Milepoint has brought back Premium Membership, which includes a host of great deals for frequent flyers.

And whereas last year we had to price it at $59, this year we were able to do it for $49.

Hopefully this is one of the very best deals of the year.

The headline benefits:

  • Gold Elite status with Hilton HHonors through February 2015
  • Free upgrade to National Car Rental Emerald Club Executive Status
  • 1,000 United MileagePlus miles

It won’t work for everyone, Hilton Diamonds that don’t want to gift Gold status to anyone and who don’t collect United miles for instance. But for frequent flyers generally, we set out to create a really fantastic deal.

Put another way, if you can’t get more than $50 of value out of this, you aren’t doing it right.

Hilton’s Gold status is good for breakfast, internet, and the occasional upgrade. I frequently call it the best elite level in the HHonors program. Many folks pay $95 to get the Citi Reserve credit card that comes with this status, and I think that’s a great deal.

National Car Rental’s status lets you pick from better cars in the ‘Executive Aisle’ rather than just the ‘Emerald Aisle’.

In addition there are benefits with several other partners like one year of ad-free viewing on, free 1-year subscription to, PointsHound Level 2 Status through 2014, UsingMiles Premier membership, free upgrade to AwardWallet Plus.

There are discounts and offers like a free parking day from The Parking Spot — and that’s not “one free day when you pay for a day” — it’s literally just a free day, so you can use it on a one-day parking visit.

There’s a 20% discount on, and a 10% discoutn on the KVS Tool.

And check this out — a 10% discount on Hyatt gift card purchases. So buy a $500 gift card for $450, for instance. Great if you stay frequently with Hyatt.

To be clear, I am a co-founder of the Milepoint frequent flyer community. This isn’t something I expect any money from. Instead, I hope we’ve put together a really good deal for frequent flyers. And like with Hotwire or Priceline, programs can be talked into offering benefits for potentially really good customers at a deep discount when those benefits are ‘packaged’ together so it’s not as simple or straightforward as them offering something at a deep discount.

If we’ve done this right there will be some extra funds, and we’ve committed off the top that 10% of the purchase price (not 10% of ‘net proceeds’ or anything like that) goes to charity. Doing these efforts lets us fund Milepoint’s charitable activities – which over the past year have included the ASPCA, Habitat For Humanity, Kiva, LIVESTRONG, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, United We Care and The Wounded Warrior Project.

Packages are limited, and last year’s sold out pretty quickly. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. Jay K said,

    If one already has Hilton Gold, then would it be possible to apply the “nights” on the account so that they count towards Diamond status instead of just going to waste?

  2. Jay K said,

    Just read the FAQ…so never mind. Looks like a good deal other wise!

  3. Schrott said,

    Anything promoted by a blogger who helps kill airfare deals while lining his own pocket at the same time, ought to be shunned!

  4. Yi said,

    Just received the email notifying me of this. I purchased the last year’s deal, which not only gave me United miles&Hyatt points, but also saved my Hawaii holiday! Thanks to the executive membership coming with the deal, I successfully got a car from National while I could not find even a single one from Hotwire, Priceline, Expedia, etc.

    This year, I have already had the Hilton Gold from Citi, Nation Executive from AMEX platinum card, but I still think this deal is amazing.

    1, 1K United miles is 20 dollars to me,
    2, 10% off Hyatt gift cards sounds like just amazing. I could not find a reputable retailer (other than GC exchange and reselling websites) selling Hyatt GC at a discount after Costco stopped that.
    3, If I understand correct, worldmate Gold is very similar to Tripit Pro and the latter is for about 49 dollars/year;

    I will still buy it this year.

    Just one more question, the website says 10% OFF all Hyatt GC purchases, does “all” mean any time any amount for one year?



  5. Cory said,

    @Schrott – I don’t think that comment is fair. Gary has all the right in the world to make money however he chooses and write about anything he wishes. However, I read his blog because he routinely goes out of his way to NOT ‘line his own pocket’ by not accepting free trips from companies and giving away gift cards and other stuff he receives directly to readers. Please take your comments elsewhere.

  6. Gene said,

    @Gary — Is the Parking Spot coupon good an unlimited number of times? The T&C say “per visit”, which sounds too good to be true.

  7. Alex said,

    What if my Hilton gold expires on 2014, would it be able to extend?

  8. Quinn said,

    When does the HIlton Gold status expire? Is it good until January 2015? I currently have Gold status but it will expire at the end of this year so it might be worthwhile for me to get this for next year.

  9. caveman said,

    The parking spot has no location at SFO. I am so disappointed. Why, why and why?

  10. Quinn said,

    Nevermind, I will learn to read at some point

  11. Rob P said,

    Citi Hilton Reserve is $95/year

  12. Chanel @ La Viajera Morena said,

    Going for it this year :D

  13. Pegasus said,

    +1 on the parking spot at SFO. I needed one for this weekend. Already purchased the package and didn’t realize the SFO location was not included.

