The lessons of Munich in 1938, and the agreement that permitted Hitler’s annexation of Czechoslovakian territory which gave rise to what’s sometimes known as the ‘Munich Syndrome’, are often captured by the idea that “appeasement increases aggression.”

The Hyatt Place Gallery menu really shouldn’t give in with palate-pleasing appetizers. They need to hold strong, or all of Europe might find itself embroiled in war.

(Or, once appeased, guests may begin demanding ‘pallet’ pleasing drinks as well!)

  1. Dave said,

    Gary, this is just one example of why I would use your services to maximize my Delta Sky Pesos. Your attention to ‘detail’ is amazing and at the end of the day, it’s ‘details’ that make a differnece.

  2. marathon man said,

    Another wiki reference to consider on this early Sunday AM…lol

  3. theblakefish said,

    Wow, Gary – comparing a 3* hotel’s sign to Nazi Germany…keep it classy, dude

  4. James K. said,

    Sure Munich changed the #1 definition of “appease,” but it does still mean to satisfy

  5. Ryan said,

    You really jumped the shark here, man. Equating a hotel menu sign with a situation involving Nazi Germany is offensive and pathetic, even for your usual self-centered viewpoint. Why on Earth such a thing would even come to mind is beyond me.

    Plus going beyond what @James K noted, guess what Gary? Words can have multiple meanings!

  6. timmer1001 said,

    really? That is blogworthy to you?? It just devalues you as a blogger.
    Sometimes it is more beneficial to not say anything.

  7. Gary said,

    Not everyone will share my sense of humor, and that’s cool.

  8. Adolf said,

    Great joke, Gary!

  9. marathon man said,

    @ Gary… I am trying to, and I realize that many times, people don’t understand me either, so since even I cant get it, why not explain it further cuz I totally didn’t get it! lol

  10. db said,

    @ Adolf, now that is a good joke!
    @ Gary not offensive nor funny…

  11. Lantean said,

    this is so not funny… quite lame Gary… what’s up with that?

  12. Robin said,

    I, for one, share Gary’s sense of humor on this one. Misspellings and grammar/usage mistakes by professionals who should know better (e.g., hotel marketing staff) mildly annoy me, and I like seeing them called out in a humorous way.

    However… live by the sword, die by the sword, Gary. I can’t help noticing a slight inconsistency in the link in your first sentence. If I remember my history books right, Czechoslovakia was not annexed by “Hilter”! I believe you mean “Hilton”, no? I’m sure that’s supposed to be a reference to Hilton’s annexation of the Hyatt Regency Prague during the great Hilton-Hyatt conflict of 1938…

  13. dave said,

    Don’t walk it back, Gary. I get it. Funny!

  14. Krusty said,

    The wisdom of crowds, versus the stupidity of morons with a spell-checking, auto-correcting computer.

  15. BothofUs2 said,

    …And now back to our regularly scheduled program, Miles and Points Collecting and Usage

  16. Levy Flight said,

    This is not offensive – the reference is to Munich Syndrome, and derivation there of. Could equally have discussed Danegeld and the battle of Northey Island in 911 but fewer might have recognized the link and there was no recognized syndrome (ha, perhaps the Saxons would have taken offense). I appreciate these missing intended word plays. No bad reflection on the hotel.

  17. MileageUpdate said,

    Ok anyone ripping Gary is a little off here. Its a slow news day cut him some slack.

  18. traveler said,

    marathon man- maybe this does not apply here (yet) but it rings true!

  19. Tim said,

    Highlighting improper word ussage…funny.
    Hitler reference…not so much.
    A bridge too far, my man.

  20. marathon man said,

    @ traveler – well my reference to that was this: Maybe Gary was having a slow day so he too has posted so much that his blogging in itself has finally reached the point where Goodwin’s Law kicks in –but the real reason I posted it was to find out more because I still don’t get the joke unless this is kinda like when people use the word, “niggardly” and half the readers would think it means one thing while it actually means something else.

    but whatever. Maybe it’s like tuggin on Superman’s cape.

  21. LK said,

    I agree with Robin.
    And I thought Gary’s post was funny, too.

