US Airways is offering double miles on flights booked at by October 31 with a Mastercard for travel through December 31.

And if you pay with a US Airways Mastercard, you get double elite qualifying miles as well.

Registration by October 31 is required.

The offer does not apply to flights booked prior to September 17, and miles are expected to post 6-8 weeks after travel. Promotion code is MCDM.

For a US Airways flyer, this is very cool. The offer covers a full three and a half months of travel. And for US Airways elites who don’t already have the co-branded credit card, it’s a great time.

The best offer for the credit card that I’m aware of comes with 40,000 miles after first purchase and no fee the first year.

Non-elites get priority boarding. The card comes with an annual lounge pass and a $99 companion ticket that is valid on a $250 base fare and will let you take along two people off one purchased ticket for $99+tax each.

It earns double miles on US Airways purchases, and 10,000 bonus miles on each cardmember anniversary (which make makes it worth the $89 annual fee to keep).

I do have a US Airways Mastercard, my other Mastercard is my Diners Club, and these sorts of offers (which are presumably getting some funding through the payment processor) are a reason I like to be sure to have a Visa, Mastercard, and an American Express. Though there are occasionally good offers, admittedly I do not have a Discover card…

(HT: Milepoint)

  1. Explore said,

    Can’t you simply purchase status on US all the way up to CP, or was that limited to past Grand Slam promos?

  2. cbkcc1 said,

    i didn’t double check but i think you get 2 companion tickets

  3. cbkcc1 said,

    2 passes i mean, for 4 people take along total

  4. Jetstream007 said,

    I got my US Mastercard in May, but, after first use to get the 40K miles, just left it at that. 40K miles are in now. A few weeks ago I got an offer in the mail: if I spend $750 in september, october and november ($2250 total) I will get another 15K miles as bonus. That means 40K+15K total miles….making this a 55K miles offer for $2250 spend. Not bad imo!

  5. Gary said,

    @cbkcc1 – no you get 1 companion ticket per year to take along 2 people

  6. Gary said,

    @Explore – yes you can

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  8. TimW said,

    Howdy – great blog! First ever comment:

    I’ve seen many links to this US Airways Mastercard that indicate the 40k bonus on 1st spend + 10k annual bonus. However nobody references the fact that it is very clearly listed for Chairman’s Preferred Members Only. Are there any data points for people applying for this offer and receiving the 40k + 10k annual bonus even though they are not CP members? Thanks

  9. Gary said,

    @TimW – the offer is MARKETED to Chairmans members but it works for everyone. I am not even an elite with US Airways… but I have used this offer successfully.

  10. ffi said,

    I have a reservation I booked to FRA from DCA for 1200$
    If I cancel it, I will lose 150$ and the rest is an airline credit left of 1050
    If I now book this as a new reservation and use my US DM MC, I will get charged the new fare (almost the same)
    I can then use my credit 1050
    and for 150$ in new charges, get 10k extra PQMs for 150$ in fees on the DM card.
    Is there any flaw in this thinking?

    To add to the thinking, Envoy Upgrades were available then AND are still available now, so I would not lose my upgrades.

  11. Andrew said,

    This sucks for those of us who fly US but have to book tickets through corporate travel portals!

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