For the last six months of 2012, American offered up to a 50% bonus on purchased miles. For a purchase of exactly 40,000, 50,000, or 60,000 miles that meant a price of 2 cents a mile, the lowest price I had ever seen American sell miles direct to consumer for.

Through February 28 that offer is back.

For A Limited Time Only: Earn Up To 30,000 Bonus Miles, A 50% Mileage Bonus
As we move towards the new American, and continue to modernize and innovate, we would like to share the excitement of our new look, with you – our valued customer. Now, through February 28, 2013, you can earn up to 30,000 bonus miles when you buy AAdvantage® miles.

This is a price at which I’m almost a buyer. I won’t be taking advantage of the offer since I have a seven figure AAdvantage balance (and a fairly large stash of US Airways miles as well…) so should do better holding my cash. But if I had a balance of, say, 200,000 miles I would probably buy to give myself nearly enough miles for two first class roundtrips to Asia.

The miles don’t post instantly, they say it can take 72 hours but usually takes less than that. Bonus miles don’t post right away, or with the purchased miles either, but can take up to 5 days.

The one challenge here I don’t like is the time to post the bonus. American allows 5 day award holds. That lets you put a reservation together before buying miles, so that there’s no risk involved that the award space will disappear after you’ve purchased the points but before you’ve secured the ticket. In theory you should be able to still do that here, that the bonus points will post before the reservation hold expires, but it’s still potentially cutting it too close for comfort.

Interestingly American used to cap mileage purchases at 40,000 per year but they’ve increased that to 60,000 and the increase seems to have stuck. That amount would seem to make it impossible to straight up buy enough miles (starting from zero) for premium cabin roundtrip awards to most places. But that’s not quite right.

American allows one-way awards so you can book one direction each out of two different accounts for the same person. Rinse, repeat for each person making the trip (with the caveat that especially if last names don’t match I’ve been asked on occasion to pay taxes using a credit card with name matching that of the accountholder).

Since it’s often a question, AAdvantage miles purchases are processed by so you won’t earn ‘airfare’ bonuses from the credit card you use to buy miles (such as Sapphire Preferred double points on travel, or American Express Premier Rewards Gold triple points on airfare).

  1. Jason said,

    Wow 7-figure balance … hope you could quickly use them before they devalue to skyrupiah levels post merger.

    I took advantage (no pun intended) of the 2012 offer, and ill buy my 60+30 again this time. Thanks for the tip =)

  2. Mike said,

    You are better off buying miles with US Airways since they give a 100% bonus.

  3. skudu said,

    For those who are in the fence pls consider below:

    If you have AA citi personal VISA:

    For purchase of 60k you will get 60K + 30K + 3618 (2 x 1809 for cc purchase)= 93618… also you will get 10% back on redemption upto 100K. so another 9362 total = 102980 final cost = 1.756 cents per mile…

  4. Gary said,

    @Mike only about 1!% cheaper..

  5. Jerry said,

    Offer page is still old AA-logo :)

    Here is the award chart for anyone interested

  6. FEV7 said,

    Just wondering … if you purchase miles via this offer, will it extend the expiration date of your miles?

    Thank you for responding.

  7. dave said,

    “60K + 30K + 3618 (2 x 1809 for cc purchase)”

    are you sure about the 2X? i know on it does, but

  8. Jerry said,

    Gary notes it in the last paragraph. No 2x points because you are buying through

  9. Tom said,

    So no $100 statement credit from the AA visa eaither I take it? What about gift cards through AA?

  10. Gary said,

    @FEV7 – yes

  11. IH said,


  12. Gary said,

    @IH – no

  13. Robert Hanson said,

    Be aware as you consider doing this, the first price you see does not include either the $35 “processing” fee, nor the taxes. I just did this for 5K miles to top off for a FC TA award I needed to ticket before it disappeared. The total cost jumped appreciably after fees and taxes are added in, which you won’t see until the final payment page.

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  15. Al said,

    has anyone done this yet? curious to know exact # of days for posting the bonus pts.

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