The AAdvantage shopping mall currently shows 83,871 American Airlines miles for buying a $59.99 MOTOROKR S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headphones from the Verizon Wireless store.

It’s the fourth item in this list.

I think the offer is supposed to be 2 miles per dollar spent, and I don’t have an interest in these headphones at $60, but I’ve gone ahead and purchased one anyway. If they’re offering almost 84,000 American Airlines miles at $60, I’m certainly in.

I’ve made screen shots and .pdfs of the offer for myself. I’ve made the purchase via American Express, which I’ve had good luck in purchase disputes when needed in the past. I recognize that the Verizon Wireless store has a tough return policy (14 day, I believe there’s also a $35 re-stocking fee).

In the end, I’m not being greedy on this one, I’ll go for it once and hope it gets honored but my guess is that the chance is less than 20%. Your mileage may vary.

(HT: >Rick)

Update: I’ve changed the title to be ‘83,000 American Airlines Miles for $5?’ because Nabeel in the comments points to this item with the same mileage offer, free shipping, but that costs only $4.97. (They do make you select your phone device to make sure this item is compatible, I picked a PalmOS device and that worked.) Of course given the $35 re-stocking charge, I wouldn’t plan on returning it…

Update: And… gone. Update: Back…???? Seems to be working again indeed, at least for the charger/paper weight at 5:30pm Eastern.

  1. Mike said,

    oooooh im tempted but my past experience is that im never successful with these mistakes…although those have been price mistakes, not mileage mistakes. very tempted…

  2. Mr. Tim said,

    If you click through to the product details, you’ll see “Estimated Reward: 13 miles”, so I doubt you have success with this one. Darn.

  3. Jason Minard said,

    Yeah, I’m giving this a shot.

  4. Brian said,

    “Your mileage may vary.” Did you do that on purpose? :)

  5. Brian said,

    I doubt it as well. Given how these ‘deals’ proliferate over the internet these days, I highly doubt anyone will get more than 13 miles. I have seen 1/2 dozen blog posts on this already.

    I am not bothering.

  6. SB said,

    Dang, I was going to go ahead and do it but the “13 miles” part of the click-thru is not encouraging at all

  7. Million Mile Secrets said,

    I was going to order the headphones, but don’t really expect to get the 83,871 miles, so I passed.

    I would have ordered the headphones if I had a use for them, but don’t want to be bothered with having to return them.

  8. Nabeel said,

    Even better:

  9. Jason said,

    Thanks for the tip – though I will pass as well.

    On the final checkout page “Easy Return Policy
    If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return your merchandise for a refund. A $35 restocking fee ($70 for netbooks and tablets) will apply (excluding Hawaii).”

  10. Sice said,

    This is all messed up, the deals page says earn 1258 miles but doesn’t say how or what, you just blindly click through to the Verizon page. I guess you’re just playing the lottery to see how many miles post to your account.

  11. Mike said,

    i bit, i never saw the 13 miles? wouldnt it be 120 miles anyway…2 miles per dollar? anyone want some headphones?

  12. Nicole said,

    If you do a search by Verizon Wireless, there are a ton of products that give you the 83,871 miles:

  13. Alan said,

    And how will the 14 day return policy help out if the miles don’t post for up to 8 weeks?

    Q: After I make a purchase from an AAdvantage eShopping retailer, when will the AAdvantage miles be credited to my account?
    A: The miles will typically be posted to your account within 8 weeks from purchase date.

  14. deltaGOLDflyer said,

    I had to try as I don’t want to see Gary smile on stage in OCT in ORD and tell about this and have not done it! Worth the risk for me!

  15. Steve said,

    I bought it. It clearly says 83,871 miles. I also used AMEX. And I wrote to the shopping mall to ask hoe long before the miles post. The page has been up for how many hours?

  16. Alan said,

    ebay has some that sold for $5.50 on 8/4, doesn’t make the restocking fee sound too crazy ;-)

  17. Alan said,

    @Nicole…that’s hilarious since there are a few $19.99 items on for the same mileage!

  18. SB said,

    ok, the $5 one got me. I couldn’t justify $60 but I can spare $5 for a mistake. Anybody want a desktop charger thingy?

  19. Nabeel said,

    @Alan, who cares about $19.99, see the $4.99 item I posted above.

