On Thursday I posted about the schedule for the upcoming Frequent Traveler University in Northern Virginia, April 26-28, and noted that the event would sell out shortly.

And indeed it did, tickets have sold out. We now expect 650 people at the event, the largest gathering of frequent flyers ever that I’m aware of. And – I think – a really fantastic program to boot.

For folks that have been waiting, haven’t purchased tickets, and would still like to attend all is not lost however.

While tickets for the event are non-refundable, they are transferable. (There’s no administrative charge for this.) And surely there are some folks that have purchased tickets and won’t be able to use them.

Already we’re seeing activity in the Milepoint thread about the Frequent Traveler University event where folks who cannot attend are making their tickets available. So that’s where to go if you’re still interested in attending, folks can arrange that amongst themselves.

Very much looking forward to this at the end of April!

And not to worry, we’re busily planning the next event for the fall as well.

  1. DC Locals: If you have ever wanted to travel more for less, you MUST attend FTU in April! | The Deal Mommy said,

    […] The event has now sold out. Follow A View From the Wing to learn how to score last minute […]

  2. Ozaer N. said,

    Gary–hope the next one is in PDX or SEA :)

  3. elaine said,

    I have 2 available tickets if anyone is interested. We are unable to attend due to husband having to travel to China that week-end. This was to be our first FTU~very disappointed!!

  4. elaine said,

    email at elagreen@knology.net in interested. i tried to post on Mile thread but unable due to not having 10 posts.

  5. TrvlGuru said,

    I have a ticket and won’t be able to attend. If interested..please let me know. tvlfcls@aol.com

  6. Scottrick said,

    Looking forward to it!

  7. MJ said,

    I’d be interested in two tickets. Let me know if they are still available.

  8. MJ said,

    Email me at Caldwell.melvin@comcast.net. Thanks

  9. K.P. Simpson said,

    I am interested in two tickets although getting a hotel room may be a problem

  10. Robert B said,

    I have one extra ticket available. Email me at liketotravel2@gmail.com if you are interested.

  11. robbabroad said,

    I’d love to buy a single ticket off anyone who has an extra. I’m local and would love to go! robbhman@aol.com

  12. robbabroad said,

    Fantastic, I got a ticket! Can’t wait!

  13. leo said,

    I’m interested in a single ticket if you have 1 for sale please email me @ gohan403@gmail.con

  14. Antwoinne said,

    I’d be interested in a single ticket if anyone has any available as well. antwoinne@gmail.com

  15. Erika said,

    If someone has 2 tickets to sell, I’d love to buy them! Thanks.

  16. Phillip said,

    I am interested in two tickets if they are available.

  17. John said,


    Only one ticket short for this conference. Can pay immediately. No how to transfer the ticket into new buyers name, and who to contact at FTU. 5 minute process.

    It would be EXTREMELY appreciative if someone finds out they are not using one. Thanks for reading. My name is John.

  18. Jacob said,

    If anyone still needs a ticket, I have one! Got invited to an awesome Dubai trip that weekend…. couldn’t pass it up!


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