Ok, so you won’t be able to use the points towards an all-inclusive. But this is the biggest signup bonus I’ve seen for a Marriott Rewards card: 70,000 bonus points after first purchase (offer expired), a free night (up to category 4), and fee waived the first year. You also get 15 nights towards elite status.

The card also comes with no foreign currency transaction fees, so it may be worthwhile to grab this card for the no fee year on that basis alone if you don’t have another card which offers this benefit.

If you keep the card, the annual fee is $85 and nets you a free room night (up to category 5) each year.

Sadly I’ve had (several) Marriott Rewards Visa cards from Chase in the past so I’m unlikely to be able to get this bonus, but it may be one worth adding if you have room in your Chase portfolio.

(HT: Milepoint)

  1. Alohastephen said,

    Think I can bump the bonus?

  2. Scott said,

    I bumped the bonus last week. Sent a nice secure message online and got an answer within a few hours that they’d give me the extra 20,000 miles from my original offer.

  3. Rich said,

    I’ve had this card once in the past–does this disqualify me from this offer? Thanks

  4. glu800 said,

    @Rich, I think with Chase cards, it’s hard to say. Typically they can’t be churned, but if you wait long enough(maybe 1-2 years since you last had the card), it is possible to get the bonus again.

    Also Gary, I think the 15 Elite night credit is only on your first anniversary… not upon approval/first spend.

  5. Jeffrey said,

    Is there a biz card too with the same bonus (can’t find)? I’d like to get both and rack up 140k? Possible?

  6. Alberto said,

    Any recommendations between getting this card versus the Chase Sapphire for my next churn?

  7. Nick said,

    I can confirm the 15 elite nights are credited upon first spend.

  8. frugal travel lawyer said,

    Great tip! My husband activated his 50,000 bonus card yesterday and called this morning to bump the bonus. He was told he to call back in two days to check on the bump.

  9. Sean said,

    If this kind of things continue, everyone of us will have way too many Chase cards – in a good way :D

  10. Dave said,

    Wow lots of great options for Chase cards. How does this offer compare to the Chase SWA 50,000 signup bonus?

  11. Bryan said,

    I got the Chase Saphire card about two months ago. Would I qualify for this card?

  12. glu800 said,

    @Nick, oops my bad! Just sounded like the 15 elite nights were for anniversary. I just applied and was given the dreaded wait and see notice. Already have 4 active Chase cards… think I’m really pushing my luck here ;)

  13. rick I said,

    Great find Gary. An extra 20K for everyone :)

  14. Iowan said,

    Do you know how long this offer is valid? I would to add this to my next churn.

  15. HeatherC said,


    Comparing 50,000 Southwest miles to 70,000 Marriott points plus a free Category 4 night is like comparing apples to oranges. Which would fit into your future travel plans better, free domestic flights or free hotel nights? Same goes with comparing it to the Sapphire card, you need to figure what you would want to spend free miles or points on before you apply, or which you would like to increase your account balance on for future travels.

  16. tassojunior said,

    May be wrong but my recollection from posts on FT was that it can be churned for the miles but not the first free night certificate for a cat 4. Something about one bonus being from Marriott and one bonus being from Chase. (I have been wrong before). Anyway I just canceled my Marriott to get a Hyatt so I’ll wait a couple months to try the churn.

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  18. Gary said,

    @Iowan no way to know how long it’s valid, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it last.

  19. Shankar banjara said,

    Wow lots of great options for Chase cards, how long this offer is valid ?

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  21. Bobby said,

    Approved instantly. Also have CHASE Freedom, SW VISA and Continental M’card. Seriously considered the lower 50K point offer with $75 statement credit. But it depends on how you value the incremental 20K Marriott points.

  22. ucfzf said,

    Would you guys pick this card or the 80000 points Priority Club Visa? I have received numerous invites for the 80000 priority visa & was about to apply. Now I am confused.

  23. Gary said,

    80,000 Priority Club points is 2 Intercontinental nights, which is great. It’s a nice signup bonus. It’s a terrible idea to spend money on the Priority Club card, the earning rate is just really poor. But it’s a reasonable choice for a card to get a signup bonus. But since you’re constrained int he number of Chase cards you can get, I would certainly go for the Sapphire Preferred with 50k bonus after $3k in spend before this one. That 50k can be transferred to Hyatt, and I’d consider 50k Hyatt points worth more than 80k Priority Club. Still, I would also consider those points from the Sapphire card worth more as 50k miles transferred to United!

  24. ucfzf said,

    Thanks Gary. I already have the Chase Sapphire with 50K. So I am trying to decide between these 2 hotel cards from Chase. Btw, I also have the SPG & Hilton Amex. I also received 50K points offer for upgrading to the Surpass which I might consider too.

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  26. md said,

    I’ve already got the Marriott card, but my wife doesn’t…and doesn’t need it. But the 70k would sure be nice. I don’t see any restriction on having to hold the card for a period of time to keep the points…is there any such restriction?

  27. md said,

    The link to the card is now invallid…looks like it is gone.

  28. Gary said,

    Yep, dead.

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