  20. Gary said,

    @Steve is gonna be one unpopular guy : ” I wrote to the shopping mall to ask hoe long before the miles post. ” :)

  21. Boraxo said,

    how do you save the screen shot with 83k miles? every time i print the page it omits the mileage.

  22. Allen said,

    If you look under product detail is also shows credit of 13 miles for the headset the same as the charger! I dunno i took a picture with my iphone with the date and time on my laptop to show thats what they were offering. Hopefully they give us the miles

  23. Gary said,

    @Boraxo try ‘print screen’ then copy into Paint or other graphics program to save

  24. Mike said,

    @ Steve: NOOOOOO grrr for emailing them.

    but it does bring something up…when down the road these miles dont post do we complain to Verizon or AA shopping mall?

  25. Alan said,

    LoL, I missed the $4.99 one!

    @Mike, complain to the shopping mall. And if any grief is given about the restocking fee just dispute it with AMEX that the advertised deal wasn’t honored, you’ll get that restored too…except that the return policy is 14 days and the miles have up to 8 weeks to post…

  26. Seth said,

    When it doesn’t work are you planning on complaining to AA or Verizon??

  27. Alan said,

    ALT + Print Screen then paste into Word (or other word processor) or a paint program. Save the doc and you’re done. If your email program (like Outlook) uses a word processor as its text engine then you can easily paste it there too.

  28. miketown said,

    Well, I’m in for $5.44

  29. hobo13 said,

    When Gary says he’s in, I get out my credit card……

    it’s never failed yet.

  30. MDAccount said,

    I found this in the FAQs:
    Q: After I make a purchase from an AAdvantage eShopping retailer, when will the AAdvantage miles be credited to my account?
    A: The miles will typically be posted to your account within 8 weeks from purchase date. Some exceptions do apply. See participating retailer offer information on the AAdvantage eShopping mall for complete information.
    I bought the headphones, knowing it won’t work but figuring arguing it out with AA or Amex will be a challenge!

  31. Mr. Bob said,

    I bought the charger, $5.38. If I don’t get the miles at least I will have a unique paperweight! LOL!

  32. rajuabju said,

    For $5.41… I’m in to try.

  33. Seeksreal said,

    I jumped on this as well and saved screen shots of each screen through the process.

  34. T said,

    I’m in for a charge @ $4.99, too – fingers crossed!!!! Thanks for the tip!

  35. worldtraveller2 said,

    I’m in, can’t wait to see what happens!

  36. Billy said,

    If I buy 2 things, do I get double the points?

  37. Gary said,

    @hobo13 I’m in for the fun, as I said, “hope it gets honored but my guess is that the chance is less than 20%”

  38. JA said,

    Ok, I ordered the $5 charger. Now I will wait for my 83k miles. Sweet.

  39. Rob S said,


    But the AMEX protection is good for 90 days after purchase. If miles post within 8 weeks – that still gives you some time to get return protection under AMEX.

  40. E$ said,

    Looks like any arguments are going to have to be taken up with verizon:

    We are not responsible for setting or maintaining the number of the Miles awarded by any Participating Merchant in connection with a Qualifying Purchase or for the requirements of any Participating Merchant’s program or offer. Each Participating Merchant has reserved the right to change at any time, and without notice, the number of Miles offered as well as the terms and conditions of any Qualifying Purchase. Your

  41. E$ said,

    and also:
    Accordingly, we do not represent or warrant, or give any assurances, that any Participating Merchant will provide Miles for any particular transaction even where such transaction would appear to qualify for such a mileage award under Participating Merchant statements. Further, your participation in offers or promotions of, or correspondence with, any Participating Merchant is solely between you and that Participating Merchant. We do not assume any liability, obligation or responsibility for any part of any such correspondence, offer or promotion, including without limitation the withdrawal or modification of any such offer or promotion. Also, no Participating Merchant assumes any liability, obligation or responsibility for our conduct with respect to the Program.

  42. Alan said,

    @Rob S – that’s right, not sure how I forgot that!

  43. dealswelike said,

    Purchased the item, let’s hope for the points! If not, good thing there is a Verizon store 2 blocks away from me.

  44. GUWonder said,

    A little more than $5 for a chance to get the miles or not. Oh, why not. Thanks again, gleff.

  45. Eric said,

    In for one!!

  46. Gene said,

    Given my track record with the clowns at AA Shopping, you’ll be lucky to get ANY miles. AA’s is THE WORST shopping portal.

