Instant Platinum (top tier) status in the Accor Hotels loyalty program comes around with some frequency, each time it does the signup link won’t stay active for long. But there’s almost always another offer right around the corner.

I posted one yesterday afternoon that was live for about 18 hours, as far as I’m aware. Yesterday’s signup link is no longer active.

Now there’s already another one. This even has a landing page which offers the status. It’s in Norwegian Dutch but Google Chrome has built in translations which works nicely.

Here’s the offer for instant Platinum status.

You must open a new account, it cannot be applied to existing accounts. And when you do so you must use an email address that’s not currently on file with them. (As was pointed out in the comments yesterday, if you have a gmail account you can add a period ‘.’ in the email address somewhere before the ‘’ and it will still be delivered to you but will appear to be a different, unique address.)

(This one via Flyertalk)

  1. Ralph said,

    Uhm it is Dutch, not Norwegian.

  2. homerica7 said,

    The link worked for me at of 1:21 MNT, but if I used Google to translate to English, I keep getting an error filling in my information. Went back to the original to get it to work, so keep that in mind.

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  4. J said,

    fwiw, still working.

    btw, why do you always say this is better than a hole in the head, but then mention that you could use it to match to best western status? seems like that’d be even less worthwhile, no?

  5. Gary said,

    @J I say you can match to Best Western because the very first question i get whenever i mention this is, “who will match?”

  6. J said,

    got it – thx. btw, have been following the blog since ’05 or so (i think), and have loved it.

    even though i enjoy traveling, i haven’t been able to travel that much during this time (mostly kid/job limitations). nonetheless, i’ve saved a lot of $, scored a few upgrades, helped some friends/family to do the same, and taken great vicarious pleasure from your trips – here’s to the big G!

  7. Steve said,

    If you change the URL at the end to en instead of nl you will get the same form but in english. No need for google to translate!

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