This past weekend I blogged about a $200 off coupon at Travelocity for air and hotel vacation packages of at least three days. You could book the hotel in a separate city from the air travel meaning that there were amazing deals to be had. Some folks found hotels in South or Central Asia that were about $10 a night, yielding $170 off airfare using the coupon.

The deal had been around for several weeks and was in its last days when it became publicly known.

The terms and conditions said:

The promotional code (the Promo Code) for $200 is valid between 12:01 a.m. Central Time on July 2, 2012 and 11:59 p.m. Central Time on August 4, 2012 (the Promotion Period) or until it reaches the redemption limit of 3,500 redemptions.

Your use of the Promo Code on the Web site (the Site) is subject to the Travelocity User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

The Promo Code is valid only for qualifying purchases made on the Site. A qualifying purchase means a three-night or longer Hotel+Flight Vacation Package which is offered on the Site during the Promotion Period. Travel dates must be between July 2,2012 and December 31, 2012.

Qualifying Hotel+Flight Vacation Package purchase requires a minimum spend of $200 and should be booked immediately following your qualifying air booking.

To redeem the Promo Code, you simply type NFB2012 into the Promotional Code field on the Checkout Review Page of the Site, and $200 will be automatically deducted from the final price of your qualifying Hotel+Flight Vacation Package .

You may only redeem the Promo Code once and only during the Promotion Period.

You may not redeem or exchange the Promo Code for cash. You may not use or combine the Promo Code with any other promotional codes. If lost or stolen, the Promo Code will not be replaced.

Travelocity prohibits posting the Promo Code on the Internet or any public forum, or forwarding the Promo Code to any other person.

In the event of any violation of these Terms & Conditions, Travelocity reserves all of the rights and remedies available to Travelocity including charging your credit card for the amount of the Promo Code not to exceed $200, canceling your reservation without a refund to you, and all other remedies available to Travelocity.


Travelocity reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.

The terms said they reserved the right to cancel reservations that were booked outside of these terms and conditions. But as far as I can tell, everyone with a successful booking complied with the terms and conditions.

Commenter Mad Mad Mad shares the text of Travelocity’s cancellation email:

Recently you booked a vacation package at using the promo code NFB2012. Based on our review of the details of your reservation, we have determined that you were not eligible to use the promo code and, therefore, we have cancelled your reservation.

If you received the promo code when you attended the 2012 National Federation of the Blind National Convention in Dallas, and feel you have received this message in error, please contact us at 1-866-211-1731.

Travelocity Customer Care Team

Except that nowhere in the terms and conditions does it say that one would have to have received the promo code by attending a Dallas event.

And in fact, that wasn’t Travelocity’s position when the coupon was introduced. They even tweeted publicly about it! Here’s a Google cache of their tweet:

(And while it was clearly intended for members of the National Federation of the Blind, the terms and conditions did not so limit it,and many folks who read about the deal here joined the NFB concomitantly.)

Reports in the comments of my original post suggest that reservations are actually still intact, though Travelocity has indicated their intention to cancel them.

It will be interesting indeed to see how this plays out.

Update: Here’s the link to the original Tweet above from NFB_Voice, which the graphic suggests to me was re-tweeted by Travelocity.

Update 2: It just gets stranger and stranger. Travelocity seems to be sending out cancelling emails indicating that they aren’t providing full refunds, but rather imposing a cancellation fee. That has to be an error on their end. I wouldn’t get too worked up about those emails just yet!

Update 3: Funniest thing of all? It looks like the promotion code is working again! Perhaps after cancelling reservations they are back below the maximum usage cap for the discount. And it was supposed to be valid through August 5, after all…

  1. Duc said,

    The question is what we should do?
    Call Travelocity or just wait

  2. James said,

    Interesting new detail about that Twitter post!

  3. Ananth said,

    I’m all for going after airlines/OTA’s for not honoring mistake pricing but I wont bother with this one. It felt wrong booking it in the first place and I’m not entitled to the coupon. Would just let it go.

  4. Song said,

    “The question is what we should do?
    Call Travelocity or just wait”

    Suggest just wait. and by the public twitter message, you could also join NFB afterwards to become a member to be “eligible”

  5. Jay said,

    My reservation was cancelled this morning.

  6. A lawyer said,

    The tweet clearly said it is for NFB members: “National Federation of the Blind”, not anyone and everyone.

  7. MarkJ said,

    Got a cancellation notice too. I didn’t know it was for NFB members when I booked it so I won’t feel bad with it gone.

  8. Ren said,

    Do you really think they cross referenced the names to the NFB member list? I doubt it. They really can’t cancel this one.

  9. MS said,

    There has to be a point when the mileage/travel game becomes an addiction, and I have to think mapping out strategies to take advantage of a promotion specifically targeted for the blind is a sign you are crossing that line. Chill everyone, there will be more deals :)

  10. Gary said,

    @Ren I am quite certain they did not cross reference names of folks who are NFB members since they apparently cancelled some people that joined!

  11. Stubtify said,

    My theory is that they didn’t cap the usage to 3500, and that would be a very, very bad thing for Travelocity if true.

    The code worked for far, far too long to have only been redeemed 3500 times.

  12. LV said,

    Travelocity prohibits posting the Promo Code on the Internet or any public forum, or forwarding the Promo Code to any other person.

    Looks to me like this was violated, and is likely how most people found out about the code.

  13. sb said,

    It’s $10 to be a NFB member at large.

  14. Gary said,

    @LV – (1) it was violated by me, then, for posting this. Not by the people who booked (2) I wasn’t a party to any agreement on use of the code, since I didn’t book with it. (3) They then violated their own T&C when they tweeted it, no?

  15. Jamison said,

    anyone filed a DOT complaint yet?

  16. Stvr said,

    I tried calling. The guy at the Indian call center said I was confirmed. He said he hadn’t received any cancellation on his end.

  17. Steven said,

    they tweeted the code, and NFP also published it on facebook. Thus, it was available to everyone. Nowhere in the terms & conditions did it say you have to attend a convention. I am feeling really strong about having the law on my side on this one.

    (if it is ethical correct, that is another question)

  18. sb said,

    I was told they will have a decision in an hour (would be after 11 am PT).

    Is that tweet from travelocity or NFB?

  19. huh said,

    >>Travelocity prohibits posting the Promo Code on the Internet or any public forum, or forwarding the Promo Code to any other person.>>

    Perhaps their position is that any use resulting from a violation of this T&C is invalid.