  47. ShopsAlot said,

    thanks for all this great info.
    For $4 it’s a better deal than the lottery.
    Both myself and my husband are looking forward to our new paperweights and our 83,871 miles.

  48. Bhumik said,

    This may be a dumb question.. but can any one tell me how to buy this product.. Verizon website does not seem to show a “buy” option.

  49. DJP_707 said,

    Any one going to try for buying both items and getting 83871miles X 2 ??

  50. Elizabeth said,

    I’m in on this too now. I figured that spending $5 on a less then 20% chance of getting a gazillion miles is still better odds then buying $5 worth of lotto tickets that my co-workers were trying to get me to buy into.

  51. Alan said,

    Decided to buy the headphones since I can always use them as a Christmas gift for my brother. We’ll see what happens!

  52. RickDees said,

    Just made the $5 purchase. My concern is proving to AA that the Verizon purchase came from their website. Any ideas on that? I took screenshots of all steps of the purchasing process as well as a shot of the offer on AA’s mall website. I’m ready for a fight!!

  53. vp said,

    In too. Can’t believe they didn’t pull that offer yet.

  54. John said,

    I ordered two paper weights… hope for the best!

  55. paloma said,

    Bought the $5 paperweight for a chance. Saved print screens. Will everyone just weight eight weeks to confim? Can we have a check in here at the blog to see results?

  56. mommypoints said,

    Seems to be gone now. Fingers crossed for those who got it!!

  57. Donald Rull said,

    I did 2 seperate orders, one for each item. Hoping for double the miles!

  58. Del said,

    And its gone 0 miles per dollar now. I will enjoy my 83K miles paper weight. Thanks!

  59. Mr. Bob said,

    They’ve pulled the deal. It no longer lists a mile total for the headphones or the $5 charger.

  60. Sam said,

    Looks like it’s pulled now… I ordered before it got pulled.

  61. Mr. M said,

    I tried to buy a charger under three different accounts, but alas, the deal was pulled just after my first order. In hindsight, I should have just bought 25 on one order. Hopefully someone else did that and can let us all know if they end up being successful getting the 2M miles that would net.

  62. Gary said,

    All items (including the other ones linked above) have been zeroed out. Right after I took the screen shot.

  63. deltagoldflyer said,

    Yep deal looks dead all show ZERO for items. Can’t wait to see how this goes! Fun either way!

  64. Alan said,

    Item has shipped already…that is FAST

  65. Alan said,

    FT has 309 replies to the thread that started today, amusing!

  66. Alan said,

    Someone on there just posted:

    Just talked to a Verizon CSR at 800-922-0204 to try to cancel my headset order and place another charger order. They have a 14 day no hassle return policy and they don’t charge a re-stocking fee.

  67. YAP said,

    Also purchase that $4.97 item while the miles were displayed. I’m not sure how long I need to wait, but I don’t see my transaction on AAdvantage Shopping My Statement. Have I missed a step? I simply signed in to AAdvantage shopping, and clicked “Buy Now”.

  68. Tesh said,

    Hi Guys, So I messed up the screenshot save for the charger, and when I went to do it again, they have removed it – anybody get a shot that they would be willing to share?


  69. GUWonder said,

    Verizon cancels orders. That means no miles for those whose orders get cancelled.

  70. Harold said,

    Here’s to hoping, I got in for 3 before it closed. :-/. Though I have some screen shots :-).

  71. Alan said,

    My order still shows shipped, conf email in hand…we’ll see if they post the miles but I’m guessing I’m in for a fight. Purchase conf email is timestamped 1:49pmET.

  72. E said,

    still not sure what a screenshot proves you can always open firebug and change it to wtv you want…

  73. Aaron said,

    Thanks for letting us in! I hopefully got one, and displays as shipped, but no tracking number yet! Crossing my fingers!

  74. Harold said,

    The meta data in the screen shot or PDF should state when the image was created and last edited.

  75. Michael said,

    When I load the charger, I still see 83871 miles. On checkout though, it gives me a warning about promo *****. Does anyone still see the miles? Do you need a promocode at checkout?

  76. mangoMan said,

    Gary’s link to the paperweight still shows 83K miles for me…maybe not gone yet?

  77. Alan said,

    Looks like the $59.99 headphones are not even on Gary’s link anymore, so either they’ve been sold out or just taken off the site.

