Through December 17 Aeroplan is offering up to a 25% bonus when converting points from other programs into their miles.

Points converted from hotel programs, credit card programs,, and car rental programs all add together and the total number of miles moved over to Aeroplan during the promotion period determine the bonus you earn.

Eligible partners:

  • Financial: CIBC, BankofAmerica, Diners Club Club Rewards
  • Hotels: Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, Club Carlson, Best Western, Wyndham, Choice, Accor, Coast Rewards, Shangri-La
  • Car Rental: Hertz
  • Other:

American Express Membership Rewards transfers don’t count for the promotion. Whenever Aeroplan runs similar offers, and it happens not infrequently, they exclude Amex from the bonus.

For, only conversion from a member’s mileage account with another program into Aeroplan will count, trade transactions with someone else do not count for the bonus.

Last year Aeroplan started adding fuel surcharges to many awards and massively increased the price of many awards as well. So I don’t love the program like I used to. But for folks with Aeroplan balances this can be helpful for topping off.

  1. Chris said,

    Last year’s promotions fortunately did not exclude Amex. It’s not clear why the other transfer partners are any more favorable to Aeroplan that they would incentivize the promotion this way.

  2. Mileswhore said,

    Also be aware that if you have an award issue (like you are traveling internationally and had flight issues with a star alliance carrier) and Aeroplan is closed, you are SOL. My understanding is that some other large airline empower their regular customer service to help you under these circumstances. I got in the the deal last year for 75,000 to fly business class around the world and it was a mistake because there were some ticketing issues and half the time, Aeroplan was closed when I needed them. Consider wisely.

  3. Ananth said,

    They should offer a bonus to transfer out of their program. :D

  4. JC said,

    The offer is up to 26.7% bonus. 40000 bonus miles out of 150000 miles conversion is 26.7%.

  5. Stephan said,

    There are various numbers that you can call if one AE office is closed.

  6. Mileswhore said,


    Sure there are, but they can’t fix problems, I tried already………..YMMV

  7. bluto said,

    This is a good opportunity to convert out of the Fidelity Amex points.

  8. Aeroplan offering up to a 26.6666666667% bonus on points transfers from other programs through December 17, 2012 - One Mile at a Time said,

    […] (Tip of the hat to Gary) […]

  9. Paul W said,

    At points.bomb you can convert aeroplan miles to usair miles with
    only a 15% haircut, which can be a good option.

  10. Zz said,

    Nice way to convert BoA’s WorldPoints before the relationship ends.

  11. Corey said,

    i transferred WorldPoints from BoA to Aeroplan and wasn’t prompted with any % added onto what i transferred. I can’t remember what the original amount in the Aeroplan pile was so now I don’t know if i got the extra miles. lol

  12. Todd said,

    80,000 SPG for 125,000 Aeroplan – a good deal?

  13. Gary said,

    @Todd – I wouldn’t unless you have a defined redemption, but not speculatively

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