Via Slickdeals although I really should have noticed this myself. I don’t always carefully log out of my accounts after I’ve logged in, and when I do I don’t actually read the page that comes up next.

But with Bank of America, if you have a credit card, you should log in. And log out. And you’ll be presented with an offer.

It seems the most common offers are $5, $10, or even $15 gift cards — free, no strings attached, just choose the ones you want. Some people do get other unattractive offers.

I was offered only the $5 gift card.

A couple of clicks later and I had a $5 Starbucks card. Which sort of disappoints me, since i would almost rather buy my Starbucks gift cards at an office supply store (for 5x points on an Ink Bold or Ink Plus card) and add it to my Starbucks app on my phone.

But $5 free is $5 free. Some people find they don’t see the offer but if they log back in and then out a second time it appears.

Alternatively, this post says an alternative way to force the offer besides logging in and logging out is:

[T]ry here

1. click “Don’t have one?”
2. enter Last name, last 4 of your BofA account, zip code
3. Submit and it will show you if your BofA account is eligible for gift cards or points.

I currently have only one Bank of America account, a Virgin Atlantic American Express. I need to go back and get myself an Alaska Airlines Visa again soon.

  1. marathon man said,

    thanks for the tip, although I happen to get these offers mailed to me all the time for some of my BofA cards. When I tried to log in and out I got nothing, so when I tried the web steps, I got this note on the BofA page that came up–and it’s true:

    Our records show that you enrolled in this offer on 10/4/2012.

    So I did it already and cant do it again til they send me some new one!

  2. ClearedCustoms said,

    I got a lump of coal.

  3. DaveS said,

    I never saw anything in the mail, but maybe I overlooked it, assuming it was one of those endless balance transfer for a fee offers. I did get a $10 offer online when I tried just now. Thanks! It says 6-8 weeks for delivery, so I’m not holding my breath about it arriving real soon.

  4. Jeff said,

    $10 for me…


  5. lets be honest said,

    i am getting a “record not found”

    i have 5 BofA cc

  6. TheInternationalLine said,

    “Record not found” and nothing on logout. So sad. :(

    I have a bunch of accounts (including an Alaska credit card).

  7. robertw said,

    I have several accounts with BOA. Actually they are one of my better companies to deal with regarding lines, customer service etc. No offer for me.

  8. MrChu said,

    No dice

  9. chuck said,

    5.00 for me

  10. DJP_707 said,

    No free gift card but when I logged out they offered me 3X points.

    Credit card ending in: XXXXX
    Get more out of your purchases this holiday season. Act now to earn 3X points (up to 2,500 bonus points) on all qualifying purchases—from gas stations to restaurants to just about anything—made with your Bank of America® credit card through December 31, 2012.
    If you haven’t already, activate this offer today.
    Registration code. X?X?X?X?X??X

  11. Chas said,

    Got $15, but requires using their bill pay feature at least once before the end of the year. Not worth the effort for me…

  12. FEV said,

    Thanks! I got $10. I’ll take it!

  13. JoshL said,

    $5 Starbucks for me so that’s… 1 free drink. Thanks!!

  14. David said,

    got 5x points up to 2,500 through 12/31

  15. Gary said,

    @David Woot!

  16. Kim said,

    I have a couple of accounts. Nothing for me :(

  17. Steve said,

    Nothing when I logged out
    And when I tried the other method….. “record not found”

  18. Dennis said,

    I got both! When I used the link above it offered me a choice of the $5 card or the 3x miles. I right-clicked on the $5 card offer, and chose to open a new tab in my browser, then got the $5 Starbucks card. Then I went back to my previous tab (which I left open) and right-clicked on the 3x miles offer and opened another tab, and applied for and got the 3x miles.

    FYI, this is for my personal Alaska Air BofA card. I’m going to try my Alaska Business card next.

  19. Adam said,

    For some reason not working for me. When I log out, just get the normal homepage

  20. Rebecca D. said,

    $10 Target gift card! Sweet! Thanks!

  21. PH said,

    No dice for me, and I tried logging out a couple of times as well as the separate lookup Web page.

  22. Tarheel Traveler said,

    Used the separate link, which only worked for my Virgin Atlantic AMEX. But it gave me a screen with all available offers for my card. Included $5 gift card and 2500 bonus miles for $500 spend in certain categories by 12/31/12 too. Tried the log out and only was offered the $5 gift card. Looks like the link is the best way to go. No dice on my BOA Hawaiian Airlines card though.

  23. MrHalliday said,

    Tried both routes, nothing for me.

  24. Rachel said,

    I got the 3x points offer using the registration link.

  25. DT said,

    I got a whole bunch of nada

  26. Claire said,

    Had to force it with the link, but ended up with a $10 gift card. Not a bad return for a few clicks. Thank you!

  27. LZS said,

    So sweet! I got a $10 Macys card. Those who are having no luck, make sure you are entering the last 4 digits of your credit card, not your debit or checking account.

  28. AlohaDaveKennedy said,

    Awe, I’m all choked up. Memo to Brian Moynihan: I’m going to give your card to some homeless family caught up in your Bank of America mortgage fraud scandal.

    “You are one of our best customers and we appreciate you using your credit card. To show our appreciation, please accept the $5 gift card which we offered you in a recent mail piece. It’s our way of saying “thanks”.”

  29. Allen said,

    I have a BofA Hawaiian Airlines and a Virgin Atlantic card. Neither come back with any bonus. Both times I get a Record not found error.

  30. al613 said,

    Record not found on all my Alaska account. Any way around it?

  31. EggSS4 said,

    Record not found for my Alaska.

  32. Bald Army Guy said,

    Got a $15 dollar target card! Thanks.

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