Expedia.ca (the Canadian Expedia site) has published a vacation package coupon — SAVE300 — that takes $300 off of any air/hotel package to Vegas, Cancun or New York.

Take for example a $260 airline ticket to Vegas, add two nights cheapie off the strip $20 hotel nights and that totals $300.

SAVE300 makes that $0.

Book by November 21, 2010 for travel through December 31. (But who knows, Expedia might pull this sooner.)

If multiple people are flying, book them separately so each gets the $300 off. (Yes that means there are hotel nights you never use.)

If you can get it to price at $0 don’t worry about the dates, just book whatever dates you MIGHT need. Use the ones you want and don’t worry about the rest.

Flyertalk thread and details as follows:

SAVE300 – C$300 discount voucher

Canadian bookings only. Book a flight + hotel package at an Expedia Special Rate hotel in Las Vegas, Cancun, Riviera Maya and Manhattan on www.expedia.ca from 12:00:01AM PT November 20, 2010 to 11:59:59 PM PT November 21, 2010 for travel between November 20, 2010 – December 31, 2010 and receive a C$300 discount on that booking off Expedia.ca’s current advertised prices for that flight + Expedia Special Rate hotel package.

You must use voucher code SAVE300 when prompted on the Billing & Delivery page during check-out to receive the discount. Limit of one voucher per booking. Discount cannot be applied post-purchase and is applied after applicable taxes. Valid for qualifying flight+hotel bookings only; new bookings only. No minimum night stay required. Travel cannot begin before November 20, 2010 and must be completed by December 31, 2010. Voucher has no cash surrender value.

Rules say Canadian bookings only but the Canadian site lets you book it from any airport and with US credit cards.

Update: Just did some real battle to get a trip booked. First one was fine except hotel I booked turned out not to confirm inventory at purchase, started over with a new hotel. Went back to book a second ticket and it knew I had already used the coupon. Signed out, started over, and had some different problems. Opened a different browser and it didn’t remember me, second purchase went through fine.

  1. Benw said,

    THANKS GARY!! I read your blog all the time, but rarely comment. I’ve been trying to book a trip to Vegas for the last few weeks, but the flights have been pretty expensive (over $300), but thanks to this I just booked flight and a room at the Harrah’s for $218. THANKS!!

  2. profan said,

    when i apply the coucher code, it gives me this error message:

    ” This purchase does not meet the region requirements to be eligible for this voucher. For more information please refer to the voucher rules.”

  3. Sara said,

    Thanks Gary!It works, I just bought my husbands x-mas present…3 nights in Vegas and it cost me $66;-) (with a guaranteed airplane seat…bonus!)

  4. Shannon said,

    This worked for us! $29.60 CAD roundtrip + 4 nights stay. Thanks so much!

  5. Gary said,

    @profan sign out, open new web broswer, try again and use new email address and credit card.

  6. JohnnieD said,

    Just booked airfare for 4 BUF> JFK 12/17-12/19 for $1.68..

  7. Matthew said,


    Remember, if you’re trying to book NYC you must book in Manhattan–not a JFK airport hotel.

  8. Ric Garrido said,

    My moral compass pointed to Vegas and ARIA Resort for two nights $97CAD.

  9. LK said,

    Thanks!!! This is insane.

  10. Marilyn said,

    Just booked to NYC. Hotel has to be on Manhattan proper. You can also include the addtional activities they offer and the 300 credit will cover that as well. We just scored 2 tickets to the Met and dinner at hard rock.

    Rock on.

    Thank you so much for posting. We feel like we just won a free vacation. Oh wait. We did.

  11. CDKing said,

    My hotel didnt auto confirm either. Am i hotelless?

  12. hello said,

    what nyc hotels are avil for deal?

  13. MP said,

    Just booked myself a 2-night stay in Manhattan. THANKS!!!!!!

  14. Eli said,

    If this works out you have seriously made my weekend after final exams the best weekend ever.

  15. Aaron Gordon said,

    What a deal! Who knew a bunch of college kids could afford 3 nights at the Tropicana in Vegas for 80 bucks TOTAL!!

  16. Mike said,

    Has anyone from the US tried booking this deal?? Does it work??

  17. polo said,

    It works!! Thanks. I am just concerned that my credit card says pending charges of 177 from the airline that I’ll be flying with. At the expedia site says that charges may show in two different transactions: one for the full amount and then a credit for 300. Is this automatic or do they charge full amount and then days later they credit the voucher?

  18. Cindy said,

    I got one flight to vegas for free (Hilton) but couldn’t get my husband a ticket, checking in as a guest multiple times I got: OUR RECORDS SHOW THAT THIS VOUCHER HAS ALREADY BEEN USED

  19. Brendan said,

    Cindy, you can use a different browser and credit card for the booking.

  20. Cindy said,

    got it! thanks
    Doing the Mandalay Bay for $11 Canadian dollars, plus $15 resort fee per night (total: $41 for 2!)

  21. James said,

    Thanks to all;

    Me and a friend just booked and had no problems but did have to book each one seperate but worked with no problem from US Airport. Thanks this deal is CRAZY.

