Every time the December offer of Free Hilton Gold status, instantly, is declared dead… it keeps returning.

Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and… the ghost of Conrad Hilton’s mid-tier elite benefits.

The offer was intended for Visa Infinite cardholders, and they asked you to enter the first six digits of your Visa Infinite card to prove you had one. That just unlocked the form, and then the status processed immediately.

Over the course of the next three months there were various changes to the form. Since it was possible to just google what six digit bank identifiers were for Visa Infinite, they appeared to deactive the most popular and easy to find Russian one. Then they started matching account addresses to other bank identifiers, so folks using an Australian six digit number to unlock the form had to sign up for their account with an address in Australia.

Recent reports again were that the offer was dead because they were now requiring a full sixteen digit Visa Infinite cardnumber. Once again, reports of the offer’s demise were… premature.

I speculated in the comments of a previous post that the full credit card number requirement was just testing whether such a combination of numbers was possible, not whether the numbers entered were real.

Personally, I’m just fascinated by the whole thing. It matters not a whit to me, I’m a Hilton Diamond already and have been one for a few years, based on spending $40,000 in a year on the Hilton American Express Surpass card.

Well, reader ThatGuy tried the signup again, it worked, and filed this report in the comments:

Just to update you all: As of 28 Mar this still worked. The 16 digit entry as I suspected is not verifying the actual account exists but that you have a valid account number (it’s easier than querying their massive database for an actual account). That being said you just need to enter a potentially valid CC account number.

This website explains the checksum logic for a VISA cc: http://www.merriampark.com/anatomycc.htm

Still use 442394 as your first 6 digits, and then plug in the rest to make a valid acct number using the formula given. It’s very simple to do with an Excel sheet.

You won’t have to add the credit card to your account nor book using the card, so no worries. Also make sure to change your HHonors account address to Australia before hand. Good Luck!


Boggles the mind, but this has been out there for three months now, they’ve tried to clamp down to avoid a few unintended people from grabbing free status, but they do not appear to have tried very hard.

  1. Michael said,

    I got this back in December with some fake Visa Infinite, but oddly enough it’s not working for me with a real Canadian Visa Infinite that I received recently.

  2. Michael said,

    Oh, the T/Cs state

    Who is eligible to participate in this promotion?
    This offer is open to selected Visa Infinite cardholders residing within Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa and who are enrolled in Hilton HHonors and register for the promotion.
    *Asia Pacific denotes Australia, Hong Kong, China, Korea Singapore, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines

  3. Ray said,

    I’ve tried to create the excel sheet as per that website, but it still not working, anyone want to share a excel sheet that works?

  4. Rob said,

    After following the formula (basic math), it worked!
    I did set the address to an Aussie location, but I’m not sure if that really mattered. Anyway, the change was instant. Thanks!

  5. Michael said,

    My friend pointed me to http://creditcardity.com, which will test if numbers you input are valid. This way you don’t need to play around in Excel.

  6. jeanne said,

    Thank you Hilton Gold. The free internet and breakfast vouchers were much appreciated at a recent Hilton stay with my newly acquired gold membership.

  7. Bob said,

    I, too, signed up in December. It was granted instantly. It was also effective as I spent the next few hotel nights trying out my new gold status at various Hilton hotels. I’ve earned the 40k points and found that Gold status is a pretty nice perk for a casual traveler. I recently got the Hilton Surpass Amex. So now I’m a committed member and actively look for Hilton hotels rather than whatever was available. Their goal all along…

    In addition to free internet, free breakfast and the occasional room upgrade I’ve also used it for status matches in a few other hotel programs just in case there isn’t a Hilton in town.

  8. Jacob said,

    I got this to work on my account a while ago, but trying to do it for my spouse right now it appears to still be broken. Using the trick described above I’m able to verify a number and “register” but then my status doesn’t change from Blue to Gold…I tried setting Australia as my country, but it no longer appears to be updating (instantly, at least). We’ll see if that changes.

  9. Bob said,

    Is there a chance that someone with a Visa Infinite card tries to sign up for this and finds that their number has already been taken by someone using an Excel sheet?

  10. Alec said,

    Just did it using creditcardity – and bingo – instant Gold. Will be much appreciated in our next stay in Fiji for free wifi. Thanks.

