As part of putting together these trips, sponsors will take a few seats on the charter. Hyatt and United will be coming along. United also arranged to have a seat that they could give away in a contest, and the contest has been announced.

What’s interesting, in addition to giving away a seat (plus positioning flights and hotel nights) is that it looks like they’ve been willing to share details of the trip that had otherwise been held close to the vest by event organizers — such as United CEO Jeff Smisek’s participation.

..starts with an evening reception in San Francisco. Right after breakfast the next morning, we’ll take everyone to the maintenance facility at our San Francisco hub to take part in events hosted by Star Alliance™ network.

Next up is a charter flight on one of our wide-body aircraft to our Houston hub (IAH), where you’ll enjoy down-home Texas barbecue in one of our maintenance hangars. After a good night’s sleep and breakfast, you’ll board the wide-body aircraft for a trip to our Chicago hub. Here’s where things really get interesting.

You and fellow Star MegaDo attendees will go on one of three different tours: a behind-the-scenes view of our airport operations, a tour of our catering operations that’s perfect for “foodies” and a look at our newly redesigned Network Operations Center in downtown Chicago. We top off the trip with Q&A sessions, a private update from CEO Jeff Smisek and a reception celebrating the 15th anniversary of Star Alliance.

  1. dhammer53 said,

    I can just imagine an Agatha Christie novel being written about this? One bad guy and so many people that all have one thing in mind (in reverse, of course).

    You have to give Jeff a lot of credit for attending this event. It’s going to be like Paul Ryan when he spoke to an older audience about health care.

  2. beachfan said,

    I’m not going to be there but I would love to hear his response on

    “why do you speak so deprecatingly of your best customers in public”?

  3. gpapadop said,

    >>>>>>>>>>>>It’s going to be like Paul Ryan when he spoke to an older audience about health care.


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  5. Al said,

    Jeff has screwed up integration of this merger so badly that I cannot understand why the BOD has kept him on. It’s one screwup after another.

  6. Eric said,

    To be fair, they said “company update” which could very easily be delivered via taped video message or in person. Not holding my breath. Which tour seems most appealing? I’m leaning towards the airport ops one.

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