I haven’t found a web page detailing the offer, but American is sending email solicitations for their co-branded products from Citibank offering 40,000 American AIrlines miles after $750 in spend, first year fee waived, and two lounge passes.

The previous best offer I was aware of was for 35,000 miles, fee waived, but without the lounge passes.

Here’s the Visa link, the American Express link, and the Business Visa link. (Oddly they didn’t send along a similar link for their Mastercard or their Business Mastercard.)

Now, these links take you straight to the application.  So you can trust me (and Citibank) as to what they are promising.  But that’s the offer from the email.  Passing along in case it’s useful, and would appreciate your hitting the comments if you find a web page dedicated to them or that spell out the offer.

(HT: Samir.)

Update: As Frugal Travel Guy points out, a bunch of different offers are being sent out today, and according to this Flyertalk thread some are even better — a 75,000 mile sign up bonus (!!) and a 50,000 mile bonus plus a second 50,000 after $10k in minimum spend. There’s a second Flyertalk thread as well, but no one has yet managed to post links for the more lucrative offers. Keep your eyes open in your e-mail inbox — and your junkmail folder — in case anything good pops up!

Update 2: Someone has posted the links from the emails they received about the better offers. Again, the links go straight to an application page — there’s no ‘landing page’ outlining the bonus offer.

For the 50,000 miles after $750 in purchases within 4 months and another 50,000 miles after $10,000 in purchases within a year, fee waived first year, here’s the Visa link, the Amex link, and the Business Visa link.

And this is apparently a link for the Visa Signature with 75,000 miles after $1500 in purchases within six months, fee waived first year.

No guarantees of course that these links will work for you, but they are links that members of Flyertalk provided out of the emails received today.

Update 3: TM Travel World has links to the 3 different cards offering the 75,000 mile signup bonus after $1500 in spend within 6 months. This is the better offer for those who won’t be able to meet the $10,000 spend requirement for the card with the bigger signup offer.

  1. longleafl said,

    Do you know when this offer expires?

  2. Parag said,

    Do you know how to sign up for these emails?

  3. Samir said,

    Should’ve waited! Grr…75k is better than the 40k offer I got today!

    @longleafl – my offer says:

    (1) Bonus Miles: This Citi® / AAdvantage® card offer is valid only for first-time Citi® / AAdvantage® cardmembers who apply pursuant to this offer for an account by October 31, 2010. The American Airlines AAdvantage® miles will appear as a bonus in your AAdvantage® account 8-10 weeks after you have met the purchase requirements.

  4. Samir said,

    @Parag – I am signed up to receive the AA emails from their program. I don’t fly AA (ever), but I credit cars and hotels to them on occassion.

  5. Tim said,

    Did this expire? None of the websites mention anything about the miles…

  6. Tim said,

    OOps, just re-read the original post, I need to check my glasses :)

  7. E said,

    thanks Gleff just signed via the 75K link and got approved

  8. vp said,

    I’ve had all those already. Long for the days of the big churn machine…

  9. Menashe said,

    Signed up for and got approved for 100K Visa card. I called and the representative confirmed that the terms were 50K and $750 in spend and another 50K after $10,000 within a year.

    I had a Citi AAdvantage M/C, but canceled it 9 months ago. Most of the T&C posted on the other blogs seem to indicate that you can’t currently have a card and can’t have applied for one in the past 90 days. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  10. So Far So Good! 100,000 Mile American Airlines Credit Card Signup Bonus - View from the Wing said,

    […] Recent CommentsSAN Greg on Small Changes to the Starwood American Express CardMenashe on Possibly Up to 100,000 American Airlines Miles for Citibank Co-Branded Credit CardGary on United Discounting Short-Haul Coach Awards Through August 31Elite Flyer on United […]

  11. Emil said,

    I received a very worrying rejection. I quote:

    “Why we’re writing you
    Thank you for applying for the Citi Select(R) / AAdvantage(R)
    American Express(R) account. Unfortunately, we are unable
    to approve your request for the account at this time because
    of the following:

    o This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)
    / AAdvantage(R) cardmembers.? Our records indicate that
    you already have a Citi(R) / AAdvantage(R) account with us.”

    I have an AAdvantage Visa with Citi and I applied for the AmEx. How am I supposed to interpret this response when so many other people have reported having all 3 cards ad getting triple bonuses?

  12. J said,

    Just worked for me. If you call immediatley after you get the application id they will process it on line. They don’t do the cross check when they have you on the phone. If you wait for it to process thru the system you will get rejected.

  13. SP said,

    IT WORKS! 50 & 50 was approved!!

  14. BP said,


    I used the 50/50 visa program link noted in the “update 2″ section above and it’s definitely the right link for the that offer.

    Good luck!

  15. Y.C. said,

    Any one know whether I can still apply for these
    cards now? Thanksssss!

  16. Y.C. said,


    Any one know whether I can still apply for these
    cards now? Thanksssss!

  17. in the riches said,

    (800) 408-4954 and ask if the 75,000 mile American Airlines credit card offer is still available

  18. Jim said,

    June 2011 I tried twice this morning to do it but the first time they tried to give me 40K miles thru an online application. Then I tried a call in number which offer 75K miles but at the very end in the terms and restrictions wording I noticed that their certificate is only good when used with another ticket that is purchased – so basically it’s a 2for1 ticket offer, not a true mileage offer.

  19. Alan said,

    None of these links worked for the 100,000 miles. Does anyone have the correct phone number for the 100,000 mile offer with $750 first purchase to activate the first 50,000

  20. David said,

    I was declined of having too many cards, is there any way around this.

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