Via Matthew, they’re running a “More Bang or Your Buck” sale to Cartagena, Colombia. Upfront payment is required.

They are also running a “GSA Sale” with “scandal-free fares” because “you don’t have to spend lavishly to travel in style.” Oh, and GSA stands for “Great Savings Always.” Heh.

This of course is the airline that ran an Anthony Weiner sale and invited customers to check out the (suntan) oil on their beaches after the Gulf oil spill.

  1. Ozaer N. said,

    They could at least offer 2X miles to Cartagena heheh sheesh. Thanks for the chuckle Ben!

  2. Sean O said,

    Gary, love the promos, but Spirit is the Voldemort of airlines., Take a gander at section 7 of their terms of carriage. If they cancel a flight, for any reason, their only commitment is the next Spirit flight, no matter how long away it is. Evil. Evil, Evil.

  3. Alex said,

    Gary, great promos and 100% agree with your view of Spirit.

    I appropriately misread Sean’s comment as “terms of carnage”.

  4. Ben Senise said,

    Just for info, it’s spelled Colombia.

  5. Hack My Trip - Rewarding Recap: Thursday, April 19 - Hack My Trip said,

    [...] I’m not sure how legit it is, or if I’d even want to go there, but you, too can show your American pride by hiring a Colombian prostitute in Cartagena with all the money you’ll save courtesy of Spirit Airlines. [...]

  6. David said,

    Would be funnier if the sale were $30 — what the Secret Service officer allegedly offered to pay

  7. Gary said,

    @Ben Senise typo fixed

  8. tassojunior said,

    The 3 biggest jokes Spirit has ever put out:

    1-Charging extra for 1st carry-on bag.

    2-Charging extra for fuel on top of their lowest fares.

    3-Having a ff program whose miles expire in 6 months.

    I live out of DCA and frequent FLL. Spirit would be the natural choice. Some neighbors use it and say it’s “ok”. I know Spirit is getting huge and flies a lot internationally. I can’t bring myself to.

    Now this airline is a great merger prospect for US !

  9. Fourth Wife Flies Free Sale! - View from the Wing said,

    [...] Taking a page from (or possibly even one-upping) Spirit Airlines, South Africa’s Kulula has a “Fourth Wife Flies Free” offer on its Facebook page. South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma was just again married on Sunday, he now has four wives though this was actually his sixth marriage. [...]

  10. Carlos Danger Sale: Spirit May Be the Worst Airline But They Have the Best Ads, Anthony Weiner Edition - View from the Wing - View from the Wing said,

    [...] course they ran a More Bang for Your Buck sale on flights to Cartagena when secret service agents were revealed to have frequented prostitutes [...]

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