  20. Nate said,

    @sb – it appears the tweet came from the NFB_voice twitter account which is the official NFB one.. Not quite sure how to interpret that one.

  21. dougp said,

    I read the terms. Used it once. Met all the conditions and now they are going to cancel? Seriously?
    Tells me to never ever use Travelocity again if they would pull this kind of @#$%.

  22. Nate said,

    @huh – Its a great way to make sure they don’t EVER have to honor the promotion! Travelocity offered the discount to gather goodwill but never intended to honor them! :)

  23. lousyjets said,

    What if someone who used this promo and use one of the portion (either hotel or air) before they cancel it?

    Screw Travelocity.

  24. Aarash said,

    My mother in law and father in law are both members, and since the twitter message says “offered to members of the nfb” it should be fine to use. It doesn’t say it’s only for them, only that it was offered to them, what those members decided to do with that information (the promo code) is up to them. Nowhere does it say you MUST have attended the Dallas conference, just sayin

  25. Jason said,

    Just got my email saying it was cancelled.

  26. GL said,

    Just another conversation to follow:

  27. bluto said,

    But I am a senior citizen . . .

  28. Guo said,

    Just called. The indian agent said there will be a further decision in two hours.

  29. Juliette said,

    I did not realize it was for the Blinds when I booked, so I don’t feel bad if it is cancelled… this being said, if there were more than 3500, all the ppl who had the “right” to the deal could use it, so I don’t know whether I should actually feel bad about using it…

  30. Vivek D said,

    I dont think its easy as they make it seem. I am sure the airlines would not allow travolcity to cancel reservations without charge

  31. Alan said,

    Apparently The Roaming Gnome needs to use his reading glasses before approving promotions…

  32. Alan said,

    …or using Twitter

  33. AngryBIRD said,

    I just called and got the same answer, to call back in 2 hours as there is a “TEAM” working on it. He said right now the reservations are still intact but to call back in 2 hours when a decision will be reached. I am ok if they make me pay the $200 discount I received, even though I did become a member of the NFB to use this code, I just don’t want them to cancel my reservation! The flights are more now :(

  34. LV said,

    That’s a good one!

    Point taken

  35. jack said,

    It was a scam to begin with. how can blind people see the code, nonetheless book the trip.

  36. Frequent Flyer University said,

    This whole issue would have been completely avoided if Travelocity hadn’t been lazy and had just given each NFB member a unique code instead of a generic code. It is the internet, what did they expect was going to happen?

  37. Duc said,

    + 1 for frequent flyer university comment

  38. Ryan said,

    So, can you even book a hotel that isn’t even close to where you are flying to anymore? I just went to look at it and tried, and it won’t let me at all…keeps bringing up the city i’m flying to…cleared cookies and everything.

  39. Mad Mad Mad said,

    I spoke to one airline in Pacific NW about this after I received the email from Travelocity.

    Apparently, according to this airline representative at the elite desk, Travelocity could cancel the ticket and not have to pay the funds to the airline. Interesting how Travelocity never takes that position when it would help me out.

    Hard to know exactly what will happen, but I sure like the way Travelocity handled Vegas $300 off coupon better.

  40. Gary said,

    @Mad Mad Mad — the Vegas $300 off was, not Travelocity

  41. DrSifu said,

    “Except that nowhere in the terms and conditions does it say that one would have to have received the promo code by attending a Dallas event.”

    Comments like these is why some T&Cs and Agreements are 40 pages long and results in no one reading it. What happened to the good old days of not nit picking over every single word. This promo was not for you. Pure and simple. Move On. Don’t wait “to see how this plays out.”

  42. Gary said,

    @DrSifu – I have no stake in this, I didn’t book any tickets with the promo. My point is that they are telling people they are cancelling unless the people who booked tickets were present at a specific event in Dallas. Which makes no sense because not only do the terms and conditions not say anything of the sort, they even tweeted the discount, at at least retweeted it.

  43. TH said,

    Why don’t your guys use Social Media to PUSH them open their mouth?

  44. Duc said,

    I don’t get it. Travelocity sent out an email and say they will cancel everything. Now their call center said they will hear final decision in 2 hours. Does it mean Travelocity is reconsidering their statement?
    Or they are too lazy to tell their people to cancel

  45. Ken said,

    +1 Bluto (post 27)…that was marvelous!!!! An absolute gem!

  46. Mike said,

    Them twitting the code is against their own rules ……. They are beyond clueless

  47. Mike said,

    Them twitting the code is against their own rules . They are beyond clueless

  48. Jamison said,

    looks like they might be fully charging our credit cards before the 200 discount

  49. Steven said,

    they are cancelling now, charging 200 USD as panalty. unbelievable.

  50. Annoyed said,

    Yo, Dr. Sifu, nice! Blame the consumers. That’s genius. You work for the travel companies?

    Remember that its the companies who designate these these terms and conditions–often for their own benefits–and the reason we as consumers have to nit-pick is to temper large companies’ false advertising and/or taking advantage of customers. For instance, if a consumer looks to cancel a reservation or return a product, companies will point to specific stipulations in the terms and conditions contracts to point out why they are allowed to keep the consumer’s money (when, let’s be honest, one less customer means very little to a large company). If companies can hold consumers to certain contracts, shouldn’t consumers be able to do the same? Moreover, as Frequent Flyer University said, Travelocity could have avoided this with unique promo codes, easily generated for and distributed to the specific customers.

    I’m not looking to take anything away from those who “deserve” the promotion and I think the whole affair is iffy, but I, for one, am tired of always being at the mercy of corporate dictations. It is important to build in protections for individuals and we, the individuals, have to enforce these (or “nit-pick”, as you put it) to avoid being taken advantage of. It is called “checks and balances” and American Capitalism is predicated on it. It is a far from a perfect system, but as long as companies are benefiting from it, we might as well, too.

  51. Steven said,

    (sorry for the typo)

  52. vard said,

    where are you guys getting the info that they’re cancelling & charging a penalty?!?!

  53. mtlfire said,

    @vard on redflagdeals, they are getting e-mails about no refund after cancellation fee:

  54. redQueen said,

    darn you travelocity!! i hate it when people take back something I rightfully took… from them while they weren’t looking.
    btw, i have a credit card number that let’s you buy anything you want. it’s in someone else’s name, and i certainly don’t condone your actual use of it, and anyway I blame the victim for speaking so loudly while he was making phone order.. but anyway…. pm me and i’ll tell you.

  55. Jr said,

    If a Company accept Coupon Codes they have to accept People like us that Play the System. Either  do Not Take Coupon Codes or Give Out single use Gift cards as coupons.