  14. jim said,

    i already have hiltol gold status. other than that, this deal is not as good as sounds. Expertflyer $80 is valid or only one year? awardwallet membership is permanent or has expiration date?

  15. Alex said,

    I already have Hilton Gold. Can I gift it to my father? If so, how?

  16. Jerry said,

    Hi Gary,
    I already have executive status with National Car. Will this Premium Membership extend my executive status for another year? Thanks.

  17. Rob P said,

    Yes this seems like a fantastic deal! Thank you!

  18. Trevor said,

    So – I’m posting this here too (although I posted similar on MJ’s blog):

    Bottom Line Up Front – Great value, Jump at This!

    So, last year I gifted the National Exec Aisle status to my wife with no issues… of course she re qualified (after enjoying it so much!) this year. But, still, I see this as a great value. For starters its for a good cause, and its at a really economical rate. Under $50, is a real sweet spot, at least for me. The UA miles, helps. Last round I bought a great ScottVest jacket, which I still enjoy, and AwardWallet helps too (my premium expired literally 6 days ago!). The rest is great!

    My question, and not sure if you can answer: How long is the ExpertFlyer 20% discount good for? I don’t renew for a while.

    Either way – Everyone has to remember – #1 this is for a good cause, and #2 you actually get benefits (miles, status, discounts), for supporting that (or those) good cause(s)! Seems like a win-win to me!

  19. CodeAdam10 said,

    Pretty awesome. Would be willing to share the cost with someone who doesn’t need the Hilton Gold membership – as that is all I need! Anyone interested? Gary, hopefully this is allowed. If not, my apologizes and please edit my comment.

  20. iahphx said,

    As constructive criticism, perhaps you should put together a package that “speaks” to the “truly” frequent flyer — those of us who are already HHonors Golds and National Executive members. In particular, I would think that just everyone who wanted/needed HHonors Gold status would already have it. And while it makes me feel important to be “Executive” at National, and I earn free days a little faster, I can’t say it matters much (from my experience, they tend to be lazy and put the same cars in regular Emerald and Executive Emerald).

  21. Lynn said,

    If I purchase Hyatt gift cards, and pay for the cards with my Hyatt Visa, will I be accumulating the same number of Hyatt Gold Passport Points, as if I just pay for the room with that card?

    Thanks for the offer!

  22. Santastico said,

    I just got it for Hilton Gold. I am currently Hilton Gold but will not keep it after Feb/2014 so paying $49 for another year of Gold makes total sense for me.

  23. Vlad said,

    I’m interested in the Hyatt gift card option, but have read on a FAQ that “the purchase or redemption of Hyatt Certificates and Gift Cards are NOT eligible for Hyatt Gold Passport point earnings or stay credits at this time.” Is this really so?

  24. Zed said,

    Picked this up mainly for Hilton Gold.

    My current Gold will expire in 2014, but I don’t expect to need it for a few months after. If I wait long enough, should I be able to get Gold status that lasts into 2016?

  25. Gary said,

    @Zed – Hilton Gold under this offer lasts through the beginning of 2015.

  26. Gary said,

    @Vlad – Hyatt stay certificates do not earn stay credits or points for the rate. In my experience using Hyatt Gift cards to pay charges work like using a credit card to pay charges in terms of points-earning.

  27. Gary said,

    @Lynn I believe so but have not verified this

  28. Gary said,

    @iahphx – expertflyer discount, free parking day when you park at parkingspot, give away the statuses… These packages are VERY tough to put together and take quite awhile, and I think that the travel providers generally are interested in attracted a broad audience.

  29. Gary said,

    @Alex – sure, you can do that on the fulfillment page on Milepoint

  30. Gary said,

    @pegasus @caveman Parking Spot locations can be found here:

    They do not have one in SFO.

  31. Gary said,

    @Gene :-) And it is good for just a single day, too. If I lived near a parking spot i would give up the parking space in my building and park there for a year, one day at a time.

  32. Alanea said,

    Just joined – staying at a Hilton next year – I am looking forward to Hilton Gold.

  33. James said,

    Gary, this is awesome!!! THANK YOU!!! I was going to be 3 rentals short of Executive, so this saves me $20 x 3. Hilton Gold is worth $95 to me because I won’t have to pay the credit card annual fee. 2000 United points are at least $15, and my Awardwallet premium just expired this week so that saves $10. $140 just on 4 programs, not to mention the dozen or so other benefits.

  34. Romuald said,

    If I subscribe, can I request the HHonors Gold status for another name or both Milepoint and HHonors mus tbe under the same name ?

