browser said,

    Dubai would be nice

  540. Conor said,


  541. Lantean said,

    i’d use them to go to Kuala Lumpur

  542. MOhan P said,

    Can’t really go anywhere with 25K miles

  543. Jonathan said,

    DXB would be great!

  544. Irene said,


  545. curt said,

    Maldives, please!

  546. Chris said,

    I’d use 25,000 miles to top up a balance needed for a one-class upgrade DXB-Europe!

  547. Linda said,


  548. Curious George said,


  549. Jeff said,

    I would love to cross the Maldives off my bucket list before it disappears into the Indian Ocean.

  550. Dave said,


  551. linda said,

    milan a go

  552. Brendan said,

    Would go to DXB…don’t they have a shake shack there?

  553. Shannon said,

    Should be a good start from BKK to HKG

  554. Narayana S said,

    I’d use 25K Emirates miles towards my next trip to India.

  555. Desmond said,

    Milan sounds good to me!

  556. Brandon B said,

    It would be a great start to explore the Middle East! First stop Dubai!

  557. DK said,

    Hong Kong

  558. RK said,

    Trip to India

  559. Michael M MA said,


  560. Matt E. said,

    I’ve been dreaming of the over-water suites in the Maldives for years, this would be a nice push!

  561. Jerry said,


  562. Up&Away said,


  563. Andy said,

    Where’s Dubai?

  564. Clayton said,

    I would shower on the A380…just to say that I’ve done it.

  565. Elaine said,

    I would so love to go with my husband to South Africa and these miles could help us get there! Thanks!

  566. Chris said,


  567. Al said,

    I’d head to New Zealand

  568. Amanda said,

    The Maldives!

  569. Margaret Downs said,

    I’d go from one desert to another — from Palm Springs to Dubai! I have friends in Dubai I’ve never been able to visit before, and I’d love to eat my way through Al Dhiyafah Road.

  570. Denise said,

    New Zealand!

  571. Andrew said,


  572. Ruy said,

    Sri Lanka

  573. Patrick said,

    I would supplement the bonus points with accrued Amex Membership Rewards to fly from JFK to Milan.

  574. Dennis said,


  575. Beth said,

    To Uganda for a mission trip!

  576. Simon said,


  577. gymrat said,

    Dubai, for sure!

  578. Bruce Hsu said,

    Milan !!!

  579. Tony said,

    I’d fly to St. Petersburg, Russia!

  580. fahad anjum said,

    wana go to dubai

  581. itsyehuda said,

    HKG via DXB

  582. Anup said,


  583. Paul said,

    Id go to the maldives!

  584. Barry said,

    Dubai sounds interesting.

  585. mike said,


  586. uclalum said,

    LAX to DXB Direct!

  587. Jason R said,

    SFO —-> DXB Nonstop!

  588. Leon Yuan said,

    I would love to try their new JFK to Milan route!
    25k would help to get me confirmed.
    the 25% bonus transfer will make me confirm booking a ticket.
    winning this contest will, guarantee I book and go since I would love to go back to Italy again and write a full story on my #weekendtravelseries and share with you all.

  589. CJ Neil said,

    I would definitely go to Dubai and then on to Uganda to return to a village I visited on a charity trip. I want to return so badly!

  590. Sacha N. said,

    Definitely to Shangai

  591. Larry D said,

    Heading to Venice, so why not stop in DBX along the way! But wait, maybe stop in Milan along the way. No, Dubai. No, Milan. It will be DUBAI !!!!

  592. Adam said,


  593. ana said,

    Abu dhabi

  594. Barry said,

    Definitely Dubai!

  595. AP said,

    Maldives or Seychelles

  596. Andy said,


  597. Tim L said,

    Dubai, to see the tallest building in the world after watching a show on how they built it…

  598. clau said,


  599. David said,


  600. Ethan said,

    Definitely have to go to Dubai!

  601. Jonathan said,

    A380 first class!!

  602. clau said,


  603. Anthony said,

    MALDIVES, 4 sho!

  604. dan ray said,


  605. Stanley said,


  606. Nikhil said,

    Will use for new JFK-Milan route.

