jay said,

brimming with excitement about the upcoming FTU in april… any news of when the agenda will be out?

Frequent Traveler University has a new website and lists many of the speakers that are confirmed. I have a draft schedule, but haven’t released it yet because we’re working with the hotel on just how much meeting space we have … I’d love to be able to run as many as three concurrent sessions at times (although there will also be main sessions where everyone is together) but do have at least two sessions much of the time. How many rooms we have will determine how many ‘tracks’ folks can be on to choose their content. And thus the schedule isn’t done yet. Will get that nailed down as soon as possible!

The event promises to be exciting, it’s already 50% larger than the amazing Los Angeles event back in December. I expect that it will be the largest gathering of frequent flyers, ever.

Currently confirmed speakers include:

Tickets are available here.

  1. Tony said,

    This will be my first time going to one of these, I’m looking forward to this, I have lots of questions and will be taking lots of notes!

  2. Travis said,

    so early, the hotel is already sold out.

  3. Marshall Jackson said,

    I learn something every time I attend one of these, and I’m really looking forward to DC FTU. Of course, the socializing is fun too. :)

  4. Jamison @ Points Summary said,

    cant wait! signed up, hotels all booked- flights booked!

  5. Grant said,

    FTU LAX was so much fun. Made some friends and looking forward to meeting them again in DC

  6. Michelle said,

    You totally need more female speakers. There’s never a variety. The same speakers/presentations at every event. Change it up a bit. Just my opinion

  7. jay said,


  8. The Guy said,

    Wow, I’ve been a frequent traveller for well over a decade and never heard of this University! I dare say I would graduate a long time ago :-)

    Seriously, is this just a States thing or are there events for those of us who live in other parts of the world?

  9. Travel Summary said,

    I’ll be there!

  10. Gary said,

    @The Guy — these events have been held in the US only to date but draw folks from all around the world since many of the participants like to travel :)

  11. Anon said,

    What about doing FTU in Dallas, TX? It appears it’s always either east or west coast!!!

  12. John K said,

    Can you use miles/points to get the ticket? =D

  13. Gary said,

    @John K – you cam transfer a ton of Amex points to my Singapore Airlines account and I would be happy to buy you a ticket. :)

  14. The Miles Professor said,

    Wow, that list of speakers is amazing. It’s like the Creme de la Creme of Miles Blogging! :)

  15. Titan Limousine said,

    Titan Limousine is excited to announce that we just signed up as a sponsor to the VA/DC FTU event on April 26-28 and will be launching our own frequent-rider program.

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