Taking a page from (or possibly even one-upping) Spirit Airlines, South Africa’s Kulula has a “Fourth Wife Flies Free” offer on its Facebook page. South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma was just again married on Sunday, he now has four wives though this was actually his sixth marriage.

Inspired by regular VIP travellers with sizeable spousal entourages, the offer is open to all fourth wives when the family travels together on the Jo’burg to Cape Town route.

There are of course some peskys Tees and Cees to go with our less than pesky offer:

– The offer is valid on Joburg to Cape Town route from Monday 23rd April ‘til April 30th
– The family must have already bought a kulula.com ticket for all wives and husband
– Simply present ticket and proof of marriage and ID at kulula counter before departure
– A refund will then be made on the fourth wife’s ticket.
– Happy happy

Perhaps Spirit is actually taking a page from them, Kulula is of course the airline that managed to have its livery featured at Snopes.com, some folks must find their aircraft paintjobs to hard to believe as to suspect they’re an urban myth.

Personally I think all promotions ought to include “Happy happy” in their terms and conditions.

(HT: Just Another Points Traveler)

  1. SAN Greg said,

    We flew Kulula two years ago while there for the World Cup. A fun little LCC who we wouldn’t hesitate to fly again.

  2. Charlie said,

    Wonder if they’ll announce a new non-stop service to Salt Lake City.

  3. Ram said,

    3 more to go and I will be able to use this promotion.
    Oh, but it is for such a limited time. I hate the fine print!

  4. PanAm said,

    One wife is enough…wow, if I had 4 wives, I’d send them all on a 1-way trip somewhere far away.

  5. Basil said,

    @Charlie – BRILLIANT!
    @Gary – How do you think the husband decides who gets the refund? The one that has the most vegetation on her head?

  6. Basil said,

    Kulula is the Swahili word for “Trump”…

  7. Charles Clarke said,

    @Basil – The 4th one you married? If you married them all at the same time, then pick one? Not sure from the T&C if you need marriage certificates for all of them or just the 4th. I would assume all of them need the certificates.

    Actually, if you have 4 wives, YOU probably get the refund.

    @Charlie – Good plan, though most of those don’t have official marriage certificates.

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