A month ago I wrote about Chase’s introduction of an Airtran Visa. The signup bonus was 16 A+ Rewards credits after $1000 spend within 3 months (plus 2 business class one-segment upgrades after first purchase).

Prior to the official launch of the card there was a targeted offer of 32 rewards credits that was available.

Now that 32 credit offer is available to everyone (awarded after $2000 spend within 3 months).

I do wonder if the banner is genuine, whether Southwest Chairman and CEO Gary Kelly actually has an Airtran Visa — or a Southwest Visa for that matter. Certainly he doesn’t materially benefit from the awards since he flies free on the airline, but he may well have both purely for corporate pride.

This isn’t my link, just the best available offer I’m aware of. And not a card I’m getting, my goal in miles and points isn’t free domestic coach travel. But I know that it will be of interest and value to some.

(HT: Rob F.)

  1. Dan said,

    Value to many is more accurate. A stash is always a good thing to have for emergencies.

  2. HockeyCoachBen said,

    That could also be 1 free domestic round-trip in first (“business”) class to someplace like Hawaii or the Carribean. In my opinion, that’s the same as a 50,000 mile bonus from USAirways or other domestic airline card. Who wouldn’t jump on that bonus?

  3. amejr999 said,

    $69 annual fee, not waived.

  4. Not the first Dan said,


    The more I play this game, the more I learn to diversify, diversify, diversify… I’m nearing the end of the great offers Chase has available — I’m down to the Ink Plus, Priority Club, and Southwest cards.

    Like you, I don’t consider domestic coach to be all that aspirational. However, I have practical problems — like going to see my mom and dad for the holidays, which ironically, are most conveniently served by WN. Well, with the WN personal and business card, and companion pass, I’ll have between 4 and 6 roundtrip tickets for my wife and I to use. That might not be aspirational, but it’s very, very practical. That’s going to be my next round of apps. While the Ink Plus at $5k spend is nice, strangely, the standard $10k min is not a deal breaker.

  5. bo said,

    I’m getting a “Offer no longer available” after getting to the confirmation screen

  6. Sam Emara said,

    If you try applying online and get “offer unavailable” after submitting the application, you can apply by phone by calling 1-888-878-3136.

    I followed the link, was able to see the offer, fill the application and submit my application online. However, I got “offer unavailable” page. Then I went to the AirTran website and found the phone # and it worked


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