  22. Joseph said,

    They mean the second definition:

    1. appease = placate by acceding to demands
    2. appease = satisfy

  23. Cook said,

    Hardy Har-har. hat some PR Puke at Hyatt (or any other hotel chain) cannot spell – or think while chewing gum is not new news. Let’s move on.

  24. pointhound said,

    Gary… you forgot to slip in your referral link to the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

    Thumbs down.

  25. NG said,

    Relating a typing error by Hyatt Place to hitler is low and inexcusable. I have read your blog for a while and will not in the future. You may think it is funny but it is not and very offensive to all the victims of hitler and the war. I know comparing every bad thing to hitler has become more common place today but I did not expect this from someone who supposedly is educated and works at an Institute that was set up “in the conviction that greater understanding of human affairs and freedom would foster peace, prosperity, and social harmony.” Your offensive post does none of this.

  26. me said,

    woah , NG calm down, Gary is a good guy!!!

  27. Chris D. said,

    OK, that was funny. I actually laughed out loud!

  28. Matthew said,

    Well, I thought it was funny and in good taste.

  29. DaninSTL said,

    Funny but I’m not sure Hyatt will think so. They might revoke your privileges if zee papers are not in order.

  30. Gary said,

    So it really isn’t a Hitler reference or comparing a hotel to genocide. I suppose I realized when posting this that an international relations reference (appeasement.. Munich syndrome) would fall on deaf ears. But my sense of humor is what it is..

  31. Adolf_H said,

    Gary ist ein guter soldat ist immer bereit, fur das Vaterland zu kampfen

  32. Chris M. said,

    Tough crowd, Gary. Tough crowd. ;-)

  33. marathon man said,

    I have yet to criticize Gary for this one. I just posted my link above and then said what I still say: I dont really get it. Have looked for any reference to some date–maybe things happened that coincide with nov 4, but call me someone having a blond moment or something–I just dont get it. lol

  34. Explore said,

    Gary, I do appreciate your blog but this is nothing less than an absurd, strained connection. Point out instead that Hyatt Place can’t spell. Like Dan Quayle, maybe? End of story.

    BTW, I was going to send a friend a link to your blog, but I can’t now do that.

  35. Marathon man said,

    Now what is funny is that one show on the military history channel tonight was about this very Munich pact

    So there it is then

  36. Jack said,

    So how many more posts before someone compares Gary to Hitler?

  37. theblakefish said,

    He seems to revel in his lack of humor, so I am now waiting for Gary to compare AA’s cuts in service to the cutting of hands by Joseph Kony’s militia…or maybe his future comparison of Amtrak’s service to the service received by victims riding SS trains to the death camps…or, wait for it…Turkish Airline’s in-flight service in Business Class to the Armenian Genocide …because, per Gary’s comment in response # 7, some people just don’t get his “cool” kind of humor…GIMMIE A BREAK. :( Your comment was ignorant, Gary, and so are you.

  38. Brad said,

    Are these pallet jokes stackable?

  39. Gary said,

    @theblakefish – I certainly don’t consider my sense of humor ‘cool’. But it’s rarely the case that I’m called ignorant, either. So thanks for your special insight!

  40. marathon man said,

    @ Brad – NOW THAT is funny. But no sir, they are not stackable, but they are reloadable, but only with a Chase card that you can find links for on the FTG site! And if you need full pictorial details on how it should work but wont once it is read and tried by the masses, read the MMS site not this one.
    @Adolf – I have Dutch relatives that want their bikes back.

  41. Neville C said,

    I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about, chaps…

  42. nycman said,

    You saw a word. You thought to make a cute but somewhat lame joke based on usage of the word. You tried to explain the joke by using a historical reference. People get offended because you mention a big bad person. Common Gary, you have to admit this was a bit of a stretch. Do you really think “appeasement-political usage”, every time you see the word appease? I’m not offended. Giving a historical example of “appeasement” is not offensive. I get the joke, but I’m just not laughing. Now I’m still waiting for you to post a link to those pallets of appetizers that they’re offering.

  43. Jack said,

    @Neville – Some people are sensitive about casual comparisons to Nazis and Hitler. As an example, for some the “Soup Nazi” is silly TV sitcom humor. For others the word Nazi triggers memories of the family members they lost during that time period, so they find light hearted references objectionable.

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