    BTW, at least for IE you can hit CTRL + F5 for a full refresh of the page/data shown in your browser session.

  78. JD said,

    The miles are back!

  79. Alan said,

    That’s got to be an orphaned page result, searching for Verizon on the shopping portal only returns the one entry for new phone service, nothing else.

  80. Jim said,

    $5.24 for 83,871 miles, heck of a deal.

  81. Jim said,

    Does anyone honestly think that they are going to get miles for this? $10,000 investment gives you 166 million AA miles. It is silly!

  82. zbender said,

    Just ordered 3 x paperweights. Screenshotted the heck out of the offer and the purchase confirmation(s).

    So, naïve me wants to know: how does AAdvantage eShopping know you’ve completed the purchase at the Verizon store, in order to credit the points back? I don’t see any obvious “callback” or “trackback” going on.

  83. JD said,

    More products to choose from, though not as cheap as Desktop Charger:

  84. JA said,

    Since it returned, I ordered one more.

  85. hobo13 said,

    I know you’re in for FUN Gary, but you seem to have a golden touch with these sort of things. Or a powerful pen. Either way.

    Look at it this way:

    For $10 I could buy a DVD and entertain myself tonight. Or for $5, I can buy entertainment for the next 8 weeks!

  86. Brent said,

    I just completed it(3:58pm MST) for $4.97 through the Verizon website. I took screen shots with the snipping tool in Windows 7. I have confirmation and shot with the 83,871 points showing. Let’s hope it works.

  87. ArizonaGuy said,

    I bought an extended battery I needed anyway. So I spent $50 and even if I get significantly fewer miles than I’m hoping for, I still got what I needed and not a paperweight.

  88. JD said,

    Even cheaper item, only $2.97!

  89. Brad said,

    Add me to the list of paper weights and hopefully 83k! Got to love rolling the dice!

  90. canuck_in_ca said,

    Got it for $3.73 with our 25% corporate discount on accessories.

  91. JD said,

    Display protectors for $2.97 for 83K miles:

  92. Jeanine said,

    Well, you can never have too many $5 paper weights…

  93. NYBanker said,

    I’m in for $5. 6:45pm eastern it was still working.

  94. James said,

    If Verizon doesn’t give us the miles, we should all bring our hockey pucks to the Chicago DO and mail them to Verizon corporate HQ. It is like those AOL disks that people would mail back to AOL cause they were getting so many of them!

  95. garipi said,

    Can’t seem to get thru the verizon link on the shopping portal….darn it…

  96. Rob said,

    My wife actually has that phone, I’ll look like a hero for buying it and hope for the 83k.

  97. Glen said,

    I just bought 3 chargers (paperweights) for a total of about $15! If the deal goes through, I should gain 251,000 miles. Amazing!

    Fingers crossed!

  98. jacob said,

    i just bought 3, one on each family member’s aadvantage eshopping account. I used the “Back…????” link above with no problem.

  99. MT said,

    I received a cancellation email from Verizon. Well it was fun playing.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for choosing Verizon Wireless, America’s most reliable wireless. We do appreciate your business.

    This email is to confirm the cancellation of your internet order. You have not been billed for this order. If you have not requested your order be cancelled, please call us at 1-888-374-7782. “

  100. LG said,

    I have big-time doubts about whether we’ll get the miles. Don’t get me wrong–I bought four of the chargers. When you think about what you get –$10 gets you more than enough miles to get you to Asia in first class — the likelihood that the miles will get paid out is slim to none. Either they honor the deal and then devalue the currency by increasing mileage requirements for redemptions since this event appears to be reverberating around the web, or they slam the door in our faces. It’s probably worth thinking about what to do when (and not if) this occurs, and find a way to get at least a tenth of those miles.

  101. BOShappyflyer said,

    I can’t resist not going for it. I ended up getting an item for a little over $3. I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  102. zbender said,

    Update – order of 3 x chargers cancelled without reason.

    Just ordered a single one. Order confirmed, screenshotted again, and I shall wait and see.

  103. BostonFlyer said,

    Order went through let’s see if the AA miles come through.

  104. tassojunior said,

    I ordered about 15 of the earphones and 9 of the chargers. I highly doubt even Verizon has enough to fulfill all orders and if so there little chance of 84K miles. But I can return them through AmEx and will not allow any re-stocking fee.

