Update 11:22am Eastern: Offer appears to be dead. Congratulations to everyone that took part.

All over the blogosphere there’s talk of the 100,000 mile signup bonus for the American Express Platinum card after $3000 spend within 3 months.

Hugely worthwhile in my opinion, despite the $450 fee.

Key Benefits of the Card

This is usually a card I discuss in the category of “a great product to get for the benefits, not to put any spending on.”

Now it fits the category of cards worth havng and keeping for benefits, and also worth getting for the signup bonus. And indeed the signup bonus is worth well more than the annual fee the first year. But onto the value of the points in a moment.

The card comes with lounge access:

  • Delta Skyclubs when flying Delta same-day
  • American AAdmiral’s Club when flying American same-day (ending March 2014)
  • US Airways Clubs any time, regardless of whom you are flying (ending March 2014)
  • Priority Pass Select which gets you into innumerable lounges around the world and in the US provides access to Alaska Airlines lounges.

Other key benefits include:

  • $200 airline fee credit, you choose one airline a year and can get credits up to $200 on that airline during the calendar year.
  • reimbursemnet of the $100 fee for Global Entry.
  • Access to American Express’ ‘Fine Hotels and Resorts’ program which is similar in many ways to booking through a Virtuoso travel agent (benefits such as late checkout, upgrades, breakfast, and another benefit during the stay).

As I say, the benefits of the card are worth the fee especially for folks who want lounge access with more than one airline as long as that airline isn’t United.

The Value of the Points

Worst case scenario is the points are worth a penny apiece towards travel, so $1000 obviously trumps the $450 fee.

But the real value in Membership Rewards points is that they are transferrable to airline mileage programs in all three alliances (plus some other non-alliance airlines).

While most transfer partners do add fuel surcharges to awards where the equivalent paid ticket would include such charges, there are also often transfer bonuses.

My favorite partners are:

  • Singapore Airlines – Star Alliance one-way awards and tons of award space in premium cabins on Singapore Airlines
  • Delta – yes, Delta, because they do have some useful partners and on most awards at least originating in the US don’t have those exorbitant charges
  • British Airways – for the short haul non-stop awards which are cheap, and the regular transfer bonuses (currently 30% through January 15)

But I also use Air France KLM Flying Blue, Air Canada’s Aeroplan, All Nippon, and even occasionally Virgin Atlantic (since I use Virgin as my primary Avis 1-day rental mileage credit for the minimum 1000 miles and I can use this to top off).

Who Shouldn’t Get This Card?

In addition to the standard advice about not getting cards when you don’t pay them off every month, this one has some specific exclusions.

The card is not open to anyone that has “had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”

I don’t know how long this one will be around, guess is not long at all. It’s not my link, I would definitely take screen shots, presumably CreditCards.com whose link it seems to be earns something off of the applications.

  1. Dan said,

    Is this card churnable?i had this card a few years back with the 50k promo but closed it2 years ago

  2. The Weekly Flyer said,

    Do Business Gold and Business Platinum cards disqualify a person from this personal offer?

  3. Gary said,

    @The Weekly Flyer – no they should not

  4. Gary said,

    @Dan it should be

  5. iahphx said,

    I still have a personal Premier Rewards Gold card from a promo more than a year ago (I think they comped us the annuual fee for 2 years). So that somehow makes me ineligible for this promo, right? It seems strange, especially since they keep sending me literature asking me if I want to “upgrade” to this card (with a lower sign up bonus).

  6. Hope said,

    I applied and was approved for the 100k offer but I just realized I cancelled my Gold Premier Rewards card only 2 months ago. Not sure how this will affect offer? This offer probably wouldn’t be around if I waited anyway.

  7. Dennis said,

    That is a seriously great offer! Sucks not being a US resident in this regard! ;)

  8. The Weekly Flyer said,

    Thanks Gary. Applied and approved in about 30 seconds. Took screen shots just in case.

  9. Talha said,

    The gold offee is 50k, would i get both the bonus if i apply for the 100k plat and 50k gold

  10. DJP_707 said,

    Every time I log into Amex with PRG card, I get the upgrade to plat for 50K points, any chance I can get the 100K?

