I want to make sure you get all of the best deals and opportunities I write about.

For the past 11 years I’ve been writing this blog — covering how to earn the most points quickly, easily, and at low cost and how to use those points in the most leveraged way. Many readers have traveled the world as I do, with a frequency and in the sort of style that we all never dreamed possible before discovering how to make the most of loyalty programs.

And I’ve covered short term outsized opportunities as well, the kind of things that you have to act on right away (whether mistake fares or other glitches that might last mere hours).

Making the most of this hobby requires staying diligent, and there are several ways for you to join the tens of thousands who keep up with View from the Wing every day.

  • You can follow me on Twitter 

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  • You can of course bookmark the blog, or just type www.viewfromthewing.com into your web browser.
  • There’s also an RSS feed for this blog, so you can subscribe via your favorite blog reader (sadly Google’s Reader goes away come July). Just copy http://viewfromthewing.boardingarea.com/feed/ and add a subscription.
  • And you can have each day’s content emailed to you overnight, just enter your email address in the box on the left hand side of the page.

Never miss out on a deal or advice on getting the most for your miles!

And however you’re reading the blog, I just appreciate it that you do, many folks have stuck with me now for the full elevent years I’ve been writing about travel, points, and upgrades.. and that’s incredibly humbling.

  1. Beej said,

    You are easily the best in the business. You consistently deliver and I thoroughly enjoy reading your content on a daily basis…even posts like this. Thank you.

  2. Jana @ 365 Hand Lettering Project said,

    I truly appreciate how you’ve helped me get into the points game. I especially love my Southwest Companion Pass!

  3. Ninmurai said,

    Wishing you well for another eleven years!

  4. Sky said,

    I’ve got you setup on twitter mobile alerts so I get anything you tweet via SMS. Sometimes my wife wonders who is texting me so much.

  5. Debtblag said,

    Yup. I’ve got you on Google Reader and Twitter for now.

    To replace Google Reader when it goes away, I’ve started using Feedly. They say they’ll be all backed up and ready to go when Reader is gone, but I’ve saved the list of my favorite blogs on a local file…just in case :)

  6. Alanea said,

    I read your posts everyday. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. Also, wanted to thank you for helping put together FTU – it was great and the hotel was so nice!

  7. Benny said,

    Your blog is a must read for me. I already follow you on Twitter, but didn’t think about FB. Gonna do that now so I won’t miss any deals.

  8. RJ Brown said,

    To celebrate your 11 years on the blogs one day it would be nice for you to share your 11 bucket list trips you have taken during that time……….I haven’t been with you eleven years but with the rapid pace of the ideas you send out it seems that long……..

  9. jeanne said,

    I read your blog daily on an RSS feed. Thanks for all your great information… you have helped me immensely and what doesn’t apply to me personally gives me a comprehensive overview. ..Love it!

  10. Kristi Southard said,


  11. Kevin said,

    Thanks Gary! I check your website twice a day! Still thanking you for the UA AKL SYD C Fare mistake for $1400!!!

    Wow! I’ll never forget my first mistake fare!

    Kevin from Boulder!

  12. Pat said,

    I am also in the group of followers that make reading this blog a daily pleasure. I am always impressed that there are still people out there who think critically and write intelligently.
    Just an hour ago, I was in an airport lounge (free to me, thanks for the hook-up) and sharing information I read on this blog. That business man is a frequent traveler and had not heard of this blog, and immediately thanked me for all the great information I shared with him. You now have another fan. My husband can’t believe all the great benefits we now have, thanks to your information.. THANKS SO MUCH.

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