Hyatt announced some service changes globally and across all brands.

They highlight the intensive customer research, especially regarding womens’ needs, and are making changes to housekeeping, amenities, food offerings, and having items available on hand that guests may need.

For housekeeping they’re introducing “communications cards” for housekeeping staff to confirm the room is cleaned, and to offer a mechanism for guest feedback. On business trips I tend to stay for one night or two, so if I need anything addressed feedback would need to be instant and not wait for a comment card. (I don’t do the consultant ‘Monday-to-Thursday’ thing.) But it’s a soft approach that likely makes it easier for some guests to ask for what they want, since they are being asked for the feedback.

I’m not sure that being told a room is clean makes it any cleaner, but I suppose it’s good marketing if housekeeping has also done a good job.

What I’m most interested in is their new ‘Hyatt Has It’ campaign where they’ll promote the items they have on hand, complimentary (either to keep or to borrow), and make it easy to request those items.

It’s probably not much more than most hotels already have on hand for guests, but it’s systematized and I like that they plan to (1) tell you what they have, which functions as an invitation to request things, and (2) plan to deliver requested items unobtrusively with a knock at the door and a leave behind so you don’t have to stop getting ready, ensure you’re appropriately attired to meet the hotel staff member, and open the door (plus not coming into contact with the staffer avoids the awkward moment wondering whether a tip was expected).

The Andaz brand calls it Peace of Mind and offers the following

  • Baby Shampoo, Bath Soap
  • Coffee Condiment Kit, Coffee Cups, Coffee Package (Decaf/Regular), Tea Package
  • Comb, Hair Brush, Hair Spray
  • Cotton Balls, Make-Up Remover Wipes, Nail Polish Remover Wipes, Vanity Kit (Q-Tips, Emery Board, Cotton Pads)
  • Deodorant (Men’s/Women’s), Shampoo, Shaving Cream (Men’s/Women’s), Shower Gel
  • Hand Lotion, Hand Soap
  • Laundry Bag, Lint Mitt
  • Mouthwash
  • Razor (Men’s/Women’s), Sewing Kit
  • Sanitary Products
  • Shoe Horn, Shoe Mitt, Shower Cap, Slippers (Men’s/Women’s)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Wine Opener
  • Woolite

I never knew that a wine opener was actually free and not just something to be used! And a list like this is great, plenty of things I might not have thought to ask for or would have brought myself in my little 100ml Freedom Baggie that now I know I don’t have to, at least when staying at an Andaz.

Plus the following items can be borrowed:

  • Phone/Computer Charger, Power Adapter
  • Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Hair Dryer, Steamer
  • Free Weight Set (2Lb, 3Lb, 5Lb)
  • Humidifier, Foam Pillow
  • Lighted Make-Up Mirror
  • Robe (Men’s/Women’s)
  • Tea Kettle
  • Yoga Mat

Forget going to the gym — they’ll deliver a yoga mat and free weights to your room! Of course you need a room big enough to work out in, but even the New York City Andaz properties seem to manage that well.

The Hyatt Place version is not surprisingly more limited, and instead of delivery to your room you have to go downstairs to fetch the item (since as a limited service brand they don’t have the staff on hand to do delivery).

These seem like positive innovations without downside. Will you take advantage of any of these? Do you wish other chains would follow?

  1. Kim A said,

    I like this.

    Of primary importance to me is a universal adapter and/or cell phone charger. My family uses devices with proprietary ports (Apple, Samsung), and although we carry extra cables, inevitably something is forgotten along the way….More than once I’ve had to go shopping for an extra cable–a challenge in some foreign countries–just to ensure one last recharge before the trek home.

    The yoga mat is a nice touch, too!

  2. PointsObsession said,

    Great idea and well timed as many of us are diversifying our stays away from the devaluations at Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham and IHG/Holiday Inn.

  3. tassojunior said,

    Cell phone chargers are getting to be the most requested item. Even in cheap motels the desk usually has a box of them you can sort thru to borrow.

  4. Denise said,

    I used this service extensively at the Hyatt O’Hare when we had an unexpected stay due to a missed connection. It was much appreciated–especially the robe and curling iron.

  5. FEV7 said,

    Nice! Adding comfort and peace of mind to any stay at Hyatt.

  6. Mary M said,

    I like this as I’m making Hyatt my go to brand. The free weights are the item that stands out for me.

  7. MiaT said,

    Love it! On a recent trip I had to buy a wine opener, never thought of asking the hotel front desk. The flat iron and curling iron – less item to pack! Yay -

  8. Boraxo said,

    All pretty useless to me. What i want is free water, free diet cokes, free snacks. Or at least price at retail in lobby so i can grab and bring up to my room at checkin. Liquids are particularly critical as i cant bring them on the plane.

  9. Jamie said,

    I love it. We always need a corkscrew or bottle opener. It is nice to know these things are available.

  10. Jennifer C. said,

    Now that Freedom is assured by my leaving my Swiss Army knife at home, it’s nice to know I can borrow a corkscrew. But what about my little white plastic toothpick?

  11. Alan said,

    Pretty good selection and agree it’s nice they make it clear what’s available. Shame there aren’t more Hyatt prpperties around otherwise I’d definitely give them a shot!

  12. Rich (arizona) said,

    I wondered if that was new. I am currently stayng at the Hyatt Gainey Ranch in AZ. A nice addition although I woud rather see those resort fees deemed illegal. Personally I think rooms have way too many cards lying around. Often it can be 10+.

  13. IflyfromABE said,

    Hampton and Homewood Suites have been running a similar thing for ages…

  14. ptahcha said,

    The “free” wine opener is one of those plastic, cork screw worm only, with the tiny cover acts as the handle. Good luck on trying to open any decent bottle with the cheapie.

    A better alternative is ask the bartender to open the bottle for you, or temporarily borrow their wine key while opening the bottle in front of them. While the act itself could be against hotel policy (just like taking pictures on a plane), it’s not often reinforced.

    As an alternative, you could carry a corkscrew through TSA checkpoint, but just not one with the tiny foil cutting knifes. Instead, get one with the circular cutter and it’s TSA-friendly. That’s what I have in my bag. To make sure the TSA folks are not fussy about the safe corkscrew, take it out so they don’t have to do a bag check.

  15. Sharon hass said,

    By any chance would yall happen to have any good used men’s terry cloth robes to give away. I am In search of a hotel rob . Thanks so much.

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