    I made a call to them and sent an email and ask to get the register agent information. Cc was charged 4 days ago, so my guess is that they won’t cancel anything ….
    Just my two cents …
    Von meinem iPad gesendet

  56. Steven said,

    same here, cancelled with a refund of 19 Cent (paid way more than that).

  57. Mile Collector said,

    This is the e-mail I just got… I’ll be calling them shortly.

    You will be issued a refund of 0.00 on American Express xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. The refund will appear on your credit card statement within the next few weeks.

    TotalTrip Price: $63.03
    Cancellation penalty – $63.03
    Refund 0.00

  58. Steven said,

    cancelling is one thing, but not refunding anything, that really make me angry.

  59. vard said,

    @milecollector call!!! them

  60. Jr said,

    I paid with a good credit card. If this goes south I would dispute the charge.

  61. Steven said,

    i think they are cancelling those by hand, one by one. I am guessing by tonight everyone will have one of those emails.

  62. NJ said,

    I agree – Fine they cancelled the trip. But not refunding anything is utterly outrageous. We ALL need to ensure we are calling Travelocity to put an end to this. I refuse to let them charge a penalty when most people (like myself) were unaware this promo code was limited to a certain group of people.

  63. Duc said,

    This is not cool at all
    cancellation without refunding, I get the same email as well

  64. Michael said,

    it seems that they ONLY cancel the hotel, and the cancellation fee is the flight charge

  65. fanatic6711 said,

    I’ll be certain to contact AMEX with my Centurion card if they try to not give me my money back.

  66. AngryBIRD said,

    Just got off the phone with them for the 5th time today and surprise surprise no definate answer as to what they are going to do. I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for an email. I even told them to just charge my credit card for the $200 promo code and they told me they can’t do that! Biggest scam ever!!!!!!

  67. Michael said,

    Flight is cancelled!!

    United Confirmation Number IS***1
    ! Your itinerary cannot be retrieved because it has been cancelled. You may use the portion of your ticket that has not been flown towards a new trip by selecting the Change Flight link below. A change fee may apply.
    This reservation has been cancelled.

  68. al613 said,

    It seems you still can use the value of the flight to make a new booking. Just how to wave $150 fee?

  69. Jay said,

    So I received the email this morning (post 7) and my reservation is still intact on travelocity as well as through the airline and my card has not been charged anything. So who knows what they are doing….

  70. Piyush said,

    No refunds. I have been charged $112.

  71. Michael said,

    TotalTrip Price: $349.6x
    Cancellation penalty – $278.20
    Refund 71.4x

    First, the cancellation penalty 278.20 = the cost of flight
    second, they also cancelled the flight

  72. NJ said,


    The same thing happened to me. I received an email saying my reservation has been cancelled this morning, yet when I sign onto my travelocity account, the reservation is still intact.

  73. Ted said,

    This is going to be bad news for all.

  74. Suz said,


    Travelocity prohibits posting the Promo Code on the Internet or any public forum, or forwarding the Promo Code to any other person.

    In the event of any violation of these Terms & Conditions, Travelocity reserves all of the rights and remedies available to Travelocity including charging your credit card for the amount of the Promo Code not to exceed $200, canceling your reservation without a refund to you, and all other remedies available to Travelocity.

  75. Hector said,

    I have an interesting scenario. My total ticket price came out to $189. Yes, I realize the T&C said it was for $200 and above, but when I applied the NFB code, it came out to a total charge of $0.00. It explicitly says that my card will be charged a total of $0.00 in the confirmation.

    Now today I did receive the email that my reservation will be canceled. It currently still shows as valid on the airline website, though I assume it will be canceled soon.

    Since I paid nothing, they can’t charge me a penalty, right? I mean, if they are going to cancel the reservation, fine, but I cant imagine in my scenario that they would turn around and now actually charge me something. Thoughts?

  76. Karma's a B**** said,

    Karma’s a B**** huuh!

    good luck to all.

  77. Annoyed said,

    Twenty-four to forty-eight hours to resolve the issue…maybe they are hoping people forget?

  78. wtf said,

    Or trying to come up with some damage control?!

  79. Steve said,

    This is actually pretty ridiculous. Discount codes are used all over the internet, and to punish consumers for using them by cancelling purchased itineraries without refund should not be acceptable, regardless of the origin of the coupon code.

  80. RH said,

    Everyone needs to calm down. There is literally no possibility they are not going to issue refunds.

  81. Gary said,

    @Suz but at worst *I* violated the terms and conditions of an offer I did not take advantage of when I posted the coupon. And Travelocity even re-tweeted the coupon, THEY posted it on the internet. But they are cancelling reservations of people who did NOT violate the terms and conditions of the offer.

  82. Elizabeth said,

    DH and I each booked on this deal Sunday morning before it was discovered that the code was meant only for NFB members. Just received the cancellation emails stating no refund and flights have disappeared. Time to dispute with the CC company. Needless to say, this will be my last time booking with Travelocity.

  83. Redcat said,

    Just had a thought. Airline tickets are non-refundable to the consumer. Are they non-refundable to Travelocity? In other words, is Travelocity canceling reservations just for spite, or will they get their money back from the airlines?

  84. WH said,

    It looks like they are cancelling all now. And quickly. It will be interesting to see how they handle this from here.

  85. Matt said,

    I just got off the phone with them and was assured by ‘Jason’ that I will be getting the full refund. The cancellation fee was automated in the form email but I will get it all back. Stayed on hold to talk to a supervisor, he said the same.

    The supervisor agreed that I did not break the T&C, however they are no longer upholding the deal. I asked “so your company released a code on twitter, had a whole bunch of people book, and now you are cancelling, backing out of our agreement for no reason other than your company decided to. Is that what you are saying?” he paused then said yes sir, that is what i’m saying.

    apparently teams will be calling in 4-8 hours (may be 48 hours) to see if they can re-book our trips. I asked if there will be a special offer during these calls or if its just current prices. There will be no offers. I told him there is no way I will ever book with travelocity again, whats the point they will just cancel my trip again in another week or two. His response was simply that it is not up to him who I book with. (wtf, worst customer service ever)

    I’m so pissed right now, travelocity will be getting a long letter from me.

  86. Mordy said,

    @redcat i believe what they are doing is attempting to pass on the airlines cancellation fee to us

  87. AngryBIRD said,

    Spite! I have westjet flights booked and the cancellation fee is only $50 for westjet. If they do cancel them I think I will have a refund with westjet…..but who knows. Travelocity is a joke! Never again will I book with them!

