The ongoing saga of the AAdvantage e-shopping mall glitch offering 83,000 miles for any Verizon purchase is winding down, or so it seems — to date the deal isn’t being honored, but those who got in on it will receive 2500 miles for their trouble and another 2500 miles if they make another purchase of any kind from the AAdvantage e-shopping mall within a month.

At least that is the email that some folks have gotten, others like me so far have heard nothing.

Meanwhile, The Points Guy points to another e-shopping offer from Verizon, this time 2300 Delta miles for the purchase of a $4.96 charger. That’s a great deal, and of course there’s no limit to the number of chargers you can buy.

The Points Guy thinks this one is not a mistake. I disagree, since the Verizon Wireless terms and conditions on the Delta e-shopping site are quite similar to the language used to back out of awarding full miles on the AAdvantage site:

Eligible only on new service contracts. Accessory purchases and contract upgrades are not eligible. Purchases of gift cards and of phones outside of new contracts and upgrades are not eligible.

Still, on the AAdvantage site they offered 2500 miles. This one is only 2300, for $4.96. My guess? Perhaps they’ll honor one purchase only. I think I’ll buy one

Meanwhile, you may be interested in this discussion of how mileage malls work, the third parties involved, and how they can often go awry.

  1. Ian Bogost said,

    The link to buy already seems to go nowhere…

  2. Easy Victor said,

    I am seeing the same thing. Reverts to a dead page.

  3. Chris L. said,

    I think you need to be logged into the Skymiles shopping portal first – then the link above will let you buy it.

  4. heidi said,

    I just bought mine had no issues

  5. Ian Bogost said,

    The above reports are correct. First log in, then follow Gary’s link. Worth a try for $5. Free shipping too.

  6. Mark said,

    Yep… got one, although .22 cpm is getting a bit pricey for SkyPesos. The similar deal on PC site gives PC points for .11 cpp. Makes a Poiuntbreak about $5 !

  7. Richey66 said,

    where on PC site?

  8. More Verizon Miles Shopping Mistakes? Now it is with Delta « Points Addict said,

    […] now it is 2,300 Delta miles for a $5 phone charger.  Gary over at A View from the Wing is covering this in much more depth than I will be but it is interesting to see what will happen with it all.  […]

  9. Doug said,

    Hey, this is for Skypesos which are worth so little that this one may be correct.

  10. ArizonaGuy said,

    AA, DL, Priority Club – all have this same debacle. Can’t wait to see how badly this turns out (I want the AA miles, but we’ll see in due time I guess.)

  11. Jay said,

    Navigate SMShopping to the Verizon store link and it says this about earning 2300 SM’s:

    “Verizon Wireless offer only eligible on new service contracts.

    Eligible only on new service contracts. Accessory purchases and contract upgrades are not eligible. Purchases of gift cards and of phones outside of new contracts and upgrades are not eligible.”

  12. Jeffrey said,

    There is a rule of contractual interpretation which provides that an ambiguous term will be construed against the party that imposed its inclusion in the contract. It seems to me that, if there is conflicting language as to whether the purchase earns miles it should be interpreted against the owner of the shopping portal. Even if the AA offer was a mistake, how can the same mistake (albeit to a different degree) occur within a matter of a few days?

  13. Gary said,

    @Jay didn’t I quote that in my post? :)

  14. A. S. said,

    Data point: I went ahead and bought one. I received a confirmation email and within two minutes I received an email saying that my order was cancelled. I replied saying that there must be a mistake, because I didn’t cancel it! I’m not holding my breath, but I’d like to see where it goes.

  15. NYBanker said,

    My order has been acknowledged. Lets see…

  16. Jay said,

    Ha! I guess I was so excited I went right to the SMShopping site without finishing the read.

  17. Sean said,

    I placed an order for the palm charger with 83,000 miles, but so far I’ve heard nothing…I guess we’ll see.

  18. Karen said,

    I checked the link, but don’t see Verizon charger option at all? How do you guy see it?

  19. Robby said,

    I received my product from this offer, however, I did not receive any email. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I should go about getting my miles?

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