  22. CJ said,

    Just booked the Vdara in Vegas for $0 for me & my mom (plus $15 resort fee per person) – but the confirmations from Expedia say that our air has not been confirmed – check back in 24 hours. What?!! I hope they will confirm it…

  23. Expedia Scam ?? said,

    I used debit card and I see that airlines charged $221 instead of $11. Is this a scam. I tried calling customer service but on hold for more than 2hrs and no one answered. Is this a type of scam?

  24. EXPAAJFK said,

    The website does disclose that you may have a charge for you trip and also a $300 credit on your statement.

  25. Ben said,

    This is a great deal when it works, but Expedia.ca has the worst customer support I’ve encountered in recent memory! I will never use them again! I was able to book a weekend NYC trip from TPA for $44.34 CAD after the $300 voucher. It did make me change hotels a few times as availability would disappear during the final purchase step, and then re-price 3 times due to hotel price changes, but I wasn’t even planning on using the hotel and $45 for airfare is a great deal on its own. As others have pointed out, they first bill you the full airfare, and then issue a statement credit for the voucher/difference.

    I went to book my travel partner’s mirror ticket and thought everything was fine, as I went through the same steps and the package booked, but I quickly realized the voucher hadn’t been re-applied after one of the pricing changes. I immediately called Expedia.ca and spent an hour on hold before being hung up on saying that department is closed. I called back and after about an hour finally got an overseas agent who after much discussion agreed to cancel everything so I could rebook using the voucher. There was no way for them to apply a voucher after booking.

    He was eventually able to cancel the hotel, but was unable to cancel the airfare as it had passed midnight Vancouver time so now the date of the ticket being issued was Nov 19th but it was Nov 20th at 3:30 AM EST. No matter what I tried, including calling back this morning, they can’t/won’t cancel the flight. They only offer to change it for the $150 USD change fee. What pisses me off more is that I booked the ticket at 1:43 AM EST, and called IMMEDIATELY, but because of a virtual time zone difference and insane hold times, I missed the “same calendar day” window for them to fix this mess. Now I am stuck having paid $243 CAD for the same ticket I had just booked for $44 CAD.

    It was an extremely frustrating experience dealing with their customer service agents who read scripts and are not empowered to honor a simple 24 hour courtesy change period they promised me. It was also frustrating that the website restarts the purchase process after every availability/pricing change and then makes you manually re-apply the voucher each time.

  26. JohnnieD said,

    Gary FYI-Just booked Andaz Wall Street Dec18 for $19.98 in two rooms! (Separately of course)Of course there are flights attached to this but so………..

  27. WilleT said,

    @JohnnieD, what airport combination did you use to get the cheapest flight (that u won’t use)? Also a dates would be helpful. thanks

  28. kim said,

    I booked a night in NYC (with air I won’t use, since I am local) and also Vegas for 2 nights. :) It’ll be interesting to see if this goes through, or gets cancelled in the end.

  29. Jonathan said,

    I found that if you book for < $300 you can use the balance for one of their activities, like admission to the King Tut exhibit in NY.

  30. Jonathan said,

    Dear expedia scam?? It is not a scam do not be stupid. It is a glitch, it is a loophole. Do not call back customer service. Do not ruin it for the rest of us! Thoroughly read the tips on this and Frugal Travel Guy so you know what to do and what NOT to do when glitches happen. #1. DO NOT CALL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  31. Rita said,

    Wow, I’m so happy … a trip to Vegas for next to nothing. Thanks for sharing Gary.

  32. Elizabeth said,

    Gary, thank you so much for posting about this deal. I just got a trip from Orlando to New York City for a whopping 22 cents. I can’t wait to visit the city again and see all the pretty holiday lights.

  33. CJ said,

    just tried it again and when i put the voucher # in, it doesn’t compute the discount – i clicked on “what’s this” – and a screen comes up that says canadian bookings only. i guess they found the loophole…

  34. Jason said,

    PLEASE do not call customer service! It will ruin it for everyone.

  35. Jonathan said,

    Thanks for calling customer service, jerk

  36. Gary said,

    Umm, nobody said that they called… or am I missing it?

  37. Mack said,

    I think is already canceled I just tried to book it to Vegas out of Calgary and it appears to not be working! WTF

  38. Mack said,

    Well it is working now! Thanks for the heads up

  39. Jason said,

    Deal is now dead. Hope everyone was able to book something in time.

  40. Lawrence said,

    Can’t figure out where to enter the voucher code on the website. Do I have to book the travel AND pay for it and THEN enter the code? I never use Expedia so it’s confusing.

    Also the Canadian Expedia site says you can’t book flights with a non-Canadian billing address credit card.

  41. Gary said,

    @Lawrence above the credit card information fields is a link for ‘voucher’ and you enter the code there BEFORE paying.

    And you definitely can use a non-Canadian billing address, it’s specifically an option on the checkout page.

  42. eric said,

    Still Works people, keep trying to enter the code. it works.

  43. Jennifer said,

    Gary, I’m so confused when I read flyertalk thread. People are flying for miles? People fly to Vegas and fly back on the same day to earn miles. I thought we don’t earn miles for booking on expedia. I did give my ual account number when I booked.

  44. Aaron said,

    Has anyone been charged for their trip yet on their CC? I still haven’t and I booked Friday. I got confirmation and emails and everything though. Just curious when the charge will be made.

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