Delta forced AwardWallet to stop helping customers track their Skymiles balances back in September.

Delta sent a nastygram that read to me like it was prepared by a Middle Schooler with a degree from Google Law School. AwardWallet quickly complied, no longer allowing their systems to access member accounts, eliminating the alleged “computer trespass.”

AwardWallet has introduced a new workaround. They won’t let you update your account balances in real-time. But they will keep your account balances updated. And all without ever having to access Delta’s servers.

The ingenious idea was announced earlier this month.

  • If you have an Award Wallet account, you have a ‘personal mailbox’ which is

  • Log into your Delta account, go to your profile, and give that email address as the one to send your mileage statements to.

  • AwardWallet will forward the mileage statement (and any other email Delta sends) to your regular email address.

  • AwardWallet will grab the mileage balance from your statement and update your account with it, so that it displays properly on the Award Wallet site.

It’s like emailing your itineraries to TripIt, instead you’re having Delta email your account statements to AwardWallet. You can have Delta send your emails to whomever you wish, a personal assistant or a spouse or your friends at

It’s not as good as a real-time update to your account balance, but it keeps your Delta account ‘in the program’ with everything else. And it seems to comply with Delta’s demands, since Award Wallet no longer accesses Delta’s servers or even stores those super-secure 4-digit PINs that masquerade as security passwords on a Skymiles account. Clever way to help Skymiles members manager their accounts while still complying with some draconian demands out of Atlanta.

  1. Brian L. said,

    I wonder how long before Delta tells them to stop doing this as well.

  2. thesilb said,

    WOW – very very nice. Now do AA and WN! Nice work-around, go AW and screw those carriers that make AW go to this length!

  3. Adrian said,

    nice! any idea if they’ll do the same for AA?

  4. Delta Points said,

    Yes yes AA same work-A-round would be great.

  5. Gene said,

    Anyway to immediately send your most recent statement to the new email address?

  6. canuck_in_ca said,

    Thanks for the tip Gary. I just set it up.

    When I logged in, the Delta site asked me to update my super secure 4 digit pin to a 8-20 character password.

  7. Steve said,

    Delta still sucks (sorry)

  8. Gary said,

    @Gene – forward it and see what happens, report back

  9. Gene said,

    Where do you “forward it”?

  10. Trevor said,

    @Gene: “If you have an Award Wallet account, you have a ‘personal mailbox’ which is

  11. Gene said,

    @Trevor — Sorry, I meant, where on Delta’s website can you request your statement to be IMMEDIATELY emailed?

  12. Gary said,

    @Gene I don’t think you can but if you have a copy of a statement you might try forwarding it

  13. Gene said,

    Sent…will report how long it takes!

  14. gbert said,

    I give it a few days before Delta blocks using email addresses in their site.

  15. Gary said,

    @gbert so you would just give delta a different address that forwards to your awardwallet address

  16. ArizonaGuy said,

    @Gene @Gary – I’d much rather set up my own forwarding rule to send from my gmail account (registered with Award Wallet) to Award Wallet. Let’s see what happens.

  17. Glenn said,


    Agree with you but remember they’re addressing the average user here. I have various auto-forwards set up on my wife’s hotmail account for example (for her credit cards to remind me to pay them etc) but I doubt she could handle setting them up if I asked her to. And hotmail imposes limits on the number of such sweep filters you can set up, and I’m already at that limit. Not that this approach is a slam dunk either.

    A reasonable approach though might be to simply allow users to forward their Delta statements manually when they get them. They wouldn’t always remember to, and this would require an on/off forward state for Award Wallet for Delta but not a bad alternative, especially if Delta blocks this…

  18. MrHalliday said,

    OK, I set it up in delta profile, we’ll see… :)

  19. Gene said,

    @ArizonaGuy — I like your approach better, too.

  20. Geoff said,

    My Delta balance stays updated when Award Wallet “pulls in” my AMEX Membership Reward balance, essentially in real time. I can’t be the only one(or did I just let the cat out of the bag? Apology if I did).

  21. Gene said,

    @Geoff — You’re nuts to allow AW access to your credit cards accounts.

  22. Jim said,

    Delta will block this in no time. But, forwarding similar to TripIt and Kayak is pure genius. I like it. Let’s go!

  23. LIH Prem said,

    so why does awardwallet require my Delta PIN?


  24. Chris said,

    I can only use one address for all News & Special Offers. If I change that one to I won’t get promo e-mails. Anyone find a way to send just statements to AW and keep the other e-mails as-is? Also, I turned off statement e-mails because they are always so out of date. Why does it take them two weeks to “print & mail” an e-mail with last month’s balance on it? It should do out automagicly on the 1st of each month!

  25. Gary said,

    @Chris – AwardWallet will forward those emails to you

  26. W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian) said,

    I might think if delta got mad about having an address in their system then you could also just set an auto forward to awardwallet from your email. I would actually prefer this method personally. I still get the email, but a copy would be automagically directed to awardwallet as well! I hope this works…I will be testing it.

  27. TravelinWilly said,

    But my username at Award Wallet is actually my email address. So I put

  28. Sice said,

    At least now I can mostly avoid Delta’s horrible new UI, did they not hire any designers to build it? Would it be bad to leave an airline purely because of their website? Delta Technologies needs to get its act together.

  29. Alexi from AwardWallet said,

    Glenn said:

    “A reasonable approach though might be to simply allow users to forward their Delta statements manually when they get them. They wouldn’t always remember to, and this would require an on/off forward state for Award Wallet for Delta but not a bad alternative, especially if Delta blocks this…”

    Yes this is a supported scenario. Just forward your statement however you can. You can set up gmail to auto-forward this email or you can do it manually. We can also parse out Delta itineraries this way.

  30. Marc said,

    Any hope of a similar fix for American Airlines?

  31. Guy said,

    TravelinWilly and anyone else who is confused.

    Let’s say my Award Wallet Login is:


    All you have to do is log in to Delta and change your contact email to

  32. TravelinWilly said,

    Got it – thanks.

    I was confused because my log in credentials are my email address, and I didn’t understand that my “ID” was everything before @.

    Also, on the Award Wallet site, there is this foolproof explanation: You have to log in to see it, however it shows you very clearly what your ID at Award Wallet – just click the link, sign in, and for dummies like me it’s spelled out.

    Thanks, Guy!

  33. Titan limousine ground transport IAD DCA BWI said,

    What happens when you are tracking multiple Delta account holders in Awardwallet.. do they all get forwarded to the same

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