    I suspect Verizon has a disgruntled employee who put this bonus up and also neglected to stop orders when out. The AA portal is not American Airlines but a private company who also won’t absorb the loss. I’d say chances are 1 in 100 at best but it’s worth playing to me as a game of chance.

  105. lvtrader said,

    I ordered the desktop charger. I tried to use two different AMEX cards but neither would go through. Then tried a Visa and it worked. What that means I don’t know.

  106. Diane said,

    I’ve got news for ALL 105 posters.
    You will NOT get any miles. Nothing.

    Sorry, Gary….but you’re a loser this time.

  107. footypjs said,

    I’m late to the party (as always) but bought my $5 AA miles lottery ticket! Used my AA M/C and got the confirmation, but I’m not confident that it will work out any better than my weekly lottery purchases here in LA!

    I also think a zillion of these are going to pop up on eBay in about a 4 days!

  108. Gary said,

    I fully expect that we won’t get the miles. See my original post, 80% likelihood of nothing. But it’s a fun ride, there’s some chance we get SOMETHING by way of an apology, and I don’t think playing along makes anyone here a loser. :)

  109. Andy said,

    Site seems to be down now, but I got in a few misc orders.

  110. Mooper said,

    Anyone who places this order solely relying on the promise of 83,000+ miles is suffering financial detriment if the contract is not honored. As such, if you can prove that you placed the order *because your were relying upon the miles* and this was to your financial detriment when (if) they don’t honor it, you have a claim against them. They could refund your money and let you keep the item and claim that makes you whole, but one way or another, they’ll need to address the issue of “detrimental reliance”. Perhaps the smartest PR move would be to remove and fix this offer immediately (if it is a mistake), then honor it for those who purchased while it was live.

  111. jphripjah said,

    I checked my order status through the link given in the Verizon email confirmation and it says my order has shipped. That should make it harder for them to cancel, no?

  112. Mooper said,

    @Jphripjah (fabulous name, btw) – I think you can answer your own question… if the item has indeed been shipped, of course it’s harder to cancel.

    From a legal standpoint, there’s no question that they will be in a position to make people whole. I spent $5 solely because of the mile promise, so if I don’t get the miles, I better get *either* the promised miles *or* my $5 back with no further obligations. That’s the real risk here for everyone… not that you’ll lose your $5 (or $60 if you jumped in early, like Gary), but that they’ll decide to just refund your money instead of giving you the miles, which I think would be a fair argument that you’ve been made whole. In any case, worth the minute it takes to place the order.

  113. worldtraveller2 said,

    Did any one catch this on the RETAILER DETAILS on the HOE TO EARN page? Reward eligible for reward plans only (new service, family share, add a line, upgrade and prepay) reward is not eligible on accessories.
    That last sentence makes me think they may NOT honor because these are considered ACCESSORIES. However, this info is not mentioned anywhere near the 83,000 plus miles

  114. Mooper said,

    @worldtrveller2 – Those terms are printed next to and logically apply to the “1258 miles” offer for new plans/accounts. It isn’t related to the 83K+ offer for the accessory in question. After all, how can you have a “plan” for an accessory?

  115. zbender said,

    …all cancelled. I’m not trying again.

    Looked good as a glitch, but…y’know…was probably never going to happen…

  116. karen said,

    9pm eastern and i’m in for a palm charger/paperweight. let’s see what happens!

  117. ffi said,

    Hi Mooper,
    I see you are engaged on this one
    I am in for 14$ total just for fun.
    This blog post is getting several times as much new comments compared with the rest in the blog.
    The same goes with the thread on FT. Even more than the TIB thread.

  118. worldtraveller2 said,

    this one is still working at 6:21 pm mountain time

  119. worldtraveller2 said,

    @MOOPER: you are right; just sayin’ that they will try to argue otherwise!

  120. Ekrem said,

    9.45 ET in for a paper weight, $5 low risk but possibility of high reward! Fingers crossed.

  121. bart said,

    well, for $35 and no free shipping I will restock the paper weight if the offer is not valid!

  122. steve said,

    10 pm East Coast time. Just bought a navigation mount for $3. 83,871 miles were there before and after the purchase. If it hasn’t been removed by now, it would seem hard to argue it was an error, since so many have been able to order for hours and hours and hours.

    Anyone know a good small claims lawyer – or better yet – a class action suit lawyer ? :)

  123. Brady said,

    Screen shot saved, printed screen page and will scan in, so $5 risk for huge reward is awesome!!!! Thanks Gary!!

