Via Mommy Points, crediting a 1200+ post thread on Flyertalk, reports that the offer of 50,000 miles for getting a United Explorer card (after $1000 spend within 3 months, no fee the first year, and an additional 5000 miles for adding an authorized user) may be back for some people.

There’s not a static link you can use to bring up the offer. Instead you have to log into your United account. Some people will be presented with an ad for the offer when they are logged in.

If you don’t see the offer on the United website, then do be sure you’re logged in and click on the following link:

This doesn’t work for everyone.

  • If you already have a United Visa then it probably will not show up.

  • If you don’t have any miles at all in your United account, then past experiences with these offers suggests it may still not show up. (But you can get United miles instantly here.)

But it’s a good offer with a low spending threshold for folks that haven’t already had the United Explorer card. And there are some United flight benefits for non-elites, plus a real rarity of a benefit in primary collision damage waiver on rental cars, something I get off of my Diners Club card — if you damage your rental car, the credit card’s coverage comes before your insurance so you may not even have to get your insurer involved (note this applies to damage to your rental vehicle only and not to any liability you may have for damage you cause to others).

(For those concerned with such things, this is of course not a link which offers any referral credit.)

  1. Eric said,

    Hey Gary, if I have MP Select card and had the continental onepass MasterCard, would I still be eligible for the bonus? The terms and conditions say prior MP Visa holders are excluded, but the select and explorer are different products, so it’s a little ambiguous. Any thoughts?

  2. HikerT said,

    Actually, MommyPoints was tipped by someone on FT asking why bloggers were nutting up over the Barclay’s offer (which wasn’t even as good as the non-affiliate offer that had been out for over a year) while no mention of the return of the 50K UA offer which had been reported on FT the same day you guys started waxing poetic about the US affiliate link.

  3. Gary said,

    @HikerT – I hadn’t seen that this offer was back again before Mommy Points posted about it, but I thought it definitely worth a mention.

    And as far as the US Airways card offer goes, I’ve been writing about the mostmiles/chairman offer for a long time. And using it for a long time. I agree that it is better — but many of my readers have long said they wouldn’t use it, didn’t feel comfortable using it, because it was pitched towards 100,000 mile flyers. And when the application added the bit about employee number it really scared many off. So I presented both offers, describing the ways in which the more targeted offer was better, but that for those who didn’t want t use that there was now an alternative that also offered 40,000 miles after first purchase.

  4. Gary said,

    @Eric the terms say you shouldn’t get the bonus so if the bonus doesn’t post on its own then you don’t really have recourse, but I’ve definitely heard reports of folks that have been successful under your scenario. So I don’t have a definitive answer for you. I personally would go for Sapphire or the Ink offers first if you haven’t already done those, since you get points that transfer to United without the ‘risk’. But if you’ve maxed out the really high value Chase offers then it’s worth a shot.

  5. Shruti said,

    @Gary, Even if it shows 30K offer, you can go to your browser and change the potion that says “MPYoureIn30k” to “MPYoureIn50k” and you are set. I did this and worked perfectly fine for me.

  6. Betty said,

    Thanks! Saw the offer as soon as I logged in, however link seems to be bogged down temporarily. Will try tomorrow.

  7. ET said,

    @Shurti Just tried changing the 30 to 50; did not work (redirected me to the 30 offer).

  8. Toni Southam said,

    I have this card with my husband as an authorized user. Can he apply for the card now and put me as a user, or is that basically redundant in the eyes of the credit card issuer?

  9. Gary said,

    @Toni Southam yes that should be no problem

  10. MrPaul said,

    I just cancelled my United card that I got 50k on a few days ago. I signed up Jan 2012. Do I need to skip this?

  11. Gary said,

    @MrPaul if the card was a United Explorer card then you’re unlikely to get the bonus again

  12. irene said,

    I logged into United and saw a banner for a 50k offer. I clicked on it and then it slowly redirected me to a 30k offer. I tried changing the numbers in the URL but it still went to the 30k offer. I use Firefox so I went into private browsing mode and this time pulled up the 50k offer successfully.

  13. ET said,

    Just tried changing the 30 to 50 in a chrome incognito, but still no dice.

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  16. Sice said,

    I still hold the old Mileage Plus Visa Signature card, will the bonus post for me on the Explorer card?

  17. Sice said,

    Looks like they’re redirecting the URL to

    Tried it in IE and Firefox, certainly looks like a redirect.

  18. chris said,

    I cannot access the 50k offer. I’ve tried inputting the ’50k’ in the browser, but no luck. Any other ideas?

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