Link: Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card 40,000 point signup bonus offer (50,000 point offer is expired, but 40,000 points are still available.)

The Points Guy reports that the remaining links offering 50,000 points as a signup bonus for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card will stop working on Tuesday.

This is the best signup offer available for what is, in my opinion, the best all around rewards credit card.

I wrote last week that the 50,000 point bonus offered seemed as though it was on the way out — the publicly available offer on the Chase website was reduced from 50,000 points to 40,000. Chase also changed its television ads. I confirmed with Chase that they intended the 50,000 point signup bonus to end with the conclusion of Winter.

That’s why it was surprising that links which offered me a referral credit continued to generate 50,000 points after $3000 in spend within 3 months, waiving the annual fee the first year. And since Chase gives an annual 7% bonus on all points earned, the signup bonus actually yields 53,250 points. (With your minimum spend, of course, that’s more points — exact number depending on what you spend money on..)

Points transfer to United, Hyatt, British Airways, Korean Airlines, Southwest, Amtrak, Marriott, and Priority Club (in addition to being worth 1.25 cents apiece towards straight paid travel, though that’s not how I’d use them).

The card offers two points per dollar on all travel and restaurant spend, and has no foreign currency conversion fees. Outside the U.S. I find this is the best card to use even at Hiltons and Starwood properties, where those chains’ co-branded cards hit you with foreign currency fees.

If you’ve been thinking about a new credit card, have been on the fence on this one, or are just looking for the best current signup bonus, while it’s certainly conceivable that the 50,000 point signup bonus could return in the future, you may want to jump on the deal now before the current offer expires.

Update: the offer is now for 40,000 points.

  1. Zzzzzzzz said,

    Now, who’s been a good boy?
    Should I use TPG, FTG, lucky’s, mummy points or VFTW link to apply?
    X-mas coming early to you folks

  2. Gary said,

    @Zzzzzzzz One family member could apply with each, hah!

  3. Dave said,

    Thank you for the link and the thoughts provided by your blog, I happen to have to make a large (~$5K) purchase, so got the card… you get referral points, I get 50K sign-up bonus… win-win! Appreciate you and the other bloggers! Cheers.

  4. Gary said,

    Thanks, Dave!

  5. Jon said,

    I just wanted to thank you, Gary. I used your link after the publicly-offered bonus was reduced to 40k. I received my card yesterday, and when I activated it, the customer service rep confirmed that my bonus was going to be 50k because I used your link. Thanks a lot.

  6. garipi said,

    Applied using your link and it gave me the ‘requires further review” tagline…Will give them a call tomorrow and hopefully goes thru.

  7. Gary said,

    @Jon awesome, and thank YOU!
    @garipi good luck!

  8. Drew said,

    I have referral link for 50K Platinum Amex Signup still email me at if interested! Comes with Starwood Gold Status and $200 in free airline credit for change fees etc. – Drew

  9. Richard said,

    Gary I used your link and received the card yesterday. Now I’ll sign up my wife using your link as well. Will probably do the Ink card as well. You’ve helped me in the past so glad to return the favor.

  10. Gary said,

    @Richard thanks!!

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  12. Mike said,

    applied through your link/ instant approval/ I appriciate your blog!

  13. RJ said,

    Out of curiosity, how much is the referral that you get, Gary? I’m not trying to undermine anything that you do, because i appreciate your blog, but i’ve always been curious.

  14. john said,

    How long does it take to receive the card after applying for it online? I leave town in 10 days for one month. Thanks

  15. Gary said,

    @Mike awesome!
    @RJ amounts can vary a bit but unfortunately the agreements specify that we can’t say, likely because different websites get different amounts and they don’t want us comparing, but a bit of googling will get you pretty close.

  16. Richard said,

    I just signed up my wife and got instant approval. Since there isn’t a cutoff date for the Ink Business card I’ll wait a while to do the $6,000.00 spend in the next three months for our two personal cards and go for the business card mid summer–unless there’s a cutoff date for that card as well.

  17. beachfan said,

    Following your lead last year, I have a ton UR points, which I will likely transfer to a star alliance carrier at some point.

    What is the best aspirational award flight (from LAX) that I can expect to have F availability for 2 people. (I’ve already booked my 2012 vacations, I”m thinking 2013).

    I had originally thought Lufthansa, but it seems 2 Lufthansa F tickets are only available on short notice. SQ doesn’t seem to have loosened that much.

    I flew Cathay last month in F and I am completely spoiled. While I don’t expect another airline to beat it, I’d like something comparable (emphasis on the seat quality).

    Your thoughts for UR points or United points?

  18. Gary said,

    @beachfan UR to United is the best transfer deal, look for Los Angeles – Seoul on Asiana (and on somewhere from there). Asiana first has amazing service amenities and food, though the Cathay seat is better. During winter you can sometimes nab ANA first class, also amazing food and service.

  19. beachfan said,

    Thanks Gary.

    Is the Asiana seat fully horizontal flat?

  20. Nige said,

    Applied via your link before the expiration date and didn’t hear anything. Already have 2 Chase cards (UA, used to be CO, and Freedom). Got a call today (4/17) “suggesting” that I reduced my credit limits on those cards to apply to my Saphire card – which I did. Was promised that card will now be sent.
    How do I make sure that I get the 50,000 points rather than the current 40,000?

  21. Gary said,

    @Nige you shouldn’t have any problem getting the full signup bonus, Chase is good about that, you get the bonus attached to the application you signed up off of

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