  88. JMS said,

    @Hector [reply 75]:

    did you actually receive cancellation email yet?

    I am, too, interested what will they do if one’s original trip was $0.00

    Also, for those who received second email, how many hours after first one did you get it?

  89. Nb said,

    What are those of you with “cancellation emails” but intact flights doing? I have a DL RT scheduled for a holiday weekend under this that they’ve supposedly cancelled. Still intact as far as DL is concerned, but I feel like if I need to buy a replacement ticket, I need to do so very quickly before prices skyrocket…

  90. RASHID007 said,

    Those motherf#ckers are charging the full airline ticket price as cancellation!!! Both trips cancelled! How can they charge the full fair, with no airline credit for flights we’re not even taking?

    TotalTrip Price: $930.92
    Cancellation penalty – $559.50
    Refund 371.42

    TotalTrip Price: $889.83
    Cancellation penalty – $604.66
    Refund 285.17

  91. Jerry said,

    Really? Can Travelocity cancel flights? I believe there are many people who booked hotels and reserved rental cars solely because of this deal. Travelocity will take away tremendous amount of money from nemorous people if they cancel the flights. I wonder how Travelocity will address this issue. Don’t you guys think a large scale lawsuit might take place depending on how they handle this?

  92. Steven said,

    looks like the promo code is working again.

  93. Duc said,

    Who wanna try the second time and get cancelled again
    Not me

  94. Mike H said,

    haha…The promo code works again, round 2! :D

  95. Phil said,

    Got cancelled. I paid $22 and email says that is nit being refunded. I will do chargeback with Amex and file a dot complaint. And I assume there is still a $72 credit I can get out of it (flight was $222 so that minus $150 fee)

  96. NJ said,

    This is utterly ridiculous. Travelocity has done such a poor job of handling this issue and does not realize what this will cost them down the road. We cannot let them get away with this. We all need to take a stand. Call Travelocity and give them hell. File a complaint on every possible site that is even remotely affiliated with Travelocity. Write to the Better Business Bureau. The more complaints that are filed, the more calls Travelocity receives, they better chances we have. I personally will not settle for a partial refund. Why should we pay even a cent in cancellation or penalty fees? If enough of us call, they might realize how much bad publicity they will get and how many thousands of customer’s business they will lose forever. Travelocity was recently charged steep fines for “misleading fare prices” and this will only cause more damage to their reputation. Seriously, this has already gone way too far. I won’t settle until I receive a FULL refund and I suggest you all fight for YOUR own money.

  97. Hector said,

    @JMS – no, at the moment, I have only received the initial email stating that my reservation will be canceled. When I log on to travelocity (and the airline website), my reservation still shows intact.

    It seems pretty clear from all of these other posts that they are going to cancel it, but the real question is whether or not they are going to attempt to charge me some ridiculous fee, which of course I will fight since my confirmation shows (and I agreed to pay) $0.00.

  98. VL said,

    At the very least, Travelocity should have given code-users the option to pay the extra amount (amount saved through the coupon) and keep the reservation rather than forcing cancellations on non-refundable airfare, resulting in some people being charged >$200 for nothing.

  99. Mile Collector said,

    @VL – If you call Travelocity you will be given that option (at least I was).

  100. Sky said,

    Since the code works again now re-booked my ticket and used a virtual card number with a $1.00 limit. (My reservation totaled $0)

  101. panda said,

    I think the airfare is going to refunded separately by the airline, thus giving a full refund. That being said, the way they are handling this is outrageous.

  102. Tom said,

    What I am wondering is what term they claim is being violated. Attending a convention was not a term. I am a member of NFB. How can getting the code from the internet be a violation when Travelocity tweeted it?

  103. WH said,

    Good job, sky!

  104. Hector said,

    I am AMAZED that the NFB code is now working again on their site. Who’s in charge of their IT department, United???

  105. AngryBIRD said,

    @ mile collector, I phoned and asked that and they told me that I couldn’t just pay the $200 of the promo coupon. I am just annoyed, they need to get their stories straight!

  106. Sky said,

    If we have learned anything from the Hong Kong 4 mile island ordeal…book now and FLY TODAY!

  107. AO said,

    WTF. There is no way Travelocity will get away with this. NO ONE should settle for less than a full refund.

  108. Jo said,

    I received the first cancel notice but my package remains intact at the moment on my travelocity account. Not sure how to confirm with the airline (Air Canada/United) directly without calling as I haven’t had a chance yet.

    Waiting to see what happens.

  109. sha_carsie said,

    After an hour of waiting on hold, spoke to a supervisor. Everyone will be refunded their full amount, but my credit card company suggests that I email them to confirm this so we have a paper trail in the event that charge back dispute needs to occur. Regarding the $200 credit, someone is going through the attendance list to determine if the registered passenger was actually at this conference. So no, they will not uphold the coupon code.

  110. Jr said,

    @hetor nice just nearly died when I was reading your comment

  111. Charlie said,

    Travelocity – I hope you are reading this. You just lost a customer for life.

  112. Jr said,

    Just field an complained with the bbb

  113. wtf said,

    class action!!!

  114. Robert said,

    What about all the people that purchased coupon books and other items for this trip.
    I almost purchased prepaid bus tickets for getting around Vegas.
    This company is abhorrent and should be held accountable.

  115. wtf said,

    what about other reservations people have made for those trips besides hotel and flight? Should they not be responsible for cancellations on other plans? And vacation time taken off from work to take the cancelled vacation?! THOSE ARE DAMAGES TOO!!

  116. Gary said,

    There are even people currently in the midst of travel.

  117. Gary said,

    Travelocity tweets that they are doing full refunds / no cancel fee

    Though I’m still not sure how they can claim the promo code is only available for people who attended an event in Dallas

  118. JMS said,

    @Hector, I found out what happens:

    TotalTrip Price: $0.00
    Cancellation penalty – $0.00
    Refund 0.00

    So, if your trip was under $200 before discount, you won’t have to pay anything, nor will you get any refund.

  119. Tom said,

    I wonder if 3500 people attended the event. That was the limit on the number of times the code could be used. Since the code could only be used only once by each user, if any less than that attended, it would pretty much destroy Travelocity’s “justification.”

  120. mtlfire said,

    Travelocity just tweeted this:

    Travelocity ‏@travelocity
    Re: NFB promo code, if we cancelled your booking, we will refund your payment and not charge a cancel fee.

  121. AngryBIRD said,

    So now I get to rebook and pay a higher fare for my seats instead of just giving them an additional $200! Gteat for full refunds but still an angrybird!