  124. ShopsAlot said,

    it was a fun day.Mine is being shipped. Let’s see what happens in 6-8 weeks.

  125. Ozaer N. said,

    mine just got shipped too…

  126. jcmitchell21 said,

    Has anyone clicked “Product Details” on each item listing? It says approximate miles earned will be 13 miles.

  127. Michael W said,

    Steve I like your thinking!

  128. Ann said,

    That these deals keep appearing, with pricing dropping to ridiculous lows: $2.97 for 83,000 miles?!?, makes me wonder if this isn’t something targeted at Verizon by a striking unionized worker with hacker skills or “Anonymous” friends.

  129. Joediver said,

    If Gary is willing to bet $5, I’m in.

  130. Ace said,


  131. Jim said,

    The most entertaining $5.44 I spent all day!

  132. Jim said,

    Just shelled out $3 for another possible windfall!

  133. Ann said,

    Gary bet $60. But I agree, whatever is going on here, I’d happily follow Gary over many a cliff for miles – this was no exception

  134. jw said,

    I can’t help to think this has to have something to do with the strike or at least will be blamed on it. Either way if I don’t get my miles I plan on tying up the customer dis-service line for as many hours as it takes until I feel vindicated

  135. Ryan Goldberg said,

    Seems to be down now.

  136. James said,

    I noticed that part of the address contains”= false&salechannelid” Is it just me or does that look a little fishy? I’m probably being paranoid but, that just looks suspicious to me. Are we sure we are working with a legitimate Verizon site?

  137. senorric said,

    I too invested $5.37 at 12:45 AM and received an email confirmation. Rechecked and offer is now gone —-

  138. Simon said,

    My paperweight shipped also – now I sit tight for my 83,871 miles to appear in my AA account :)

    And pigs will fly too! But what great entertainment value or $5.44!

  139. Mooper said,

    @ffi – Yup. Hi there. Let’s see what happens.
    @steve – Why would you need a lawyer? See what happens first, and if they don’t handle appropriately, then worry about that. It’s not likely that the payoff here would justify paying for legal assistance.
    @jcmitchell21 – You don’t need to click on “product details” to order. I ordered by clicking through the main page promising 83K+ miles, and I made my purchase relying upon that offer.
    @James – Those are just variables. As long as the root domain is correct (e.g.,, you need not worry.

    By the way, as of 1130PM MDT, the linked inductive charger is now gone. Not sure if the other items with large amounts are, too, but it seems this might finally be dead.

  140. flyer007 said,

    Ordered 8 screen protectors for me, wife, sis, mom, and dad. EACH.

    all are cancelled. Fun while it lasted.

  141. Alan said,

    Got an email at 9:21pmET that my order was complete and no further changes were possible…let the waiting entertainment game begin!

  142. Phil said,

    got the cancellation email. no sruprise. funny people talking about lawyers!!!! it was a slim shot and doesnt look like will work. that said i has planned on getting iphone verizon that may have better shot as would require new subscription.

  143. The First Class Project said,

    Did anyone else get the cancellation email? What if I really wanted that item? ;-)

  144. DJP_707 said,

    I got email this morning with fedex tracking number, my $5 paper weight is already half way to my address, at the Newark, NJ Fedex Facility at 2am. No word on the order I placed after that on my wife and daughters accounts.

  145. ExitAisle said,

    Ordered chargers at around 6:00pm and headset (that I actually will use) around 9:00pm. Received email confirmations on both but no shipping notification email and clicking the check status link does not work……anyone else having this happen? Any other way to “track” your order?

  146. IPBrian said,

    It was fun, but I can’t help but think some evil genius at Verizon just played all of us. Sales of junk accessories must have been through the roof yesterday. How else are you going to move Pink Glitter whatever those things were. UGH!

  147. IndyDavid said,

    My confirmation e-mail arrived at 4:08 a.m. No cancellation yet.

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Your order has been completed and is in the process of being shipped to you. You are no longer able to make any changes to this order. For more details on your order status visit

  148. Bhumik said,

    In for a bluetooth headset, hoping for the miles to come through. haven’t received any cancellation notice yet, so fingers crossed.

  149. Diane said,

    Wait a second Gary,

    You want an apology “for fun” that might costs people’s jobs and income, right? Simply because you’re granted to push buttons faster than others.