  11. Dennis said,

    How can they not be doing this on purpose? The extra revenue they get from people “testing” their free goldstatus is definitely worth the free internet they give those customers…

  12. WillRunForMiles (katstarr) said,

    I have gold through next February – will this extend my status

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  15. ThisGuy said,

    You need to log in to your account and change your address to one of the participating countries. Good luck, all.

  16. Erin said,

    I just tried and it said application is not available at this time. Any suggestions?

  17. Gary said,

    @Erin looks available to me?

  18. Bob S said,

    I tried it last night using the first 6 Australian digits and 10 remaining digits that fit the algorithm. It accepted the made-up card number, but it didn’t update the status immediately in my account. I figured I was out of luck, but I logged in this morning and voila, there was my bright and shiny new Gold status!

  19. Jacob said,

    It worked for me this morning too!

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    […] And despite Hilton’s efforts to crack down and limit the free Gold status offer to only Visa Infinite card members, there still are loopholes, according to this post by Gary. […]

  22. Vincent said,

    Worked for me too. Nice tip!

  23. Nicole said,

    Doesn’t work for me. I suppose I’m the dumbest girl on Earth that I canNOT get this stupid thing to work. I even opened up a new acct in my husbands name…we are taking a trip to Europe this summer and kinda wanted that free WiFi. Fustration to the max.

  24. SkiCat Travels said,

    It worked great for me a couple weeks ago. I already got my new card in the mail. Pretty amazing actually…though I suppose we’re devaluing the status if ‘everyone’ has it now…

  25. jojojagaimo said,

    I was frustrated that this was not working for me…then read the comments here and realized that I needed to change my country to one of the eligible ones. I kept my street address and zipcode. I just changed my country to Australia and State/Province to AP (Area Pacific) in my profile. Went back to the upgrade landing site, and boom, worked like a charm :) I signed back into my hhonors account and saw that I was upgraded to gold. I changed my address back to US, signed out, and signed back in, and still gold :)

  26. Nicole said,

    jojojagaimo- I did the same thing. Even figured out the credit card number to put in there and still Honors Blue! What is the “upgrade landing site”?

  27. ashwin said,

    Thanks! worked swell – though took me 15 mins on a spreadsheet !!! :-)

  28. erik said,

    Worked for me today. No need for a spreadsheet. Just make up the last 10 digits. Do the math, and then change the last number on the card to make your answer divisible by 10. Easy as outsmarting the TSA.


  29. Leslie said,

    Worked perfect for me. Took about 15 minutes to put figure it out in excel. Did it for both my account and my husbands. Instant GOLD!

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  31. Ben said,

    Just tried and worked like a charm (April 11th). About 15mins to read thru the CC number info, verify the number and, fill in the promo page. Instant upgrade! Looks like I’ll be enjoying breakfast tomorrow. Thanks!

  32. vinounyc said,

    Thank you! worked like a charm (April 12)
    I have a bunch of Hilton stays coming up so I’ll save on internet & breakfast.

  33. MK said,

    Seems I am first one to get screwed on this. Number was correct, but then got the message:

    Invalid Registration – Please contact the Hilton HHonors Service Center for assistance.

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  35. Lise said,

    We were Silver Hilton before this promotion and briefly Gold after having it work for us. Apparently they are going through and removing status from those they feel qualified illegitimately is what they told us when we called after reverting back to Silver.

  36. fwdlink said,

    I’ve been trying using both the 442394 and 411945 numbers and validated the number using the cardity site and keep getting card invalid. Anyone else having this issue? Already modified my account address so that’s not it, sigh…

  37. George H said,

    Tried on 4/19. Also getting “card invalid” message after the web page loading for a while.

  38. Anonmyous said,

    This is an easy one to do,

    Use 442394 and then the last 12 digits of your own credit card and boom you in.. just it it three times, with three different cards and all setup as gold.

  39. Kadence said,

    Holy Cow! It worked. You have no idea what this means to me! I used the first 6 digits then the remaining were from my own cc. My status changed instantly. We are going to Barbados 3 weeks so this will be put to good us.

  40. naresh said,

    Is is still works? does any body have working number?

  41. Nathan said,

    The credit card article worked well. You might want to make up a random account number since it may not allow duplicates. I tried 1234567895 initially with no luck, but a random number worked.

