American Express Membership Rewards seems to be doing more targeted transfer bonuses recently. Not a trend I much like to see (well, I suppose I shouldn’t mind as long as I’m being targeted!).

I received an email this afternoon about a 50% bonus on transfers from Membership Rewards to Starwood Preferred Guest.

Still not in my view worth doing. It goes from taking 3 Membership Rewards point to get 1 Starpoint to 2 Membership Rewards points per Starpoint.

When I get these offers I’ve started to copy the link into a different browser, one where American Express doesn’t know who I am, to see whether the bonus comes up and is thus available to everyone or not.

This time, no dice. It’s available on my account, it may be available on your account, but seems not available if I’m not logged in at least unless they know who I am.

Does the offer come up for you?

  1. dj said,

    i see the same old 3-1, even using a new browser.

  2. Easy Victor said,

    No go for me. Still 3:1 after logging in.

  3. DJP_707 said,

    Not working on my account, I still show the standard, 333 Starpoints® = 1,000 Membership Rewards® Points.

  4. AlohaDaveKennedy said,

    Not feeling the love here. :(

  5. dj said,

    Hey Gary, I think this is the 2nd post recently regarding the bonus, but still we cant see the 2-1 bonus. Is this targeted? Or can you check with SPG on this, I bet a # of people are waiting for this bonus.

  6. Gary said,

    @dj – I call this targeted in the subject line of the post :)

  7. Autolycus said,

    I’ll be just fine with targeted transfer bonuses as soon as they target me for a good transfer bonus to DL. 50% up to 100k (150k total) like they had publicly in 2011 would be great.

  8. BeachMiles said,

    I am not targeted. I have been waiting for this transfer bonus to be available to me. I wonder if Amex would extent the offer , with a phone call.
    The points I want to transfer are coming from my wife’s account, and she’s not a fan of “calling”.

  9. jorge said,

    It is targeted for people who don’t want it.

  10. Moving Chicane said,

    I did not receive an email from AMEX, but when logging into my AMEX account online the REWARDS/POINTS TRANSFER HOTELS/STARWOOD is flagged with “bonus” for transfers. Perhaps everyone should be checking there instead of their Inbox’s……..

  11. Glenn said,

    Yup. Works for me. I did get an email about it as well though. Personally I went for it, though just to clean out a small 8,000pt balance in my Amex account. BTW I’ve got Business Gold Rewards and Platinum Personal at the moment.

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