  122. Hector said,

    @JMS – thanks for the update! They still havent canceled mine, but i’m sure it’s coming.

  123. Gary said,

    @Tom I don’t know how many actually attended but they expected 3000-3500 people

  124. WH said,

    They tweeted it, but didnt send emails or post on facebook. They really are messed up.

  125. Tom said,

    My latest email from Travelocity states that they are sorry my plans changed and I had to cancel the reservation. My cancellation penalty is the amount I paid.

  126. SS said,

    I had two flight/hotel packages. One on Spirit, the other on US Airways, booked with two different email addresses. The Spirit package was under an email that I’d registered that day for the NFB and the flight still shows up as confirmed on Spirit’s site. I also haven’t gotten a refund email for that trip. The other package was fully cancelled and I received a refund email for that.

  127. Mattolo said,

    How were you guys able to find a flight and 3 nights hotel for less than $200 so that your total was $0??? I’ve been looking for something leaving tomorrow and can’t get close to $200

  128. Never a dull moment said,

    So dot and bbb complaints ?

  129. Corridor! said,

    I thought about jumping on this when first posted until I heard it was Travelocity. They completely screwed me. I booked a hotel the May before New Year’s Eve in Patong, Thailand at a great price. It seemed too good to be true. Turns out it was. We arrived to the hotel around 2:30 in the afternoon to find out Travelocity had canceled our reservation a few weeks after we had booked but neglected to notify us. It turns out the rate they were posting for the hotel was incorrect and the hotel would not confirm the booking. They asked Travelocity to contact us to check if we’d like to book at the correct rate as the reservation would be canceled, but never did. The hotel had email transcription to verify this. So we were stuck in one of the most congested areas of Thailand on New Year’s Eve with no hotel. We contacted Travelocity from the hotel. The representative on the phone tried to convince us they called numerous times to tell us the reservation had been canceled; however, at no point did they refund our money. When we asked why our reservation was canceled without issuing a refund, the agent said he would issue a refund but that was it. I asked if he could help us find a hotel, since he did have access to every listing Travelocity had, but he said that he couldn’t do anything for us. Rather than argue after almost an hour on the phone, I decided to work with the hotel to find us other accommodations, which turned out to be just fine. I will never use Travelocity, regardless how good the deal seems to be.

  130. Athens said,

    I will never use Travelocity again after this fiasco.

    I have been calling them all day. The best they have for me is – we don’t know we will have to call you back in 30 minutes!

  131. CDKing said,

    Do the new DOT rules apply since airfare was involved?

  132. Regina (Jewjetette) said,

    Travelocity stole my $74.00. So much for wanting to save a legally blind citizen $200.00. Go Romney!

  133. Paul said,

    I actually booked a plane and hotel reservation from Las to Hartford, CT aqnd they cancelled it. I wasn’t even trying to work the trick and it got booted. I just called and they asked me to call back in 5 hours. What a joke.

    Does anyone know if they will be giving a 100% refund? My email says they are keeping 261.00.

  134. Ed L said,

    …someone will call you back in 24-48 hours!? Are They kidding? I asked to speak to a supervisor now. They said they will call me back. It’s been 1 hr 15 min and no call. LESSON IS DON’T USE TRAVELOCITY.

  135. Ucanflyfree2 said,

    hey guys, Travelocity site is down and they offer a 10% off code,
    We should use this code now and we won’t have to worry about cancellation

  136. Carl said,

    Bully to everyone for trying, but another travel scam bites the dust. I really don’t understand why people are so upset when they try to game the system, and the system fails. Trying to book a flight to point A, and then book a cheap hotel at point B, and then use a coupon intended for the blind was destined to crash and burn.

  137. jc said,

    I booked a trip to London for the olympics next week – I’m not interested in a refund, I want to travel. 3hrs of phone calls later and they pretty much tell me that its really expensive now so good luck. Terrible customer service. Now I cannt go to the olympics because prices have risen about 800 for the 5 day trip. Never dealing with these clowns again!

  138. I just booked Denver flights, with three nights hotel for $43! | The Trip Sherpa said,

    […] Uh oh.  At the time of posting I was not aware (though I should have been) that the offer code was provided for the National Foundation for Blindness – that has the Sherpa feeling a little guilty.  Then Travelocity decided to cancel the reservations because the Sherpa (and others didn’t qualify).  But that has more than just myself a little irritated. […]

  139. Cl said,

    Don’t worry. Many will start rationalizing how they deserve this deal. They will scan the T&C and feel that they didn’t break the letter of the rules, while no doubt breaking the spirit of the rules. Fine, many feel that there is nothing wrong in taking advantage of a mistake of a for profit company.

    However, many of these self righteous “victims” sure do not feel any anger at taking advantage of a deal intended for those who are dedicated to serving the blind. They will somehow feel that a 10 dollar donation can help clear their conscience.I bet the vast majority of new $10 members will never do anything else to help the blind.

  140. Piyush said,

    At least those $10 are going in for good cause plus free advertisement and exposure for future.

    There are few people who used promo code for flight and hotel in same city. Travelocity burned those vacations and holiday plans. I hope they will get better understanding of “goodwill” in year end cash flow.

  141. Ren said,

    Their website has been down all night.

  142. Steve said,

    Pretty sure most people didn’t even know it was for the blind organization, so saying they did something wrong is a joke. You guys are obviously working for travelocity.

    The only justice to this is getting this company out of business.

  143. Tom said,

    It’s kind of fun watching Travelocity trying to do damage control on Facebook.

  144. mtlfire said,

    Damage control?! You mean Elaine cutting and pasting: we’re sorry you feel this way.

  145. dougcana said,

    People heckling others for being upset over this are eitherhigh or just trolling.
    This is pretty basic stuff; Travelocity offered a promo, they advertised it to the general public, people used it according to Travelocity’s own terms, Travelocity screwed something up (most likely the 3500 uses cap did not work for them) and now Travelocity is making stuff up to try and cover their behind.
    And the only reason Travelocity thinks they can get away with this is because they are positioning it like they are on the side of blind people vs the evil internet hordes. Which is a joke. I’ve been an nfb member for 12 years, got this deal from the nfb twitter, my trip is canceled and I can’t spend 40 minutes or more on the phone to try and work this out.
    I don’t blame customers for using the offer presented to them. I blame Travelocity for being incompetent liars who won’t abide by their own terms. Lesson learned about Travelocity.

  146. Tom said,

    Exactly! I wonder if Elaine has submitted her resume to Expedia yet.