  42. Matt said,

    Hello all. Just wanted to confirm that as of 9:52PM ET on 05/28/12 this is still working. Here’s what I did. First logged into my Hilton Honors account and changed my country to Australia and my Province/State to AP. I then went through the link to verify the card number. I tried dozens of card numbers but finally got this one to work -4423942965985959. I was then prompted to log into my HH Account. I logged out and back in and I went from Blue to Gold! Hope this helps someone else!

  43. Debs said,

    Just tried Matt’s process and it worked for me. However I tried the 442394 and then the last digits of a card I have… when I logged back into my Hilton account I had Gold Status – thanks everyone!!

  44. thalha said,

    I just tried couldnt get it to work, is it because i changed the address to brisbane, tried debb and matt’s method

  45. agprint said,

    On 5/31/12 I used Matt’s method, and it worked fine. I used the 442394 digits, along with the remaining digits from my own Vias card. I did, however, have to change the last digit after running the number through an online credit card checksum calculator. Now Gold!

  46. Thalha said,

    Got it to work with this number 4423941282665161, thanks

  47. Thalha said,

    may 31st, thanks agprint for the tip

  48. HHGoldDigga said,

    06/01/12 Worked like a charm. TY TY!!

  49. WorkABit said,

    Late on June 1st and after verifying CC, it allowed me to login into my account and said congratulations to Gold status. But my status on my Hilton account stills says Silver. Should I hold my breath?

  50. Timbuk2 said,

    worked like a charm today –June 11

    just do the 442394 digits along with your own CC for the last 10 digits, and run it through creditcardity to verify the checksum last digit to change. you only have a possibility of 10 different ending digit ;-)

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  52. Mel said,

    06/18/12, I cannot get it to work, is there something I am doing wrong? When I go to the hilton page it just says “We cannot proccess your request at this time” in big red letters. It does NOT allow any numbers to be typed into the required full 16 digit credit card fields.

  53. sublimesublime said,

    6/21 – I got it to work using creditcardity to validate 442394 and a string from a Visa gift card I had laying around. Gold status immediately showed in my account. Now, to change my addy back to the US!
    Thanks for the free Gold!!

  54. Heidi said,

    Oh my gosh – it worked! (June 22). it took about 30 mins (i’m slow). went on http://creditcardity.com and played around with numbers, starting with 442394, plus my regular visa cc #, didnt work the on the first couple attempts. but i switched around the last four digits until it said ‘valid card!’ – went and log on to my hhonors account, changed it to australia (kept same zip code), followed the link above, input the cc number, and volia, i am a gold! yay

  55. ivk5 said,

    Worked like a charm for me today (26 June 2012). Thanks.

  56. TSO said,

    Still working as of 7/9. Used 442394 and last digits from a visa gift card. Had to hit verify button TWICE for it to work.

  57. Matt said,

    Still working on 7/11/12. Used tip from comment #50. Gold status instantly. Make sure to log into your HH account first and change your profile address country to Australia. Don’t forget to change the address back when finished.

  58. Angel said,

    @Matt: did you use Chrome or IE? I can’t get it to work…. :(

  59. Jason said,

    Worked for me with tips from post #50 and post #57. Gold instantly! Thanks so much!!!

  60. Jason said,

    7/15/12– worked using the posts in 50 and 57- used a debit card for the balance of the numbers.. logged in and out and bam.. instant gold

  61. Jeff said,

    7/15/12 – still works – used the first 6 listed above 44394, then applied that to Lehn formula – free spreadsheet to do this at this link http://www.beachnet.com/~hstiles/cardtype.html – fiddled with numbers until it said I had one that passed. (2) changed my mailing address to Australia – actually used a Hilton property in Melbourne as my mailing address and their telephone number; (3) went to the link, entered the credit card number from the spreadsheet – accepted; (4) entered my HH number and code; and SUCCESS – instantly changed my status on HH account to Gold. Thank you so much for this! I called to do a status match from Marriott Platinum Elite and they wouldn’t give me instant Gold as I did their Diamond challenge. I am still going to do the Diamond Challenge, but I didn’t want to go back to no tier status at all during the challenge period.

