Two months ago I wrote about Citibank’s offers for either 75,000 American Airlines miles (after $1500 in purchases within 6 months) or 100,000 American Airlines miles (full bonus after $10,000 in purchases within 12 months) for their co-branded Visa, Visa Business, and American Express.

These current offers appear to expire October 31, 2010. So if you’re on the fence, they’re still available, time to jump on them. While we’ve seen the occasional targeted American Express Platinum 100,000 mile signup bonus (with $495 fee..) and last year’s British Airways Visa 100,000 mile bonus, I’d still rank these bonuses as the best credit card offers ever made.

Here are the links again…

However, one of the most frequently asked questions is “but those links don’t say I’ll get the bonus!” And that’s true. These are links from e-mails that take you directly to applications, and they’ve been working successfully for the past two months. People call up Citibank after applying, if they’re concerned, and Citi reps read off the promotion they’ve signed up with.

Still, it’s always comforting to see the offer in advance, to be able to print it in case of any problems.

And now a website has been discovered for the (3) 75,000-mile credit card signup offers.

  • No fee the first year
  • 75,000 bonus miles after $1500 in purchases within 6 months
  • Offer available for the Visa, American Express, and Visa Business cards

I’m not aware of a website for the 100,000-mile offers, no worries the links above still work. If you have a link to a landing page displaying the 100,000-mile signup bonuses please share it in the comments. (But for many, the lower spending requirements for the 75,000 mile bonuses represent the easier and better offer.)

But it’s nice to see a landing page explicitly offering that 75,000 mile bonus.

  1. Jessica said,

    It seems like you can’t get this offer if you already have one of the Citi-branded AA cards. However, is there any reason I couldn’t close my AA AmEx and then shortly thereafter open a Visa with one of these offers?

  2. Mike said,

    I tried. Worst that happens is that they say no.

  3. EYK said,

    I signed up for the AA 75K and received it already in my account so if you want proof there it is

  4. Joe SF said,

    Signed up for 75k and 100k cards, have received 125k so far!

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  6. Doug G said,

    Here is a website link to the 100,000 mile promotion

  7. Linda said,

    Wish I hadn’t applied. Was turned down for the card because I already have a AAdvantage Master Card. Only got 30,000 miles for that one. Wish I had waited for this offer! Also missed the 30,000 mile Starwood card offer as I was out of the country. Just cannot seem to get the timing right!

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  10. Blake said,

    100k miles link worked for me today and I confirmed that I got the award. Oct. 12, 2010.

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    […] a friendly reminder that the 75,000 mile and 100,000 mile signup bonus offers for Citibank American Airlines credit cards are set to go away October 31. So you’ve only got a couple of weeks left to sign […]

  12. indigo said,

    Can I sign up for both offers? Or do I have to sign up for two different cards (ie one Visa and one Visa business)?

  13. Vitaly said,

    Signed up and got 75k from personal AMEX. Does anybody know if I can get another 75k from personal VISA? Or it has to be business visa? Thanks.

  14. Nun said,

    Doug G. That link you posted no longer works.

  15. Doug G said,

    I noticed too that the link for the 100,000 mile promotion no longer works. It worked for a couple weeks after I posted it. I guess the promotion has expired. Maybe the moderators can remove the post.

  16. VW said,

    Can one apply (successfully) to 2 or 3 of these at the same time?

  17. VW said,

    Jessica- I think if you closed existing one, it might work, but they said “1st time AA users…” but time is short. They denied me a Business and an AMEX because I already have a AA card. I thought that since one was Business, and AMEX is different, it might work, but alas, not so. Bummer!

  18. VW said,

    Time is running out, but for future reference: they tend to deny when you apply for more than one account at once.

  19. Gary said,

    @VW if more than one account means 1 personal and 1 business, then that hasn’t been my experience at all..

  20. American Airlines Card 75,000 sign up bonus - Page 180 - FlyerTalk Forums said,

    […] good for? technically, I think just under 2hrs from right now… if they work on EST time.…/?sms_ss=email leads you to the personal Visa here:…&screenID=3001 […]

  21. VW said,

    @Gary- I think you are right: 1st they denied me because I had a high limit with them on another card already. Then I lowered that limit and applied again, and was denied for applying for multiple cards. So, taking a chance, I applied AGAIN to only one card, and was again denied for applying for multiple cards– I assumed the recent other applications. BUT, I didn’t get as many denials as applications, just assumed they were all denied… and a Business Card came today! So I think you are correct: the personal AMEX and Visa eliminated each other, but the Business went through! Whew!

  22. pablo said,

    just got the 100k card. verified over the phone for the waive of $85 and the 100k mile

  23. Dena said,

    Dec 2010- if I already have two Citibank business cards where I got 40 and 50,000 points, could I get another card for 75,000 points?

  24. kelly said,

    Does anyone know if the 75,000/100,000 bonus point is still available as of Jan 2011. It said it expired but is anyone still being approved for this citi card?

  25. marc said,

    Jan 3, 2011 — Applied via 100k link for Visa. Got the partial approve screen that gave number to call and she said I was signed up for 75k promo – wouldn’t do 100k. Also applied from home for Amex and got instant approval. But, after hours so no word on what bonus will be, probably 75k too. FYI – the link to 75k bonus landing page is still active and says Copyright 2011 at bottom of page (even though Terms say expired Oct 31)

    @Pablo – when did you sign up for 100k – before Oct 31?

  26. V.M. said,

    It’s now January 6, 2011 and the 75K offer is still available! Just thought you’d like to know…

  27. Paul said,

    It’s Jan 26. I’ve just been declined two times for this card over the past 3 weeks. Credit is spotless, debt to income is good. Was going to have the wife apply again today and the offer is no longer valid. The official landing page now takes you back to the citi homepage. The best offer there seems to be for 40k miles.

  28. Gary said,

    @Paul for 75k offer…

  29. Tom said,

    I applied for the 75,000 mile card on Feb 15, 2011 and was approved. I call citi and they verified that I had applied for the 75000 mile promotion!!

  30. Rechel said,

    I applied for the CITI card with the 75,000 promo today, Feb. 21, 2011 and I was approved. thank you for posting this application.

  31. flyer said,

    When I click the link I land on a page offering 75,000 bonus miles & several kinds of cards on the left side when I click on one of them I land on the application page. Does this mean I’m applying for the 75,000 offer?

  32. Gary said,

    Uh, yeah…

  33. png said,

    Does anyone know if 75,000 is still being honored. Says Feb 28,2011?

    Also I have a card that is due for membership fee $85. Any tips…will they roll to this offer or how to handle. I do NOT want to pay the fee. Thanks

  34. BJ said,

    Is this offer still valid for first time citi members? – April 10, 2011

  35. Dave said,

    Just got the 75K bonus miles card if I spend 1500 in the first six months… the offer is still valid!

  36. tmay said,


    got card, spent the 1500. I called and they said I will get the 75000

  37. KC said,

    Just got the 75K bonus miles card if I spend 1500 in the first six months. Link is still good!

  38. JohnnieD said,

    Just got approved today for the 100k with. 10k spending in one year! Link is still good!

  39. cpaul said,

    for those of you that are still able to get the 75,000 bonus miles are you using the first set of links above where it doesnt mention bonus miles when you click? When I click on the newly discovered website that shows the bonus miles offered is 50,000 and not 75. thanks.

  40. Mafferik said,

    Link is still good, just got the 75k on the Visa AA card, still waiting for Amex AA.

  41. Mary said,

    Links no longer good & the last time they were was Feb. 2011

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