Capital One’s 100,000 point signup bonus is now over. The 2011 offer was available on personal and small business cards, and was on top of the usual 10,000 point signup bonus. You just had to have miles in a frequent flyer account which would get matched. This year’s offer was 100,000 points maximum and required having spent $50,000 on a single credit card, and wasn’t available with the small business card. But the bank says they still handed out the billion points in 31 days.

There’s now an offer of 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points for signing up for a new Chase Ink Bold small business card and spending $5000 on it within three months, first year fee is waived. (HT: Mommy Points). This is now the biggest current, widely available credit card signup bonus.

Wandering Aramean notes that along with a name change from Accor A|Club to Le Club Accorhotels comes a requirement that in order to earn points you’ll have to book rooms through their website and not through third party booking sites like Expedia or

With all the recent hub bub over elite security lines at airports, Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska has introduced legislation to ban them. He hasn’t suggested legislation, however, to ensure faster security lines. Thanks for nothin’, Ben! (HT: Frequently Flying)

It’s an offer that’s been around awhile, and it’s never given any points to me, but watching a video about the Priority Club Visa using code PGFTNHNAD3 generates 1000 points for many folks, according to Priority Club Insider and MilesQuest.

Sometime today, Google Offers will have $5 for $10 at Starbucks. (HT: Dan’s Deals)

Mileage Saver says that Hertz is offering 250 points for signing up for their emails by April 30 and staying subscribed through the end of June.

Thanks to the miracles of Google Translate, this article suggests that Air Tahiti Nui would like to join oneworld. If this happens it could be the end of their cooperation with Delta, and the end of my claim that Skypesos are actually the best currency for travel between the US and French Polynesia (since Delta currently cooperates with Air Tahiti Nui and Air France, both of which fly Los Angeles – Papeete).

Have a great Wednesday!

  1. Delta Points said,

    @Gary, reg faster security lines, I can tell you that I observed everyone, and I mean everyone, at the Frankfurt 1st class Terminal having to wait (well sorta wait anyway) in line for the security and passport control!

  2. Michael W Travels said,

    The Priority Club video looks like the same one from December. It doesn’t seem like you can earn the 1,000 points a second time.

    My wife is hoping to catch the Starbucks deal but odds are it will go live while we are flying…

  3. Joe said,

    FYI, Chase is denying SM match requests for newly applied Ink Bold members saying that the above offer was targeted. I don’t know if that means that bonuses will be denied, but I think they inferring that. Or at least they are trying to use that argument to prevent matching. I see plenty of people that used the link above and were approved. If their bonus posts I’d imagine Chase will need to backtrack on the matching requests.

  4. Chas said,

    Ink Bold offer now gone

  5. Phil said,

    Ink Bold is dead. Customer service is “aware of an issue with an offer” and is looking into it (I called to try and match rather than SM)

  6. beachfan said,

    Re: Delta, I haven’t had any luck scoring seats on AF to Tahiti. Any tips on how to score TN?

  7. beachfan said,

    In first, I should add.

  8. Gary said,

    @beachfan first class awards are never available to Skymiles, and have not been available to AAdvantage in a few years, the only way is through their own program currently. Perhaps that will change if they do join oneworld.

  9. Neil said,

    I guess I got lucky – I sent a SM to Chase this morning when the link was active and just got a message back confirming the offer match and 10K additional points already in my account (I signed up for Ink bold back in February and last month qualified in spend and got the 50K points).

  10. hola said,

    Like the deals but this blog is so predictable, Rep Ron Paul’s (R) worthless rants get extensive coverage but Sen. Ben Nelson (D) measures are dismissed as grandstanding? Oh and what about the 5-4 recent ruling alllowing multiple invasive strip searches even for minor misdemeanor charges and cases of FALSE ARREST? (Florence v. Board of Chosen Freeholders of County of Burlington 2012) Another joy brought to us by the Far-Right Republican Police State Machine on the court, wonder what this may have to do with the “Police Powers” of Homeland Sec Dept and TSA?

  11. Chase Seems to Be Pulling Offers Like Mad - View from the Wing said,

    [...] Pulling Offers Like Mad – View from the Wing on Morning Credit Card News for April 3, 2012hola on Deals, News, and Free Points for the Morning of April 4, 2012Adrian on Citi Introduces New Benefits from American Airlines Co-Branded Credit CardsPT on Free [...]

  12. Anh said,

    Am I the only one having trouble getting the 1000 free Priority Club points? It keeps saying “Please check your Member Number and PIN and re-enter” although Number and PIN are correct.

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