  62. Mariana said,

    July 18, it worked! used tips in comment #50 and #54. Use the credit cardity site to validate a card #. Use the 4423941 numbers, then numbers from any current card. check in that site if they are valid (if not, change the last digit till you get a valid number). Changed address to Australia. It worked! not sure for how long will have gold status though…

  63. BigDave said,

    7/24 – i used a tip I found that used http://creditcardity.com and my own card and it was accepted after one try. I logged into hilton and saw that my status was gold. thanks a bunch! staying in two weeks for 14 days in a Hilton property :) – free web and breakfast will save us a bunch of $$$

  64. baylorsays said,

    8/8/12- Totally worked! Thanks a bunch for all tips!

  65. Jess said,

    Worked for me. I used comments #50 & #54. Yay!!!

  66. Andrea said,

    8/30/12 – Worked for me – thanks everyone! I also used comments #50 and #54, very helpful.

  67. Brad said,

    Still works as of 10Sep12!

  68. futaris said,

    Surprised that this is still working…

  69. Exodus said,

    This doesn’t seem to work for me. I did the trick to find out a valid Visa# starting with 442394 and then entered it with the offer link. It did verify and ask for my Hilton# and password. I keyed in but then the page refreshed to ask me enter a Visa#. I tried with another valid # and same thing happened again. I checked my Hilton Honors account but the status is not changed. Do I need to update my profile with an Australian address in order to make this work? Thanks.

  70. JCVD said,

    and bingo: gold status, #50 best way to go for it!

    thx a million times!!!

  71. JCVD said,

    sorry, todays date 27SEPT and it’s working!

  72. Herman Dailybits said,

    Yep, still working on 03/10/2012.

  73. Dave said,

    Still works on 10/5/2012. Seek out a Visa Checksum Excel spreadsheet that performs “Luhn” checksums.

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  76. Manu said,

    tried it on 11/26/12 and using reply 50 advice and worked like a charm. thanks!

  77. Charlie said,

    Tried it on 11/28/12 using reply 76’s advice. It went through but I’m still BLUE! :(

  78. Charlie said,

    Nevermind. I had forgotten to switch my account to Australia. Today is 11/30/12 and it worked like a charm when I tried again after that. Thanks to replies 50 and 54!

  79. Lindsey said,

    Can someone please give me a number to use? lindsey1585@yahoo.com

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  81. Hilton Gold said,

    Today 19DEC12 still working!!!
    for numbers mail me on instanthiltongold@gmail.com

  82. katey said,

    nr 81 worked fine! for a small fee though (50USD), but hey do you get an upgrade, free internet and breakfast for that price?

  83. Jerry said,

    Many cc promo’s count for united states or Great brittain only. But there are over 400 controles then those two! That is why i like offers like these. #50 and the latest of Hilton gold worked out fine. I used it to upgrade my wife and kids to gold. Happy newyear!

  84. Jerry said,

    Read countries

  85. Markus said,

    Guys, is this still working? I am silver and will be at either Marriott or Hilton about twice a month in 2013.

  86. Daniel said,

    01/09/2013 – I used 53’s advice and was successful: use 4423-94 and the remaining digits from a visa gift card.

  87. Ivar said,

    I used 53’s advice and am now an HH Gold. Terrific!

  88. william said,

    1/14/13 – Every time I try it it’s telling me “Your session has timed out”

  89. David said,

    Nr 81 worked great William!

  90. Rose said,

    Hey..so I did everything 51 said..it said it worked and went through..i was based in australia, everything. However my account still says that I’m a blue member. How long does this take to go through? Thanks!

  91. Trevor said,

    Still working as of Feb 9th 2013. Thx numbers 50 and 54!

  92. Trevor said,

    To help others: My account was instantly updated after making a booking and then logging out and back in.

  93. Ron said,

    Still working 2/12/13

  94. Ron said,

    I also used the last 10 digits of a Visa gift card. Couldn’t get to work using my Visa credit card numbers for whatever strange reason.

  95. Kurt said,

    2/25/13, still works.

  96. Don’t Abuse Bluebird, but… said,

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  98. Michael said,

    Still working 27 March 2013.

  99. Me said,

    I love you guys.. This totally works as of 4/5/13!!!!

  100. Toni said,

    Just did this today, May 16, 2013, and it worked!!!!

  101. j peters said,

    I am still helping clients to process Hh Gold

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