  607. Chris said,

    Why not Auckland? sounds like a plan.

  608. bob charlap said,


  609. NDT said,

    I’d go to the Maldives via Dubai.

  610. David H said,

    Pick me. I would love to fly Emirates one day

  611. Nick F said,

    Still looking towards the Maldives.

  612. kenny said,


  613. Daniel said,

    ok fine, Dubai

  614. Ad said,

    DUBAI of course!!!

  615. Larry said,

    Yup. +1 to Dubai

  616. Greg M said,

    I would use points to travel to Milan, Italy.

  617. Jeremy said,


  618. Mike said,


  619. Michael said,


  620. Amanda said,


  621. y.Jiang said,

    jfk to milan would be nice

  622. iMi said,

    I’d fly to duabi to visit my family & friends :)

  623. Magnus said,

    I would go to Dubai

  624. Boon said,

    Milan, Italy

  625. Andrew said,

    Milan, of course!

  626. elemenopee said,


  627. Andy O. said,


  628. Bryan said,

    I’ll be headed to Dubai!

  629. Alvin Ch said,

    Milan here I come!

  630. Francisco C said,

    would like to see dubai. thanks!

  631. Tim said,

    Dubai AND Maldives!

  632. Som Maity said,


  633. Paul said,

    Dubai for sure.

  634. Jeff sommers said,

    I would goto the Maldives

  635. Geoff said,

    Cape Town

  636. RJ said,


  637. MrChu said,

    DXB !

  638. Carberrie said,


  639. Allen said,

    Milan baby!

  640. tim said,

    dubai for sure

  641. Dean said,

    Dubai would be fun to go when the ATP arrives.

  642. Scott M. said,


  643. Nathanael said,


  644. LeeInDC said,

    Sri Lanka

  645. Ben L said,

    Definitely want to take the GF to Milan!

  646. Brian M said,


  647. tiffany l said,

    milan for the winter sales!

  648. Chris said,

    I’d use them to get me a little closer to a Dubai -> Male flight

  649. David W said,

    Ho Chi Minh City; I went to Vietnam previously and didn’t try pho (hadn’t had it yet). Need to make up for my mistake.

  650. Chris M said,

    The Maldives to chill in the heat :-)

  651. Paul said,


  652. Jen said,


  653. Chris said,

    I’d use it to get to Europe next summer, perhaps with a creative and round about, very long trip in a nice class.

  654. terri said,


  655. Joe R. said,

    Maldives, before they’re gone!

  656. Jonathan said,


  657. Sean said,


  658. Matt said,

    Is this even a question? The Maldives so I can use up some of my SPG points as well!

  659. Joe said,

    Maldives, for sure.

  660. Charles Gu said,


  661. anita said,


  662. Diep said,

    Maldives or Dubai

  663. GEE said,

    Sydney & Darwin would be great

  664. Neer said,

    Kenya! The 340-500 on the route clinches it!

  665. Bill said,


  666. SC said,

    Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  667. lukas said,


  668. Pat said,

    Hong Kong

  669. Justin said,

    Aukland, NZ

  670. Tara said,

    Melbourne Australia

  671. willy soleh said,

    Maldives sound fun!

  672. Karim Sie said,


  673. Joan said,


  674. JRG said,


  675. Jin Huang said,


  676. Vivian said,

    Shower at 30,000 feet?!? Yes please!

  677. Askia said,


  678. Rui N. said,

    Still haven’t decided :)

  679. J HUANG said,

    A380 to dubai

  680. Steve said,

    Dubai for me

  681. Seth said,

    I’d go to Dubai!

  682. El Jefe said,

    I would take my wife to visit her sister in Cape Town!

  683. Bill H said,

    Doobie, doobie, Dubai for me.

  684. Abby S said,


  685. Kevin C said,


  686. FlyerM said,

    I’d head straight to Dubai for high tea at the Burj Khalifa.

  687. Karin said,

    I should go to Dubai, to be sure, as I have never visited there and am eager to see it.

  688. Varun said,

    travel to my next IC stay on Pointbreaks !

