Lots of folks emailed me last night, and I see that One Mile at a Time has already written about it. (Although availability isn’t looking as good to me as what he was seeing several hours ago.)

Here’s a same search using ITA Software’s Matrix to identify dates and itineraries that will price out at this fare.

I then get this calendar of available dates and fares:

And then this is a sample of an available itinerary:

Key elements of the fare:

  • This is valid for travel commending on or after April 1 and must commence by June 12. Travel is permitted Monday through Thursday.

  • 14 day advance purchase required.

  • 2 stopovers are permitted – the first one free and the second for $125 — in Miami, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles

  • It’s a non-refundable business class fare with a $200 change fee.

Not a ton of dates available on my search compared to Lucky’s, I don’t expect this to stay available for very long.

  1. Michael said,

    I’m seeing $1134 fares from Lax in April

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  3. Jeff said,

    This is an amazing deal. I’m trying to find a route that works – not a lot of luck so far, but I appreciate you blogging about the offer!

  4. bababooey said,

    Easter Island, where the heck is that? How are the restaurants and beaches there?

  5. ed said,

    Seriously considered even though I’ve already scratched that off my list. LAN is a great product. A few other Chilean destinations available. All require reciprocity fee of $160, good for passport’s lifetime (and a stapled dot matrix paper, yuck).

  6. Corey said,

    booked! was able to price all-in in first/business the whole way through (not the economy fare showing above) for $1010.87 PP. called the AA EXP desk and after talking with the fare desk they got me in

  7. Mark said,

    I thought people aren’t supposed to call the airline about these deals?

  8. Corey said,

    apologies; i called to get the seat assignment NOT to book the deal. but when i called they also looked through and booked the economy leg into business (without me asking) after calling the fare desk. agent thought they were doing me a favour which i appreciated after getting the seat assignment, please do not haze me mark or anyone else as it was a mistake to call same day without waiting a week to call and get the seat assignment

  9. MK said,


  10. don'tcall said,

    I can’t believe more people haven’t piled on Corey for such a selfish and witless move. This is why error fares ought not be published on blogs.

  11. Trevor said,

    @Gary — If you are still seeing this availability, can we use your booking service (I know its just award booking but…) because I’d love to take my wife to Easter Island for a few days, bucket list and all…

  12. Fred said,

    @Corey – which leg did they bump you on and what was it about the fare that made it eligible?

    I don’t plan to call until this is dead.

  13. Tony said,

    Got a ticket for myself in May. Why do the MIA-SCL-MIA legs show “DISCOUNT” as a fare group? Is there a way to confirm whether it is business class or not without calling AA/LAN?

  14. Corey said,

    @Fred – the leg in the above example IPC>SCL books into economy even though the fare code should book business (and was the case on my ticket even though my dates were different). when i called for the seat assignment the EXP agent was a little confused as to why one leg was economy and one was business and asked me to hang on. when she came back she said she had called the fare desk and they put in the inventory for her to book me into business on that segment versus economy if i was willing to take a later flight (and subsequent later flights) to get valid routing. i said sure and with no fees or fare difference at all i was suddenly in business/first the whole way

    @dontcall – try being nice and not pile on or call me selfish and witless. i already said it was a mistake to call and request seat assignment and i recognized that and clarified. i think sometimes FF’ers forget that we are all humans and sometimes make mistakes and want to ‘pile on’ and beat people down when i think helping to educate should be the real goal. alas, it is all too easy to hide behind just a random not-real name on a comment

  15. Corey said,

    also- MK the fare is not dead. i just searched and found JFK>SCL for 902 or 927 for at least 6 dates in may for a 3 or 7 night stay which was and still is the original deal. the $100 add-on for IPC and other destinations might still be available also

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  17. Robert said,

    It is all dead, but thanks for posting!

  18. Alison said,

    Was able to get 2 JFK>SCL r/t in June, Bus/1st, AA last night but looks likely they wr very last 2 b/c now ITA posts Econ @ $2400 rt, Copa for all of May /June. Santiago here we come (thx)!! !!

  19. Jason C said,

    Is any of this still alive? Just tried JFK/DFW/MIA to IPC/SCL in May for 3-8 nights and I don’t see anything south of $2500. :(

  20. Clifton J said,

    I think this may be sold out. I was attempting to book today; however, it seems as if nothing is available.

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