There’s a TSA museum, it’s located in my home town and I didn’t even know about it.

What’s on display in the museum?

Among those items are images, oral histories, internal planning documents, a uniform and other objects relating to the first airport to get TSA screeners…

Limestone from the exterior of the Pentagon and mangled pieces of the World Trade Center are in the collection, as is an example of the first handheld metal detectors, or wands, used to screen passengers at airports, and the first American flag raised over Terminal B at Boston Logan Airport when the TSA starting screening there in 2002.

..And then there’s the walk-through metal detector that screened the hijackers in Portland, Maine, on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

You can’t visit the museum, though, it isn’t open to the public. It’s located at TSA headquarters and appears to be a propoganda tool aimed at TSA employees.

(HT: Milepoint)

  1. Chas said,

    Great to know the is TSA spending billions of taxpayer dollars not just to take nudie pictures of me, but also to revere the events that lead up to allowing them to do so.

  2. Will said,

    Kind of reminds me about the Sopranos creation of the Museum of Science and Trucking in New Jersey.

  3. ES said,

    Unbelievable. The museum, the fact that it’s closed to the public, the fact that they’re paying two historians, all of it.

  4. Lively said,

    Building a monument unto itself.

  5. Norma said,

    Makes me want to puke!

  6. A TSA Museum? | Simply Norma said,

    […] next in our crazy mixed up world? I was reading a blog recently called View from the Wing and the museum is in that blogger’s […]

  7. oh isnt said,

    why is this such a big deal? is it even a full museum? maybe its really just part of a training facility for the TSA?
    You dont think that the CIA or FBI or other law enforcement/security divisions of the US GOVERNMENT has small “museums” like this?

  8. Daninstl said,

    Seems like a good use of OUR money.

    Maybe they’ve seen too many James Bond movies and they envy Q and his lab full of old spy gear.

  9. Oscar deBarge said,

    Are they displaying all those iPads, laptops, and other items stolen by TSA officers?

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