    Okay, well…..if that’s the case, I hope you get all your miles.

    What happened was the site was hacked by a 13 year old that’s going to get 12 of the best soon.

  150. SCTestor said,

    The charger just arrived here in VA with a price tag of $49.99. The entire office just laughed and asked why on earth I bought a Palm charger. Hopefully I’ll get the last laugh on this one, but either way, cute little paperweight.

  151. swag said,

    Gary, have you ever had 150 comments on any blog post before?

  152. Gary said,

    @swag yes I have but usually when I’m giving away a prize :)

  153. Wolfgang said,

    Order was cancelled; I called and asked why. After a brief wait to investigate, they released the order and are now shipping it. So if you want to maintain hope for some compensation in not getting 83k miles, call them and tell them you did not cancel the order and want it reinstated.

  154. Alan said,

    Wow, Verizon ships FAST! My order shipped 39 minutes after I placed it…

  155. links for 2011-08-11 | inluminent said,

    […] 83,000 American Airlines Miles for $5? (tags: airline unitedstates verizonwireless via:zite) […]

  156. DJP_707 said,

    Yes and fedex is quick too, two day shipping arrived this morning! Which one of you ordered six of these and are already selling them on Ebay for $9.99

  157. thegasguru said,

    Both my paperweight chargers are on their way, with Fedex tracking numbers and all!

    @Diane – come on. It’s *always* possible to take the moral outrage high road on miles and points deals, some deals more than others. But sheeshs…do you really think we’re talking about bringing about the fall of the Western Emprie here? This is FUN! Gary never painted it any other way.

    And I will sleep like a swaddling baby at the Vendome in Paris if I actually do win a lottery ticket on this one. :)

    In fact, if you can manage to lighten up just a little, it occurs to me that the second charger I ordered means I’ll have an extra first class seat next to me for the trip. For 5 bucks it’s all yours!

  158. hello said,

    anybody got a new link the one i have is is not working… thnx

  159. Louis said,

    Done see it. Is it dead?

  160. ShopsAlot said,

    get our Fedex confirmation–order was shipped yesterday

  161. Paul said,

    Is this gone?

  162. Can You Really Trust Online Mileage Mall Shopping Portals? Or the Biggest Mileage Bonanza Ever, Gone Awry - View from the Wing said,

    […] Recent CommentsPaul on 83,000 American Airlines Miles for $5?ShopsAlot on 83,000 American Airlines Miles for $5?Steve on American Introduces High-End Mastercard […]

  163. Glenn said,

    This was just posted on MilePoint from Cartera Commerce:

    Attention AAdvantage eShopping(SM) customers:

    Cartera Commerce, Inc., operator of the AAdvantage eShopping mall, displayed an incorrect offer for certain products available through Verizon Wireless on the AAdvantage eShopping mall website on Tuesday, August 10, 2011. The incorrect offer of 83,871 AAdvantage® miles for online purchases of certain Verizon wireless accessories was the result of a Cartera system error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    Due to Verizon’s Terms & Conditions, which reward American Airlines AAdvantage miles on service plans only, Cartera is relieved of awarding AAdvantage miles for shoppers who clicked on the offer and purchased Verizon Wireless accessories online. The specific Verizon Wireless AAdvantage eShopping mall offer Terms & Conditions – which were available on the offer details page – are as follows:

    “Reward eligible for reward plans only (new service, family share, add a line, upgrade and prepay). Reward is not eligible on accessories.”

    Those who purchased one of these incorrectly displayed products will receive an email from Cartera with further explanation, including instructions on how to return the product(s), if desired.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to your continued use of the AAdvantage eShopping mall to maximize your mileage earning.

  164. chitownflyer said,

    They made the offer, so I say we make them pay up with the miles.

  165. divmember said,

    I just got this email from AA. Thoughts on next steps?

    We are writing to notify you that an incorrect offer was displayed for certain products available through Verizon Wireless on the AAdvantage eShoppingTM mall on Tuesday, August 10, 2011. The incorrect offer of 83,871 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles for online purchases of certain Verizon wireless accessories was the result of a Cartera Commerce, Inc. system error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. This email explains the details of what happened, what it means for you as an
    AAdvantage eShopping member, and what Cartera would like to offer you in exchange for any inconvenience or unmet expectations we may have caused.