  147. Brian said,

    Does your story make any sense to you. You say:”This past weekend I blogged about a $200 off coupon at Travelocity for air and hotel vacation packages of at least three days.”
    Then you say: “Travelocity prohibits posting the Promo Code on the Internet or any public forum, or forwarding the Promo Code to any other person.”

    You also say: “But as far as I can tell, everyone with a successful booking complied with the terms and conditions.”
    Then you say: “Travelocity reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time in its sole discretion.” Whether or not someone violated terms, Travelocity has the right to change it at any time for any reason.

    Explain yourself…

  148. Cono said,

    Travelocity isn’t playing fair. They send me an email stating “the change I requested…” yeah, right. The change I requested. I hadn’t requested anything.

    They illegally cancelled my trip as far as I’m concerned. I’m not sure but I predict that they are making a very big mistake and will pay the price.

  149. Gary said,

    @Brian – travelocity could have changed its terms and conditions but it did not do so, and certainly cannot do so AFTER A BOOKING HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

    They prohibit posting it, but they POSTED IT THEMSELVES. And while I posted it also I wasn’t a party to the terms and conditions and certainly the people whose tickets were cancelled hadn’t violated the rules unless they themselves had posted it…

  150. Brad said,

    It always amazes me when people think they are entitled to something when they are not and then proceed to bitch about it, and say things like “Travelocity just lost another customer,” “I am going to sue or file a complaint with the BBB” etc…

    Look people, it’s all part of the game. We all win some and we all lose some. Half the fun is being able to tell your friends you got a plane ticket or hotel for next to nothing. The other half is actually being able to take advantage of it.

  151. duque said,

    I also received the cancellation email. I called in and said I’m a member of NFB and that I use a pen name for it (to explain why my name used with travelocity is different). Travelocity says if I can provide a membership # and name for NFB then they will honor the promotion. Anybody got one for me?! Enormous thanks if you can provide this :). My email is duque.jay at gmail. Can’t wait to get this discount and read all your hate mail!

  152. MS said,

    @ duque – Your comments have to be parody or satire. I refuse to believe Gary’s readers are this desperate to save a few bucks by pretending to be blind.

  153. Robert said,

    Now that everyone has crossed the bridge,the trolls come out and tell everyone how wrong they were to begin with.
    People who have no dog in the fight are very quick to judge everyone but themselves.
    A troll is a troll is a troll.
    You know who you are.

  154. Jason said,

    How does Travelocity know if we attended the conference or not? Travelocity does not have the right to share your transaction data with a third party without your explicit consent. I did not authorize any sharing of my booking information with a third-party (NFB). If Travelocity shared our booking information with a third party (other than the hotel and airline), we may have a bigger issue here. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  155. WH said,

    I think you are wrong Jason. I think it is the other way around. NFB shared a list of attendies with Travelocity.

  156. Mike said,

    Someone out will have a issue with that. If our privacy or people attended the conference privacy was violated, more problems will be started.

  157. boxo said,

    I didn’t book for myself, but for a family member, and filed a complaint with the US DOT yesterday.

  158. mtlfire said,

    If you read their facebook page, and the forums, people are claiming that they were told they will only be refund ed the hotel portion of the trip and that you will get a **credit** for the airline portion.

    In the forum links above, someone posted an exchange of emails they sent to travelocity to show people were abusing the code.

  159. Dan said,

    Please join group NFB2012: Travelocity Cancelled My Trip: Please invite all your friends and family and spread the word!

  160. Andrew said,

    Travelocity unilaterally canceled confirmed reservation using the NFB2012 code. In the past honored such deals. The Expedia deal occurred before new DoT regulations which added new consumer protection. I you have a ticket number issued (which almost everyone has) and your credit card was charged. You could file a DoT complaint. Use 399.88 as guidance
    (“Therefore, if a consumer purchases a fare and that consumer receives confirmation (such as a confirmation email and/or the purchase appears on their credit card statement or online account summary) of their purchase, then the seller of air transportation cannot increase the price of that air transportation to that consumer, even when the fare is a “mistake.”)
    Travelocity recently had a nice 200K fine for not disclosing prices correctly. Please visit this site: if you want to file a complaint.

    DISCLOSURE: I’ve been involved in various past deals,4 Mile HKG F tickets, RGN/Burma and Expedia. I don’t plan to file a DoT complaint on this one, but wanted to share the steps that people COULD take if they want to do. Again, the rules favor consumers nicely on this one, its just up to people if they want to use the rules. I’m staying on the sidelines on this one. But wanted to share the procedures/steps.

  161. Mike said,

    Here is what I sent to Travelocity’s CEO and 2 other executives and published on its Facebook page:

    Dear Mr. Sparks:

    You, no doubt by now are familiar with your company’s action on Friday canceling thousands of reservations for possible abuse of a $200 discount code for vacation packages. The code was provided to The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) attendees during a Dallas conference in July.

    It is commendable that Travelocity offered such a discount. However, what is amazing to me is that for a maximum loss of $700,000 (3,500 reservations x $200) Travelocity, a multimillion dollar corporation, would make a decision to cancel almost all the reservations using the code (including some NFB members) because a decision maker thought some folks may be abusing it. To further add “gas to the fire” they decided to penalize customers by not crediting back all their reservation costs (this was later said to be a mistake). These actions have not only alienated thousands of customers (some long-term customers) but it may eventually cost the company millions in staff time to deal with all the complaints (customers, BBB, DOT, credit card companies, hotels, airlines, etc). Whoever made the decision did not consider that (1) the code was disseminated in early July to NFB friends on Twitter without stating that use of the code was restricted to Dallas conference attendees (a restriction that was not in the Terms and Conditions (T & C) for use of the code or incorporated into the IT programing to restrict its use). The result was that at least 20 web sites/forums published the code weeks before it was maxed out; and (2) that the T & C’s did not set a minimum reservation dollar amount. As a result some folks may have gotten a “good deal” and Travelocity may have lost money on some reservations (but I am sure they made money on others (e.g. those made for more than 1 person)). As a long- term customer affected by these actions (and NFB member) I suggest that you/your company (1) apologize to all affected customers, (2) put controls in place (IT and otherwise) to reduce the recurrence of these type situations, (3) “deal” with the decision maker, and (4)restore all reservations and adjust credit card charges accordingly.

    Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

  162. Waldek said,

    I will no longer be a customer for travelocity! I will also pass along to my friends.

  163. lousyjets said,

    Has anyone gotten the credit/refund back? I have been checking my credit card and nothing yet. Wondering when should we expect this credit.