  689. Chris said,


  690. Aaron said,

    Milan would be great!

  691. Itai Roth said,


  692. Tracey said,


  693. Li said,

    Dubai for sure!

  694. Joe said,

    I would definitely use the miles to go to Uganda!! :)

  695. Linna said,

    I want to visit Milan too!

  696. Sir Fernando said,

    I’d take my wife to Milan!

  697. far north trader said,

    Still want to go to Milan!

  698. Ram said,


  699. Chanel said,

    I would fly from New York to Dubai!

  700. Ron said,

    Hong Kong

  701. asar said,

    milan for sure

  702. Albert said,

    Hong Kong

  703. Wei said,


  704. acs said,

    Would buy a coach ticket SYD-AKL and upgrade to J.

  705. Tressa said,

    Definitely Dubai!

  706. James said,

    Dubai, for sure!

  707. Andy T. said,

    Hong Kong

  708. Mike said,

    Since I already need to book a ticket there next year for a wedding, I would put the points towards a trip to Milan.

  709. Phil said,

    AKL or SYD upgrade

  710. Brian said,

    Dubai sounds good to me.

  711. Philip said,

    I’d travel on to Australia, from my trip to SE Asia. Never letting the joy of travel end :)

  712. Casey said,


  713. Agris said,


  714. Phil said,


  715. Mr Paul said,

    OMG, I would *love* to go to Dubai!!

  716. Sager said,

    Thats an easy one… I would go to dubai.

  717. Vik said,

    would used them for first on one of their shorter fifth freedom flights

  718. Ada said,

    Hong Kong.

  719. DCBuckster said,

    Would definitely take a look at Dubai

  720. George said,


  721. Erich said,


  722. Liz said,


  723. Jason C said,

    India, via Dubai. Two new destinations for me that I’m excited about!

  724. Helen said,

    Cape Town

  725. Dennybob said,


  726. HollyH said,

    Dubai for sure!!

  727. Son said,


  728. Jason said,

    Somewhere in China

  729. Ken said,

    Exotic Seychelles. Luxurious A380 to Dubai, then a short hop to the idyllic beach paradise!

  730. Dan said,


  731. DBrim said,

    New Zealand.

  732. Richard said,

    Dubai Dubai baby

  733. ROY HAGLER said,

    Australia for sure.

  734. Anup G said,

    I will got to India

  735. Todd said,

    Milan for Christmas!!

  736. Bruce W said,

    I’d take the a380 from LAX-DXB

  737. Alaska Deb said,

    Temp is in the single digits. As far as 25,000 miles will take me away from the Alaska winter!

  738. Adam said,


  739. Gary said,


  740. mike said,


  741. Joanna said,

    I would go to Milan – Italy here I come!

  742. Michael Mulligan said,


  743. janice said,

    I would like to visit Dubai since my husband has been there and really liked!

  744. Dru said,

    I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai.

  745. JOHN Hansen said,

    Def. Dubai

  746. Chuan said,


  747. Oscar said,

    Dubai and then on to SIN.

  748. Nick said,


  749. Matt said,

    I’d go to the Maldives. I’ve been wanting to go for a while.

  750. Marlene said,

    I would go to Dubai. I’ve been wanting to go there for a long time!

  751. AV said,


  752. michael said,

    dubai would be fun!

  753. Raf said,

    MXP, probably! …or maldives…

  754. Don said,

    Still home for me!

  755. Tom said,

    Entebbe, Uganda, for gorilla tracking.

  756. Aleks said,

    To Milan

  757. Nicholas Blanchard said,

    Dubai of course~

  758. Eric FD said,

    Maldives over-water bungalows please!

  759. Andrea F said,

    Milan for the fashion week!

  760. mw said,

    I would go to Auckland!

  761. Lively said,


  762. Mike said,

    The Seychelles!

  763. mike said,

    i’ll throw in a vote for dubai as well.

  764. Scott B said,

    Dubai for me, Gary. Thanks.

  765. Michele said,

    Maybe the Maldives.

  766. Zhan said,


  767. Tom said,

    Perhaps inch closer to MLE.