    Our records indicate you visited the AAdvantage eShopping mall yesterday, viewed the incorrect offer, clicked on one or more Verizon accessories, linked to Verizon’s online store and purchased a product. While the offer featured on the AAdvantage eShopping mall website gave a visual indication that online purchases of certain Verizon Wireless accessories would award 83,871 AAdvantage miles, Verizon’s Terms & Conditions for the offer clearly state that miles can be earned on new wireless service plans only, not accessories. The specific Terms & Conditions language – which was available on the offer details page – is as follows:

    “Reward eligible for reward plans only (new service, family share, add a line, upgrade and prepay). Reward is not eligible on accessories.”
    While these Terms & Conditions relieve Cartera from awarding AAdvantage miles for accessory purchases which were incorrectly advertised as including a miles feature, we realize our error may have prompted you to buy an accessory you didn’t need or intend on keeping. As a result, we will be offering you the following AAdvantage bonus miles as a gesture of goodwill as a valued AAdvantage eShopping member:

    We will automatically post 2,500 AAdvantage bonus miles to your AAdvantage account within the next 10 business days.
    We will earn an additional 2,500 AAdvantage bonus miles if you make a new purchase through the AAdvantage eShopping mall in the next 30 days*. AAdvantage bonus miles will be posted to your AAdvantage account within 45 days after the date the merchant notifies Cartera of a qualifying purchase.
    In addition to these rewards, we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to return the Verizon Wireless accessory, if it was not a product you intended on using or keeping. To return the accessory, please follow the instructions stated in Verizon Wireless’ return policy. Even if you decide to return the accessory, you are still eligible for the AAdvantage bonus miles reward as described above.

    If you have any additional questions about this matter, please contact us. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and look forward to your continued use of the
    AAdvantage eShopping mall to maximize your mileage earning.

  166. Status of the 83,000 Mile AAdvantage Shopping Mall Offer? - View from the Wing said,

    […] Recent Commentsgpks00 on El Al Matmid Club Free Signup Plus 30 Points for Joiningdivmember on 83,000 American Airlines Miles for $5?Jack on Can You Really Trust Online Mileage Mall Shopping Portals? Or the Biggest Mileage Bonanza […]

  167. Mark said,

    You have to threaten with legal action or they will not give you what you are entitled to

  168. ikonos said,

    The item was shipped to me on Thursday and it is going to be delivered to me on Monday. However I did not receive any email from AA yet like the ones mentioned above. What should I expect?

  169. Another E-Shopping Mistake Offer from Verizon, 2300 Miles for a $4.96 Charger - View from the Wing said,

    […] ongoing saga of the AAdvantage e-shopping mall glitch offering 83,000 miles for any Verizon purchase is winding […]

  170. My experience with Choice Hotels’ online shopping mall when they made a mistake… - One Mile at a Time said,

    […] portal recently offered 83,000+ miles for a $5 accessory (which in the end was not honored). Gary wrote about this extensively, and also provided quite a bit of background on online mileage malls, and how they’re really […]

  171. OG said,

    haven’t received the above email yet either, the charger was shipped and received last week.

  172. Al said,

    How many other groups discusses this purchase? It is a hot topic under Flyertalk with thousands of posts.

  173. 83,871 AAdvantage Miles - Time To Move On | Million Mile Secrets said,

    […] 1.   View From The Wing gave this a less than 20% chance of working out. […]

  174. The problem with online miles malls - The Wandering Aramean said,

    […] couple weeks ago the American Airlines mall, operated by Cartera Commerce, had an offer posted for 83,000 AAdvantage miles for making a $5 purchase. Never mind that the T&C for that partner clearly excluded the object being advertised from […]

  175. Champagne In Coach & Other Musings From StarMegaDO3 | Million Mile Secrets said,

    […] And I got to hang out with fellow bloggers, Mommy Points, Brian, The Points Guy, and Gary from View From The Wing. […]

  176. Update on Verizon Shopping Mall Mistakes | The Points Guy said,

    […] Airlines AAdvantage shopping site advertised a Verizon headset that would score 83,871 which Gary at View from the Wing covered.Then there was the Delta Skymiles Shopping chargers for 2,300 Delta miles. Not so bad for a $5 […]

  177. Donald Rull said,

    Unfortunaely, I did not receive the correspondence from AAdvantage eShopping or Cartera and am still going around with them about this. Would ayone have a suggestion on how to get someone’s attention as this issue is now almost a year old?

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