  11. namtuge said,

    Is Mercedes Benz Platinum considered the same product?

  12. Gary said,

    @namtuge I do not believe so
    @DJP_707 you should be able to get this

  13. preston said,

    Awesome link! Just got approved. I also have the SPG and the Hilton Surpass.

  14. Dave K. said,

    Are additional cardmembers on another Plat account precluded from getting this?

  15. Prognostication said,

    WOW! Great find, thanks! I just got instant approval.

  16. A.S. said,

    Fwiw, I just got off the phone with AMEX. The rep I spoke to was very frustrated about my calling about this card. He mentioned that they had received numerous calls about the offer and that they didn’t even know where people were getting it from but implied that they would honor it. His tone suggested that Amex is facing a torrent of applications. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was pulled within the day.

  17. Nick said,

    Gary, does this mean you are not eligible if you have opened one these cards in the last 90 days, OR if you simply have had one of them in the last 90 days? I still have a Zync that I converted from an old Gold Card to keep the credit history, would I be eligible?

    “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product within the last 12 months or any Consumer ZYNC®, Green or Gold Card account within the last 90 days.”

  18. Gary said,

    @Dave K – additional cardmembers on another account should be fine to use this

  19. Joe said,

    Isn’t SPG Gold a benefit also?

  20. Tim J said,

    I’ve been getting a error page saying that their systems are not responding. Anyone else get this?

  21. webazoid said,

    interested in flying LAX to SGN, what are the options for MR to a suitable transfer partner w/ minimal fuel surcharges?

    Aeoroplan: 75k roundtrip but don’t know exact amount of fuel surcharge

    Any other ideas?

  22. Tim J said,

    I no longer receive the error page. Must have been a bad cookie or something; incognito window did the trick.

  23. Haldami said,

    So if I have the Mercedes one for less than a month, think they will give me the points of I make spending threshold? Otherwise think I would be able to get normal one then cancel Mercedes? Haven’t got the 50k yet.

  24. Faye said,

    I didn’t realize sq is transferable? I thought it doesn’t transfer to star alliance ?
    I’m flying out of SFO, if I want to go to europe, am I doomed? Work around?

  25. JetAway said,

    The Platinum Card must be bleeding customers for AmEx to make this kind of offer (assuming it’s legit).

  26. Ram said,

    @A.S. – What was the purpose of the phone call? Such promotional offers do not show up in the agent’s list of offers. Why discuss it with them, thereby raising a red flag?

  27. Shelley said,

    Done! Thank you! This will reload what I spent to get the whole family over to Asia in business class at Thanksgiving (with the fantastic help of you and Steve booking tickets) YAY!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Joe said,

    I was just successful with your link Gary.

  29. brian said,

    A couple of questions:
    1) Do you think we could get next years $200 credit without having to pay the annual fee? I wasn’t sure if the annual fee hit on Jan 1, or Jan 8 if we apply today.
    2) I live in Denver, and wanted to know if I could go to the United Club (with a guest) any time I’m flying, or if I had to have a US Airways or United ticket (and is a guest allowed?).
    3) Can points be combined between members, if my wife and I both apply?
    4) Are there any good redemption options for Hawaii? Planning a trip there (have plenty of UR points), but didn’t know if this would potentially be better.


  30. Belinda said,

    @joe yes, SPG gold is also a benefit.

  31. Joe said,

    Link is dead now.

  32. Gary said,

    @brian – you can probably get the fee credit, even if the annual fee hits, and still cancel before that statement is due without problem. . You cannot use the United Club with the Amex Platinum card, US Airways club works where there’s one accessible and you do not need to be flying US Airways… a guest is permitted. Points can be moved to anyone’s frequent flyer account when transferred via teh MembershipRewards.com website.

  33. beachfan said,

    For those who should get the card but not keep the card, would you include someone whose Admiral’s Club membership was paid by their employer (but this cards fee’s would not be)?

    On an ongoing basis, I would get only $200 airline credit back for my $450. And if I get my 2014 credit in the first 7 days of the year, I wouldn’t get any hard dollars back for my 2014 fee.

    But I’m in for this year as I want to be ready for when I can get TWO SQ F suites tickets!

  34. David said,

    Is this gone??