  768. Lynn said,

    I’d go to Milan.

  769. Nic said,


  770. Annie said,

    I would fly to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – eat from food stalls, ride on the back of a motorbike, and run around in the afternoon rain.

  771. HockeyCoachBen said,

    I’d LOVE to go to Dubai and put the miles towards a 1st class redemption as a dream trip!

  772. Haotian said,

    Dubai is the place to go!

  773. rachel s said,

    I would go in a westward direction and visit as many cities as I could going in one direction.

  774. CHA said,


  775. Sabs said,


  776. A. S. said,

    MLE, baby!!

  777. k.a. said,

    Maldives… So i can finally learn to swim

  778. ncSam said,


  779. Nick said,

    dubai of course

  780. mogon said,

    Dubai :)

  781. Ron said,


  782. peachykeen said,


  783. Moler said,


  784. Chris said,

    The Maldives would be awesome!

  785. saulnyc said,

    First class suite redemption somewhere they fly.

  786. Matthew W said,

    It’s still Dubai!

  787. Joshua said,

    Maldives for sure!

  788. Kelly said,


  789. PaulG said,

    I would go to Dubai, many thanks!

  790. Daniel said,

    I would throw a dart on a map, and if EK flies there -i’ll use to miles towards the booking.

  791. Brian S said,

    A beach

  792. TCB said,


  793. Daniel M said,

    I would go to Dubai!

  794. Sue said,

    Cape Town would be a great destination.

  795. Clay said,

    I’d fly the world’s THIRD longest commercial flight, from my hometown of Los Angeles, to Dubai on the A380. 16 hours and 30 minutes of top notch service!

  796. Nic said,

    Round trip to Dubai from PVG

  797. Gloria said,


  798. Ang said,

    I’d go to Dubai!

  799. TomyS said,


  800. Patrick said,

    I’d take the kid to Milan.

  801. Chris said,

    Dubai, in the winter.

  802. Howard Ho Lee said,


  803. Bernice Lai said,


  804. Derek Lee said,


  805. Jon H said,

    Dubai for sure. I keep hearing about this Dubai Mall business and that seals me wanting to visit.

  806. Joeheg said,

    I’d take a trip to the Maldives

  807. Andrew said,


  808. Alexis L said,


  809. Matt said,

    The Maldives! Get me in one of those a380 showers!

  810. JJ said,


  811. Q said,


  812. Michael R said,


  813. Andrew said,

    Dubai for sure

  814. Eric D said,

    Maldives as well!

  815. Carlo said,

    Milan :)

  816. James said,

    Anywhere in Europe!!

  817. Denny said,

    I would go to Dubai.

  818. Ben P. said,


  819. Michael Braun said,


  820. RZ said,


  821. Josh Lytle said,

    I would go to the Maldives, with a couple day stop over in Dubai of course. :)

  822. bill twombly said,

    i would go to Dubai

  823. Aakash said,

    I’ve always wanted to explore Dubai, both the old and the new.

  824. Shruti said,

    Will use for DXB

  825. Rajnish said,

    Will use it for long haul A380 flight.

  826. jimmyboy said,


  827. Gino said,


  828. Colleen said,

    Dubai !!

  829. Kevin said,

    I would go to Dubai

  830. Charles S said,

    Dubai with stopover in Milano

  831. JB said,

    Since I dont have any other Emirates miles I would use them to transit between Asia and Australia in style. =)

  832. Allison said,

    Dubai for me

  833. Or N said,

    Rome or Milan with the fiance.

  834. Kelly said,


  835. Larry said,

    Probably Dubai

  836. Martin Kovalsky said,

    it would be nice to win something. 25,000 would be a good start toward a First class redemption on an A380!

  837. Chris said,

    to the Maldives

  838. Scott Johnson said,

    I would get me from LAX to JFK to begin the journey,

  839. Tom Nelson said,

    I would go to Dubai for the rich history, culture, and people. I also want to experience palm island, as well as the extraordinary city scapes and modern architecture. It would be a life enriching experience!

  840. Tom said,

    Jakarta – I want to go back to Raja Ampat!