  164. Son said,

    I haven’t gotten a refund back either. I hope we get it soon.

  165. Tom said,

    Just got this from Travelocity. Glad to see they care so much about my experience after cancelling my trip:

    As we strive to provide the best possible customer service, we’d love to get your feedback on your recent experience with our Customer Care Center.

    Please take a moment to complete this short survey to let us know how everything went! To take the survey, click here .

    Don’t worry – your survey responses will only be used as research to improve our Customer Care Center. We promise not to use this information to market to you directly.

    We truly appreciate your assistance in helping us improve.

  166. Dan said,

    Please join and promote the Facebook page dedicated to this fiasco. Surprisingly, Travelocity is allowing links to this page to be placed on its own Facebook page, which makes me think it wants to keep track of how many people will join. This would allow them to gauge the PR impact as they evaluate how this will resolve this issue.

  167. JP said,

    I called a moment ago, and after many minutes on hold or talking to some overseas CS rep, I was told that I would be getting a full refund.

    He said that the far was “accidentally published online” (Funny how a tweet directly from travelocity could be an accident) and that the terms stated it was only for conference attendees (although, somehow that was conveniently left out of the T&Cs).

    He said that the refund should come in 7-10 business days. I have a friend who also got in on the “deal” and was hoping to not have to call directly to get the refund (because who doesn’t want to sit on the phone with an Indian customer support rep for 20 minutes in the middle of your day), and we’re hoping that everyone will just get an automatic refund

  168. mtlfire said,

    New email:

    Important Follow-Up Information Regarding Your Recent Package Booking:

    We wanted to set the record straight about the NFB2012 promo code. On July 4, 2012 Steve Dumaine, our senior vice president of global strategy and product innovation, addressed the attendees of the National Federation of the Blind’s National Convention. As a token of our goodwill, Mr. Dumaine offered those attending the conference a promo code. While he made it clear in his speech that only those NFB members attending the conference were eligible to use the promo code, it was shared beyond the NFB conference attendees by others without mentioning this important restriction and many ineligible people used the code. Those reservations have been cancelled.

    Unfortunately, there has been some confusion among those of you whose bookings were cancelled regarding refunds and cancellation fees. We apologize for this. To be clear, if your booking has been cancelled, you will be fully refunded and not charged any cancel fees. If you attended the NFB conference and your reservation was cancelled, please call us at 1-866-211-1731 and we will confirm your attendance with our colleagues at the NFB and, if necessary, reschedule your booking.

    Travelocity Customer Care Team

  169. dougcana said,

    Holy crap are they full of ….. What a joke. He made it clear in his speech? Oh, that’s ok then. No need to put it in the actual terms. And when Travelocit y themselves tweeted it to the public, well that was just a little joke I guess.What total bs from these guys.

  170. dougcana said,

    Travelocity staff have admitted that people’s trips aren’t being canceled because of the original terms being violated but rather they acknowledged that Travelocity added a new term after the fact. That’s it.As to the real reason all this has happened, I can guess. I’ve worked in companies like this before and imho this promo was done outside of normal channels likely as some higher ups pet project. It didn’t go through the usual vetting or building process (a lot of staff seemed to have never even heard of it until just recently) so a lot of defects were built in and was either underfunded or the total users cap was not done right or both. Once the number of users took off the exposure became too great and they took drastic action. They likely thought they could get away with it without too much negative pr because the company can position their actions well, like they were just trying to help the blind and the evil internet hordes abused them. Normally once a promo like this is released they would not give a crap about who used it and would actually want it disseminated as widely as possible for pr reasons or at the most extreme just end it. Hence my guess about it’s origins.

  171. WH said,

    They are trying to get people to not dispute the charges on their credit cards, hence avoid the fee’s and negative rating that goes along with a chargeback.

    A little late to the game…..

  172. Ren said,

    Can I say something here?
    When we booked the tickets on their website with the promo code and received the reservation, that is a contract. They are not allowed to back out of the contract because they changed their mind, or that they meant to add terms that they didn’t have before. So, technically, they are breaching the contract. If we buy tickets to replace the cancelled one’s, we are within our rights to sue them for the price we paid for the replacements to make us whole. However, Travelocity and big companies like this know it’s likely that very few will sue, so they make a business decision to breach, and see who comes after them. All the other garbage they are saying now is just damage control.

  173. I’m Back in Town! Catching Up On The Latest Points and Miles Deals - Just Another Points Traveler said,

    […] NFB2012 Code Update: If you haven’t heard by now, Travelocity went ahead and canceled all reservations that were made using the $200-off promotional code that I blogged about a few […]

  174. Anon said,

    @Ren, you hit the nail on the head. Even as a lawyer, it’s just not worth it to me to sue Travelocity in small claims court for $100 – $200.

  175. Cono said,

    “…it was shared beyond the NFB conference attendees by others without mentioning this important restriction and many ineligible people used the code. Those reservations have been cancelled.”

    In the snippet above lies the problem. Could have been handled much differently and much more professionally.

    Email blast could have made clear to PAY the $200 in 24 hours (or 48 hours) OR THEN reservation will be cancelled. Customers could have also had the option to call for refund in 24/48. They handled this calamity in a most stupid fashion, IMHO. Maybe they need a new executive vice president or something, in order to make these real tough decisions that affect future sales. He should have a bunch of college degrees and have attended business school in order to handle this kind of real hard stuff. A change of leadership should be forthcoming! hERE hERE!!

  176. Jim said,

    Just talked to a representative. The told me that the hotel portion would be refunded within the next 7 business days. However, the flight redound would take 2 billing cycles which is completely unacceptable. So I was wondering what’s the process of reverting my credit card payment?

  177. Cono said,

    Not a lawyer, but my advice would be to call your credit card company, explain exactly what happened, and how they cancelled your ticket without your willingness to do so. Maybe it will qualify as a dispute – maybe not. Take this advice with a grain of salt cause like I say – I’m not a lawyer.

    If the charge is put in dispute it would generally take 1 – 2 months for the credit card company to come up with a determination, at which time the travel agent say it would be refunded anyway….



  178. AngryBIRD said,

    On hold with them AGAIN to demand a refund, they can charge the credit cards immediately so they can refund it immediately.

  179. Dan said,

    Please let us know how it goes and in the meantime keep up the pressure by promoting

  180. Brian said,

    I got the initial e-mail from Proactive Care, but my trips are all still there and not csncelled. Travel is in 10 days. Anyone else in this situation and still have tickets that haven’t been cancelled?

