Your email address is worth 2000 Priority Club points

A flash drive shaped like a hand grenade? (HT: MrAOK)

Who Needs Money? Beautiful People Travel Free! (via Marginal Revolution)

The New York Times on social media and US Airways attempts to take over American with lessons from SaveSkyMiles and this blog.

There’s apparently been a rash of shoplifting by Pakistan International Airlines crew in the U.K., the airline has been warned that their crews could be detained – and without backup crews available their operations could be severely impacted.

Speculation that Qatar will join oneworld, though I’d expect Etihad would have the leg up since it recently inked a partnership with American and acquired a 30% stake in new oneworld entrant Air Berlin.

  1. Lantean said,

    Can MissTravel be used by gay people too? Or is it only for beautiful women?

  2. A. S. said,

    I, also, believe that Etihad is a more likely candidate for oneWorld. If I were a betting man, I’d bet it will happen quite soon, too. As for which I personally prefer, it’s sort of a wash:

    Etihad does have First class (Qatar is phasing it out), but I’ve tried it and was disappointed. Still, I think they’re growing and will improve tremendously. On the other hand, Qatar (even in business) is already very refined and they have a better route network (for my taste, that is).

  3. hola said,

    Really all these promotions should be limited to tall, beautiful and thin or the rich, seems like too many short, ugly, fat, poor people are filling up the travel spaces, credit card promos, hotels, elite desks, and award first class cabins lately. I wish travel promotions were more selective.

  4. Marc said,

    Your email address is really only worth 1000 PC points. The rest comes from registering a credit card in Priority Club Shopping and using the iDine/RewardsNetwork Priority Club Program as a new member. And the iDine new member bonus is 1000, not 500.. so 2500 total if you haven’t used PC iDine, or 1500 if you already have. geez people, get it right! :)

  5. Brad said,

    I got $20 on the fact that was founded by a gold digger/mileage and points aficionado.

  6. George said,

    @Marc- well, I just got 2,000 points from registering my email and filling out profile info, including a credit card, so the summary seems right to me- thanks, Gary!

  7. Robert said,

    For PCS, where do you enter your credit card?

  8. Marc said,

    @George – you’re right, re-reading it, it shows you should get 500 just for signing up and filling out the profile for Dining, so another 1000 for meeting the new member bonus means 3000 total. I didn’t see any place to enter a Priority Club number for the Cruise portion though, so not sure how that will post.. and no points have actually posted yet for me, have you really got 2000 posted already?

  9. George said,

    @Marc- it’s a terrible UI, because you can’t scroll down the page, but if you look at 50%, you can see where to enter your email for the cruise 500 points (and an additional million, if you win the sweepstakes!).

    Of course I haven’t seen them in my account yet (I think the terms and conditions said 6-8 weeks), but I have screen shots of the confirmation pages, so I am sure that I will get the points, even if I have to do a follow up call with PC in ~10 weeks or so…

  10. George said,

    @Marc- heck, you are right- I just reread your message, looked at my screenshot, and realized that there was no where that captured my PC number (nor does it confirm the 500 points)… Oh well, maybe I’ll win the million points instead?!

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