  841. Sally said,

    Anywhere there is sun and a beach to laze around on now that I’m retired from teaching after 33 years!

  842. melany yee said,

    istanbul then onto the maldives

  843. alok said,


  844. ParanoiaTX said,


  845. LeeInDC said,

    Sri Lanka. Almost had a work trip there a few years ago but it fell through and still regret that. So I would go IAD-DXB-CMB. Or perhaps some other way from WAS-JFK so I could experience EK A380!

  846. J.D. said,


  847. Stephen said,

    The embracing warmth of Dubai will be calling my name come mid-winter. Help me get there, please!

  848. lendis said,


  849. Dave Mo said,

    I would go to Istanbul!

  850. Kerry said,

    Would have to be Italy!

  851. Kyle said,

    Dubai or Turkey!

  852. Jerry said,

    Istanbul would be coool

  853. Lee @ said,

    I would take my wife to the Maldives when she graduates with her MBA next Summer.

  854. Adrian said,


  855. Adam said,


  856. wlonghorn said,

    I would go to DXB and then head to MLE

  857. YYs said,

    Hong Kong!

  858. Greg z said,


  859. Michael H.(oldfox) said,

    Dubai……. I am coming!

  860. Eytan said,

    JFK-DXB-MRU in F! Thanks for the new 380 service to MRU!

  861. Jan said,


  862. Jonathan said,


  863. Heather said,


  864. DCARob said,

    An interesting option to Milan

  865. Naren said,

    Definitely Maldives via Dubai

  866. JD said,


  867. Joan said,


  868. Karen said,

    Mom is 83 and has always wanted to go to “arabia”. Let’s go to Dubai Mom!

  869. Ruy said,


  870. Dennis said,


  871. Rick said,

    Anywhere on an Emirates A380

  872. Ranjit S said,

    Dubai or Mumbai

  873. GringoLoco said,

    go to HEL*

    *place my ex-wife constantly tells me to visit ;)

  874. John Scully said,

    Athens first choice but anywhere would be wonderful

  875. LinnT said,

    Athens sounds great!

  876. Mar said,

    I’ve been wanting to visit Bangkok.

  877. Colin said,

    I’d use it towards my upcoming honeymoon in Asia and Australia!

  878. Apt2Roam said,

    Hong Kong sounds interesting.

  879. traceya2000 said,


  880. AC said,

    Dubai please!

  881. Justin said,


  882. Jimmyboy said,

    Think I’d go for Hong Kong

  883. Tara said,


  884. Joan said,


  885. Michael said,


  886. CardinalandGoldFan said,


  887. Robert P said,

    I would go to Dubai on the A380

  888. mogon said,

    Dubai por favor :D

  889. dwh said,

    I’ll head to Milan

  890. Zoe said,

    Yes, Dubai!

  891. Xavier said,

    Dubai on the A380

  892. Matt said,

    I’d still go to the Maldives. 2015?

  893. Nate said,

    Dubai would be the place to go of course

  894. Ron said,


  895. MSPpete said,

    I would like to travel to Maldives.

  896. Matt said,


  897. JFA said,


  898. Beth said,

    Always wanted ti visit middle east

  899. MJA said,


  900. Robin said,

    We would fly to Adelaide to meet our new friends from our last great vacation, and then onto Auckland for several days on the way back. They flew with Emirates and regaled us with stories of the service and showers. Please Please pick us!!!!!

  901. Haseeb said,


  902. Christopher said,

    I would love to go to Dubai on the A380!

  903. Ryne D said,

    I would go to the maldives!

  904. Michael M MA said,

    I would like a head start for DXB.

  905. Becky said,


  906. Vivier said,

    Athens, Greece!

  907. Richard said,

    BOI SEA DXB MLE in First

  908. Bruce said,


  909. Barbara said,


  910. Sarah said,


  911. Kellie said,

    The Maldives

  912. Sam said,


  913. WendyB said,

    I’d love to travel the First Class Suite to Milan!

  914. jc said,

    save them towards a first class seat on an A380!

