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  • Lots of great writeups of Frequent Traveler University. The next Frequent Traveler University will be April 26-28 in Northern Virginia.

  • I’ve had quite a bit of difficulty getting any of the recent methods for generating a 50,000 (or 55,000) point signup bonus for the United Explorer card to work recently. Online Travel Review says that if you log into your account and then use this link that you’ll be able to generate one. Although it’s a bit your mileage may vary, and since i already have a card (and folks whose accounts I manage do as well) I’m not able to independently verify this.

  • At the old United, if you wanted to stand by for a different flight, you usually had to clear the flight before you could be added to the waitlist. Matthew Klint says SHARES will let you waitlist for a flight and to upgrade on that flight at the same time. His advice when using confirmed upgrade instruments is to book the flight you can upgrade for sure, then do a same-day confirmed change around 23 hours and 40 minutes when remaining first class seats will usually be offered as confirmable upgrade (but not free upgrade) seats.

    He says if the confirmed upgrade isn’t available on your desired flight, you can even “keep your confirmed upgrade and waitlist for your earlier desired flight.” I don’t think that’s the way it’s supposed to but not much about SHARES works the way it’s intended. (Although sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between features and bugs!)

  • Frequent Miler reports that BigCrumbs has increased its cash back payout on American Express gift cards.

  • The chipotle chicken on American Airlines is surprisingly good. Just saying.

  1. Elena Garcia said,

    Thanks Gary for this event and it was great to see you for a quick moment!

  2. Nick said,

    I can confirm I have seen my name go to near the top of the upgrade list and top of the standby list at the same time.

    The problem with standby/waitlisting (as opposed to confirmed change) is that you can only do it at the airport. At least that’s what I get told every time I try on the phone.

  3. JeffISU said,

    Link for a 50k UA offer still didn’t work for me :(.

  4. traveler said,

    Link for a 50k UA offer still didn’t work for me .

  5. David LAX said,

    While not for everyone, per the PT thread, you can walk into a Chase branch and request the 50K offer. People are reporting success even if they don’t bank with Chase.

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