Free Accor Platinum status, free Hilton Gold status, and free Hyatt Platinum status are all still available.

Tickets for the Randy Petersen Travel Executive Summit in New York on Friday April 27th are available, I’ll be there, an event not to be missed.

Back in December I wrote about funding brokerage accounts for miles, Fidelity has been especially lucrative because you could earn bonuses for more than one offer (United OR American, AND Delta, and sometimes even a third offer when it comes along like a $500 Apple gift card). It’s even better because instead of having to deposit $100,000 to earn the biggest bonuses, you could take the same money, deposit and then withdraw and deposit again, rinse repeat, until the total amount of your deposits hit $100,000. I can confirm this still works, I’ve gotten my 50,000 American miles. Now off to figure out Delta…

Over the weekend I explained how to use SkyGuide Privilege Club to get 12 lounge one-day visits reimbursed for a cost of $20 (plus other benefits, like one-day gym passes). Some commenters reported that the $20 link was ‘expired’ (and thus a pricier link would be necessary). I used the $19.99 link on Saturday, and this morning I got my membership number emailed to me successfully, so it looks like that option is still available.

These two (here and here) discuss using Amazon payments to charge up to $1000 a month towards your minimum spending requirements to earn credit card signup bonuses.

  1. Aaron said,

    Uno mas, por favor.

    Free National Car Rental Executive status.

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  3. Hack My Trip - Please… No More Wine, but I’ll Take the Free Status! - Hack My Trip said,

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  4. Travel and Credit said,

    You’ve been consistently posting a lot of great content recently, Gary! Not that you werent before but you know what I mean.

    For the Fidelity deal, it seems as though the double dip for airline miles is officially dead. They’ve closed the loophole. Time will tell soon if the cycling loophole is closed too. I got 50k AA, 50k DL, 200 free trades, and submitted for the $500 Apple GC. Great deal!

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