Malcolm Coles points to absurd website terms and conditions, including one hotel and airline that actually forbids you to link to them.

RyanAir’s website terms and conditions (.pdf) says:

You may not establish and/or operate links to this website without the prior written consent of Ryanair

Coles’ rejoinder? “They probably charge you if you do.”

Radisson Edwardian hotels says

[Y]ou agree not to link your web site or any other third party web site to our web site without our express prior written consent. We reserve the right to disable links from any third party sites to our website

Yes, they actually say they have the right to disable your links! A team of hackers in the basement of one of their properties, ready to pounce!

Maybe it’s all just guerilla marketing reverse psychology? In which case I command thee: do not link to this blog post! (Err… you can if you want to.)

(HT: Marginal Revolution)

  1. Chuck said,

    They actually have the right to block external link since people use the sites bandwidth they link link directly to a PDF or image.

  2. DJP_707 said,

    Wouldn’t someone linking to your site, and sending you free web traffic be a good thing? If I bookmark a site aren’t I essentially linking to it???

  3. Ryan said,

    All your link are belong to me

  4. don h said,

    I will never fly this airline no matter how much they claim to save others.
    As for the policy sounds like the same business behavior they extend to their passengers that I read about on a regular basis. Have been in sales and marketing for many years.The one observation I have made is the more you insult and treat poorly customers sometimes the better customer you have………It has something to do with some customer’s not feeling worthy of being treated fairly
    In other words the worse you treat the customer the better he or she may feel about the deal they are receiving
    Not for this consumer however………

  5. Jim said,

    Technically, they can detect what website is referring and then block those inbound requests. Nothing new there, but pretty silly.

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