  915. SSM said,


  916. Rudy said,

    Where would I go on Emirates? For me, just being able to fly in a highly awarded premium first class airline like Emirates is not only an experience but a destination onto itself. With all the attention to details and quality of services flying Emirates is like starting a vacation as soon as you board!

  917. MrPaul said,

    Dubai is the place for me!!

  918. Monica said,

    Hong Kong

  919. Nate said,

    Milan, probably combining w/ other programs to shoot for 1st class and shower over the Atlantic.

  920. lsed said,

    GRU of course!

  921. Sice said,

    Would love to see Dubai and see if a move there would work!

  922. Bart said,

    I would definitely go to Dubai

  923. grrljock said,

    I had a stopover in Dubai decades ago (yeah, as a kid traveling with my parents). I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.

  924. Mike said,

    Dubai or Milan from JFK!

  925. James W said,

    I’d visit Dubai to visit some close friends moving there shortly..

  926. Howard said,


  927. Alexis L said,


  928. Goosh said,


  929. Mike said,

    I would like to try Emirates

  930. Steve said,

    How about a trip to Sydney!

  931. Erik said,

    Dubai – it has to be a fascinating place

  932. Stavros said,

    Dubai, UAE!

  933. Casey said,


  934. Alex said,


  935. Jul said,

    I’d love to go to Athens!

  936. Hans said,

    I’d go to Milan

  937. B said,


  938. Kristi said,

    I would go to the Maldives

  939. Harry said,

    Australia Mate!

  940. Kyle said,


  941. Menashe said,


  942. Gloria said,


  943. Pamela said,


  944. Lily said,

    Definitely Dubai! I could finally visit a friend working there =)

  945. Ray Beck said,


  946. Loweeel said,


  947. arleen said,


  948. tom said,

    Milan too!

  949. Kevin said,

    948 Japan!

  950. r hirsch said,

    i spent 9 months of a 5.5 year bicycle tour in india. and that, without a question, is where i’d return!

  951. Michael B said,

    Dubai for me, never been.

  952. Mr. N said,

    Dubai dream

  953. TerryH said,


  954. JeffreyP said,

    Dubai or Milan

  955. tiffany l said,


  956. Karin said,

    With miles like that it would have to be Dubai. Have never been there.

  957. Jenny said,


  958. Tom Hawkins said,

    It would really start scrambling to get more miles; so that I could really go somewhere.

  959. Bryan said,

    I would go to Dubai with my wife.

  960. Tommy said,

    Probably Milan – Dubai is interesting, but not top of my list to visit again.

  961. Danr said,

    Love to go

  962. brad said,


  963. Rick said,

    I would go to Dubai with my friend who has been there many times.

  964. Peter said,

    Going for 1st class travel.

  965. Mandrake said,

    Maldives via Dubai!

  966. ket said,

    Australia for my niece’s graduation would be be great.

  967. Mike W said,


  968. Paul Johnston said,

    Definately Dubai. That would be splendid

  969. Chris said,


  970. Tom said,

    Dubai for me.

  971. Michele said,


  972. Cole said,

    Going to South Africa by way of Dubai sounds great!

  973. Colin said,


  974. Scott B said,

    Would love to go to Dubai

  975. Virginia Schwicker said,

    Would love to go to the Maldives!

  976. courtney s said,


  977. Magnus said,

    I would go to Dubai!

  978. Evan said,


  979. Ron said,

    Maldives, run naked on the beach !

  980. geoff said,


  981. bill d said,

    back to Mumbai!

  982. Wade kirshy said,


  983. Daniel said,


  984. Robert P said,


  985. Jenny said,


  986. One Reader Gets 25,000 Miles.. Is It You? - View from the Wing - View from the Wing said,

    […] week I offered a giveaway of 25,000 Emirates Skywards miles courtesy of American Express, celebrating their new partnership which allows you to transfer points […]

  987. GAW said,


  988. Eric Wang said,


  989. Varun said,


  990. Murat said,


  991. elizabeth said,

    How about Beijing ?

  992. GW said,

    Sydney would suit us

  993. jessica said,

    am i too late? It’s Paris!

  994. Add A Comment

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