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  1. V Pescado said,

    I love Delta’s response. In blunter language:

    “Yes we invade your privacy for our marketing purposes. We are sincerely and extremely sorry that you were able to get a glimpse of what we do. We shall strive to make sure that never again will it be so easy to get this level of transparency in what we do with sensitive information about you.”

  2. Robert Hanson said,

    And not a word about the fact that much of the information they did have is incorrect. Something I’m sure they would rather their potential customers for this data not be aware of….

  3. Tom said,

    I find Delta to be an offensively tone-deaf and bureaucratic company, convinced that its corporate-eze communication is a) adequate, and b) fools everybody, or even anybody. Executives and other employees making and following Delta policies may be deluded, but more likely they simply have made a calculation, believing we are not smart enough to get it and/or we’re sheep. Though they have lost my business because of that attitude, they are consistently more profitable than their counterparts, so their estimation may be correct. I truly love giving my money to companies that treat me well, treat me honestly, treat me fairly, and treat me like an adult. As a byproduct, I usually focus on the positive of corporations that treat me that way, but I do hope, that some day, Delta’s arrogance bites them on their collective tushes.

  4. Nick said,

    It appears if you fulfilled the spend requirement the 5000 bonus miles from UA are sticking.

  5. Chris said,

    I got the 5,000 miles and mine have not been taken back. I did meet the spend requirement.

  6. Gene said,

    I am so disappointed that I missed your post re: Delta. I would love to see that data. Oh well, PH Tokyo is lovely, as always!

  7. Dan ray said,

    Any comment on the new delta website? I think it is one of the worst.

  8. Mary E. said,

    I tried the link that was posted about the data, but it only came up with one liner bcInd”:”Y”. Maybe it’s because I am in Asia. Glad not a lot was posted out there though.
    Although I’ve been reading a lot of poor form about Delta, I’ve yet to encounter such problems and hope I don’t. I have had very polite customer service and am very much looking forward to the lie-down flat bed from ICN-DTW. I’ll let you know how that trip goes, though. :-)

  9. My Week in Points January 20-26: UA taketh away, Hilton begrudgingly bestows - Rapid Travel Chai said,

    […] miles and now I don’t. Many of us in the same boat. View from the Wing links to several of his posts on this sordid affair. Not going to fight but as I continue to ponder moving from Delta to United, […]

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