  181. Andrew said,

    El Al yesterday honored their mistake fare.. 300 to 400 bucks RT to TLV from BOS/ORD/JFK… They issued ticket numbers so that’s why they probably decided to avoid troubles (DoT complaints)… I’ve been on the fence as to whether to file a DoT complaint… but it should be done if you had a real package (same city for hotel and airfare)

  182. AngryBIRD said,

    Told me I can expect a refund for the airfare within 30 to 60 days. Told them I am not waiting for them to receive their refund from the airline that they can refund me now. The supervisor I spoke to told me her hands are tied, I will have to get a call back from her boss…..which will come in the next 24 hours. They have 12 hours left….doubt I will get that return call! Will fight till I get my credit.

  183. Cailey said,

    I received a portion of my refund, but was told that I can’t receive the airfare portion until the airline refunds travelocity. Am I the only one who thinks that travelocity, not the airlines, should be taking the fall for this? I have a feeling that Air Canada will feel the same way and refuse to compensate, and therefore i will not be refunded my money. Trying to get any answer out of this company is impossible, and I’ve read numerous articles about Travelocity’s inability to refund customers. Great. HATE Travelocity. On a related note, is anyone here a lawyer, or do they know a good class action lawyer?

  184. Ren said,

    I keep checking this thread for new posts…is this it? My trips are still active for next week. Have tehy stopped cancelling?

  185. lu said,

    Make sure you check your flights, mine was canceled(found out try to change seats). so i called back and got my fights back with no new charges.

  186. Waldek said,

    Anyone tried to call Airline to reinstate flight ?

  187. Dan said,

    It was only a matter of time before it hit the press. Hope this spreads…

  188. dan said,

    My friend and I each booked separately. Both received cancellation emails from travelocity and no booking is showing on our account pages. However, one itin is showing up when I look up trip when not signed in through confirmation number on travelocity site and that flight is also showing up on delta’s page. The other itin is cancelled. BUT.. i called delta and they reinstated the ‘cancelled’ flight.

    Does anyone know if they’re still cancelling? Should I call travelocity to make sure they cancel the second itin for good and call delta to reinstate?

  189. Dan said,

    Another press report with an “official” response from Travelocity exec.,0,989834.story

  190. dougcana said,

    Man the Travelocity spokespeople in that Baltimore Sun article are really full of it. Great that they tried to help the NFB but they messed up this whole thing from start to finish. All this pr spin from them is sickening.

  191. boxo said,

    The reply from USDOT:

    “U.S. Department of Transportation
    Office of General Counsel
    1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
    Washington, DC 20590
    Office of the Secretary of Transportation

    August 9, 2012

    Dear boxo:

    This email concerns the complaint you submitted to our office against Travelocity regarding the cancellation of your travel arrangements. We are currently investigating this matter. When we are finished with our investigation, we will pursue enforcement action if we decide it is warranted.

    I have entered your complaint in our computerized industry monitoring system, and it will be charged to the company in our monthly Air Travel Consumer Report. This report is widely distributed and made available to the news media and the general public so that both consumers and air travel companies can compare the complaint records of individual airlines and tour operators. This system also serves as a basis for rulemaking, legislation and research. These complaints are also routinely reviewed to track trends or spot areas of concern which we feel may warrant further action in the future.

    Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


    xxxx x. xxxxx
    Aviation Consumer Protection Division
    Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings”


    If you haven’t already, please file a complaint here:

  192. JP said,

    Anyone actually get a refund yet? The wife and I are still waiting for ours

  193. Waldek said,

    not yet for me

  194. Travelocity Weighs In On Their Refusing to Honor Discounted Travel Packages - View from the Wing said,

    […] week I noted that Travelocity was cancelling bookings made with their $200 off air and hotel […]

  195. JP said,

    Also, did anyone get an official email saying they would get a full refund?

    I had to call up, and some dude in india told me i would be getting my money back, but i never got any sort of official confirmation that the email with a “cancellation penalty” was a mistake, and we would in fact get our money

  196. Jim said,

    Did anyone called their credit card company to reverse the payment?

    Still waiting for refund but I have a feeling it will not come.

  197. dougcana said,

    I’m calling to reverse the charge tomorrow. Only thing I have from them in writing says they are not giving me a refund and everything they tell me on the phone has been a lie. So am definitely going to reverse the payment.

  198. JR said,

    I was about to jump on this and then when I noticed the posts commenting that it was for a NFB promotion, my gutt said this isn’t right. So, even though there were loopholes in the t & c’s, I couldn’t with any conscience continue to persue a booking.

    And the fact is this would have been my first time using travelocity, and I feel this is true for many of the posters on here.

    Travelocity’s execution of the cancellation processwas poorly done, I’m hoping they come through with full refunds for everyone, but that’s about all they owe you.

  199. Ren said,

    (8/14)They just cancelled my trip that was due to fly three days from now. What a bunch of assholes. We had other things going on this weekend so we decided not to fight it now. They really want to alienate customers for $200 that was their mistake in the first place? Baffling.

  200. JC said,

    I received this email today:
    We want to let you know that your refund request has been submitted to our Finance department and is scheduled to be processed within 7 to 10 business days. Once the credit has been submitted to your credit card company, you will again receive notification from Travelocity.

    Thank you for using Travelocity. Only Travelocity guarantees your entire travel experience on top of having a low price guarantee. We’ll be in touch soon!

    Very Sincerely,

    Travelocity Service Team

  201. JP said,

    I received that email too, but my wife did not…

  202. Michael said,

    I also received the refund email, and actually I disputed with citi online, and was told that the case resolved in my favor.

  203. Hans said,

    From where you got this terms and conditions you posted above?

  204. C said,

    Anyone receive their full refund?
    Even though Travelocity sent out that email, I don’t think they will honor it or forgot about it…perhaps the refund email is also fake, just like their promo code
    I haven’t received my refund and it’s been past the 10 business days… it’s been a month since this ordeal, they know how to take your money but don’t know how to return it

  205. Gary said,

    I did get an email from someone this morning who reported having received their full refund

  206. Mile Collector said,

    I received a full refund earlier this week.

  207. lu said,

    Update –

    Tickets were cancelled, so I called up travelocity. U.S. agent reinstated tickets without questions. refund received on CC and got 3x $500 flight for free.


  208. Gary said,


  209. $300 Off $750 at - View from the Wing said,

    […] I haven’t tested whether the technique is working with this discount code. And there’s always a chance that Travelocity will not honor it booked that way (as they didn’t honor a similar deal this past summer on the US website. […]

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