Last Minute Travel often has some pretty good hotel deals, cheaper than on conventional booking sites. Not all the time, but I frequently see hotels about $10-$20 cheaper than elsewhere.

You won’t earn points or elite stay credit, but that’s not important to everyone.

Most folks don’t know what the deals are because they aren’t ‘members’ and I’m not sure for my own travel patterns it’s worth paying $50 to join.

With promotion code PREBLACKFRIDAY waiving the membership fee for a year, it’s worth signing up and keeping the site in your arsenal or tricks to get the best deals on hotels.

(HT: Fatwallet)

  1. Dennis said,

    Does the membership end automatically after the year?

  2. NV said,

    The password for an account is not one-way hashing. It can be stored as plain text or in a form that can be decrypted. Strongly recommend to use a password that is different from your regular password.

  3. Padawan said,

    Their welcome e-mail actually includes both your user ID and password (!). I strongly second NV’s recommendation not to use a password shared with other accounts.

  4. Jay said,

    Check out the headache one will have to go through in order to cancel:
    “Should you elect to cancel your Membership, once LastMinuteTravel Club is contacted in writing for cancellation, a cancellation number will be issued to you and a cancellation agreement may be sent to you to sign and return.
    Once your cancellation number is issued, you agree to return to LastMinuteTravel Club the signed cancellation agreement, if applicable. While LastMinuteTravel Club agrees to stop future billings at the time of your cancellation request, you agree that your Membership will not be canceled until this cancellation number has been issued by LastMinuteTravel Club.”
    And they go on to mention that they will and can use any billing information to charge you next year’s membership…this includes the information you supplied when booking a hotel etc.
    Which means that they will be storing that information.
    Which combined with the fact, that the cancellation method is insane AND there is no encryption for their password means that I will DEFINITELY be passing on this one. AND recommend others to do the same.

  5. mark said,

    Wow. Cancellation is insane. Pass….

  6. Dan said,

    they actually changed the password issue few days ago. You don’t get password via the welcome email anymore…

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