    Thank you

  35. Gary said,

    @Romuald – you get to pick to whom you give the Hilton Gold status, you just need last name and account #, upgrades process in 6-8 weeks I believe

  36. Taylor said,

    @Gary — If I currently have HHonors Gold through 2/2014, but will not requalify, Gold status through this deal will just pick up on that date and be valid through 2/2015, correct?

  37. Ed said,

    Has anyone had luck paying for an Amex FHR res at Hyatt with a gift certificate? I’m staying at the Park Hyatt Aviara in a couple of weeks and would love to knock 10% off, but not sure if they’d let me settle with a non-amex – or even if they’d let me pay most but not all with a GC.

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  39. Mio said,

    I think the benefits are not worth with the cost of 50 dollars. Here are why.

    1) 1k UA miles —-> By MS, one can get it for the cost of 8 bucks via VR at CVS

    2) Hilton Gold, one can get it for free via many different methods like register links posted sometimes on many sites, or by getting Hilton card.

    3) Exec Status with National is almost useless. Hertz has best deals with coupons and codes

    The rest of benefits are added junk I believe.

  40. Patrick said,

    Gary — I think that this year’s deal is good and have re-subscribed. My 2 questions are:

    (1) The FAQ say that at least some benefits are transferrable. So, if I’m already a Pointshound Level 3 member, can I transfer the Level 2 membership benefit to a new member (as an incentive to use the site?

    (2) The Milespoint conversation did not offer to sign me up for the Parking Spot benefit. How do I get them to recognize me as eligible?

  41. Gary said,

    @Patrick in the ‘award store’ you enter an email address for the person who gets PointsHound level 2 status and they will be auto-enrolled at that level. The Parking Spot benefit is mentioned in the Milepoint conversation, it will take you to a link for the coupon you can use.

  42. shannon said,

    Thanks! This is awesome. I just signed up.

  43. Simon said,

    No 20% off this year Gary?

  44. Basil said,

    Hi Gary,
    I signed up for this last year and intend to this year as well. I saved $180 last year just with the Bookyouraward 20% discount. Is that discount still valid with this year’s promotion?

  45. Gary said,

    @Simon @Basil There’s no BookYourAward discount this year, sorry!

  46. Simon said,

    @Gary – why is that (no discount)?

  47. Ivan Y said,

    I wasn’t around for the last deal but signed up for this one on Friday. EF discount + UA miles by itself almost cover the package price by themselves. Already had AwardWallet Pro but it looks like the link also allows me to request an AW card with info on up to 30 of my program which is pretty sweet.

    Perhaps people that travel alot already have some or all of these programs but I imagine the reason why these businesses participate in the package is to entice more casual traveler.

    For example, I just finished a Pro trial of EF and this discount will give me an excuse to sign up for an annual subscription.

    Signed up for PointsHound because of this deal and timing couldn’t be better as I’m leaving on a European vacation in a couple of weeks & needed a hotel in Prague in a couple of weeks and Starwood’s only one isn’t great (I’m SPG Platinum). And now that I had some more time to explore PH, I’m seriously considering foregoing staying at Four Points Zurich and paying cash for a more convenient hotel while earning miles (thinking AA miles).

    Anyway, eagerly awaiting AW code and PH upgrade :)

  48. Anne said,

    Gary: was terribly disappointed to see ASPCA listed as one of the charities involved. Please do your homework -this is an extremely controversial charity. I am leaving on a month-long trip in less than 3 hours, but at some point in the future can send you articles that will surely convince you to not assist this organization.

  49. Don said,

    I took advantage of this last year and have enjoyed the perks. My questions is this. My AwardWallet still has a little bit left on it and it seems you usually can’t add/stack promotions on an account. If I get this, can I extend my AwardWallet premium for a year from the current expiration date, or do I have to approach it another way?

  50. Eric FD said,

    i purchased the package, but how long do we really have to wait for all the perks? i’ve upgraded my existing MP account and paid the fee, but didnt get any email confirmation of the upgrade. when do we get all the discount codes / perks?

  51. Gary said,

    @Eric FD – you should have received a ‘conversation’ in your Milepoint account detailing all of the benefits and how to claim them. If you did not, send an email to Thanks!

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  53. Andy said,

    Gary: I have HH Diamond but it’s due to expire at the end of the year since I’ve been at SPG more this year due to client locations. I assume it would be no problem to apply the Gold onto my account to save it from dropping all the way down to silver next year? Overall great package, I’m month-to-month on EF right now so the 20% on EF to move to a yearly membership alone is great!

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  57. durnvase said,

    Sorry to ask this same question others have raised, having joined this Premium P2, does that mean my current Hilton Gold will extend to Feb 2015 (which otherwise will expire at the end of this year) ??

  58. Gary said,

    @durnvase yes if you submit your HHonors number through Milepoint premium that will extend gold through 2/15

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