The current iteration of the schedule for Frequent Traveler University in Northern Virginia, April 26-28, is now up on the FTU website.

Last I checked there were about 30 tickets left for Frequent Traveler University. There will be 650 people total in attendance, the largest gathering ever of frequent flyers in one place.

But not to worry , for folks who wind up shut out and unable to buy a ticket, the tickets are not refundable by they are transferable and I do frequently see folks on Milepoint looking to find a good home to a ticket when a business commitment or family obligation gets in the way of their attending. So al hope won’t be lost once these last handful of tickets sell out. Which will happen very soon.

Events begin Friday April 26th with evening cocktails. The substantive program gets underway Saturday morning at 9am where I’ll welcome everyone in attendance.

There will be three concurrent session throughout much of the weekend, and general sessions as well. For instance the morning will start with a choice of

  • Introduction to Miles & Points: with Daraius Dubash & Summer Hull
  • Mileage Running 101: with Ben Schlappig
  • American Airlines Status, Upgrades, & Awards: with Edward Pizzarello

General sessions will include participation by Starwood Preferred Guest, a talk by Chris Guillbeau who will have just two weeks earlier completed his quest to visit every country in the world, and the famous ‘Secrets & Lies’ panel on all of the tricks and tips that don’t get posted in online forums.

We’ll have Brian Kelly hosting the Ultimate Showdown for the Most Awesome Credit Card in the Galaxy, a panel on Using Technology to Improve Your Travel, and discussions of credit card churning, making the most of flying Delta and flying United, family travel, and the current state of earning 5 points per dollar on all of your spending everywhere.

And that’s just a sample, the full current schedule is available here.

  1. Chris said,

    Do we need to register for specific breakout sessions or is it 1st come, 1st serve?

  2. Grant said,

    @Chris, you just go to whatever one you want. There are plenty of seats for all events, but go early if you want a good seat near the front.

  3. Tzukino said,

    I’m selling 2 tickets to the FTU. I won’t be able to travel on said dates!! Let me know if you need a ticket! =( $5 off!

  4. Dave said,

    I know this is early, but do they have any dates/locations available for the FTU AFTER this one? I can’t make it this time around but I’d love to check it out next time. I didn’t see anything online though.

  5. Neet said,

    Gary, Have y’all thought about doing a livestream? It’d be great to have folks watch it who are unable to make it due to pre-set commitments or are internationally located and perhaps even have a small fee of $49 bucks or something to raise funds for FTU or Kiva Milepoint team from this.

  6. The Miles Professor said,

    Sounds so exciting! I really hope I can arrange to go :)

  7. prak said,

    @Tzukino I might be interested. Let me know how to contact you

  8. Tzukino said,

    Hi @Prak! write to me at: usagi.hoshino(AT) erased the @ for anti spam security.


  9. goals^n^dreams said,

    I hope someone will do a livestream ^_^. I really want to go but I can’t.

  10. ScottL said,

    How appropriate that Brian Kelly is talking about credit cards.

  11. Rob said,

    Amazing program, but to be honest, I’m kind of disappointed that I’ll have to choose between some great sessions. Maybe the event should have lasted a few more days and we could have experienced it all?

  12. Jay said,

    Love the program, and thank you so much for your hard work on it. Can’t wait

    Any insight on why some where picked for general sessions? SPG and Chris Guillbeau seem to be of more limited interest then some of the other sessions that aren’t general sessions

    Also, who’s doing the book signing!

  13. Ozaer N. said,

    Thanks for posting Gary–unfortunately got twins coming up so Ill be grounded for awhile heheh.

  14. Chad M said,

    Looks like I waited too long to book; it’s showing as sold out now =(

  15. Tzukino said,

    I sold my tickets thanks!

  16. How to Get Tickets to the Sold Out Frequent Traveler University - View from the Wing said,

    […] Thursday I posted about the schedule for the upcoming Frequent Traveler University in Northern Virginia, April 26-28, and noted that the […]

  17. Biggles209 said,

    I agree with Jay regarding the Saturday General Sessions – especially SPG, which is a hotel program I have little interest in.

    Did you consider running the three airline Status, Upgrades, & Awards sessions at the same time. I would find it easier to choose between American, Delta, and United than between 5x Everywhere and United (for example).

  18. Jeremy said,

    ah I’m excited but a bit torn over several of the sessions, particularly 1, 4, 5, 6, & 9. Will we get more info on the specifics of each session posted online ahead of time? That would help clarify which to attend.

    Will there be audio/video recording? I’m thinking it’ll be good for people to take notes and share with others.

  19. Traveling Well For Less said,

    @Jeremy no official audio/video recording, but some of us take detailed notes, split up sessions and share with our friends

  20. Traveling Well For Less said,

    A few weeks after FTULAX they posted the presentations on MP – Hopefully Gary will do the same for FTUDCA

  21. Sanjay said,

    I have one ticket to sell. I cannot make it to the event.You can email me at

  22. Rapid Travel Chai said,

    @Jeremy – I have just put up a survey for my talk during session 9, Hidden Pitfalls and Possibilities in International Travel. In case you are interested, please fill it out:

    I will post the presentation following the event, though I guess you are probably looking for Award Booking or Shopping Portals instead. ;)

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