  35. Josh said,

    1. When do you have to designate which airline the $200 credit can be applied towards? Can this be switched?

    2. If I have points from another AMEX card, can I combine them with this bonus for one award? How so?

    3. Let’s say I get the 100K points bonus, then I cancel the Platinum card to avoid the next annual fee. Do I retain the points/can I still use the points?


  36. Jeff said,

    Thanks, Gary! Made it in and lovin’ it!

  37. Cincy said,

    I got the offer last night, it’s the first time that I’ve been online at the right time to take advantage of an offer that had a short life.

    @Gary – of your favorite partners that you mentioned (or others), who offers the best transfer conversion rate? I assume that I should wait for a transfer bonus opportunity. Any thoughts/advice to get the most bang for my MR points?

  38. Kate said,

    I started the application last night and took screenshots – but didn’t submit it, and now it is dead….. If I apply now do you think there is any chance AMEX would honor the 100,000 offer since I have the screenshots of my partial application from last night?

  39. Kate said,

    I started the application last night and took screenshots – but didn’t submit it, and now it is dead….. If I apply now do you think there is any chance AMEX would honor the 100,000 offer since I have the screenshots of my partial application from last night?

  40. Raj Panjabi said,

    Can you please find out if this offer will come back.

  41. jimjam said,

    I pulled the trigger on a plat for me, and a gold for my fiance. Wondering if we can transfer the points b/w our accounts. Also wondering if someone could explain airport lounge access to me. Specifically, how does the priority pass work? Do I need to be flying on a particular airline in order to use that airline’s lounge?

  42. bringer said,

    beachfan, the benefit is every calender year..so get the credit in 2013 and then do it first week in 2014..then cancel. And/or you can apply for the other 2 different types of Platinum and by the time you churn through the others, then apply again for the regular platinum :)

  43. Gary said,

    @Kate not likely

  44. Gary said,

    @Josh once a year, yes you can combine but most importantly can transfer into whatever frequent flyer account you wish, you must keep open *A* presonal memebrship rewards earning card to keep the points, if you wouldn’t have a membership rewards card left then better transfer the points out before cancelling.

  45. beachfan said,


    Thanks! What other Platinum cards are you referring to, Mercedes and which other one?

  46. dave said,

    Got in before the buzzer this AM

    Was upset to see that I can’t transfer points to United (I think)

    What is the best use of Amex points?

  47. Kurt said,

    Got in on this last night, now have questions about getting the full value from that big annual fee…

    What are the restrictions on the use of the $200 airline fee credits? Can this be used to pay for tickets, only incidentals, or either/both? Can that be on any airline or just some? Can the $200 be split across multiple transactions, multiple airlines – ie can you use $100 on one airline, then designate a different airline and use the second $100 on that? Thanks!

  48. John said,

    Hoping that Nick’s question from above can yet prompt a response, as I also find the matter he raised eternally confusing, and the truth critical.
    To quote Nick:
    “Gary, does this mean you are not eligible if you have opened one these cards in the last 90 days, OR if you simply have had one of them in the last 90 days? I still have a Zync that I converted from an old Gold Card to keep the credit history, would I be eligible?

  49. Gary said,

    @John – if you had one of them within the past 90 days, though I do not know how thoroughly this is enforced

  50. John said,

    Gary maybe the answer is not known to the fine point of the question, but it is this:
    does “have the card” mean:
    1. To have it in possession, and to have HAD it in possession, for ANY length of time during the 90 days prior to a putative application?
    Or does it mean:
    2 To have APPLIED and RECEIVED a card in the past 90 days?
    And I recognize that perhaps the answer is not knowable, and I should stop asking.
    But the reason it is relevant: I have some AMEX cards. If it’s option one, then this means I can never apply for a bonus ever again, unless I cancel ALL of the cards I hold at least 90 days prior to application.

  51. Nick said,

    Hi, Gary,

    On Tuesday, i used your link but I choose the option send the application to my email, and today, i got the retrieve the application, but need the zip code to verify. if it’s ok, can you tell me the zip code when you input on creditcard.com to generate the link? and if i retrieve it. i will certainly send back to you the link.


  52. Gary said,

    @Nick it was not my link, and the offer is no longer available

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