Frugal Travel Guy reports that the US mint has lifted the per-household restriction on the purchase of coins online (which you do with your credit card to earn miles, then deposit into the bank to pay off your credit card).

In its place is a limit of $1000 in purchases every 10 days.

There is a 4-box $1 Coin limit for every 10-day period on any and all $1 Coin orders. Beyond that your credit card will not be authorized. If you need quantities greater than this, please send an e-mail before placing your order to explain why your order should be exempted from the limit.

The above is from the US Mint website. Now the speculation begins. One caller to the Mint reports it is based on address so you can’t get 4 boxes and the wife 4 more within the same 10 day period.

Is it by order date, shipping date, credit card authorization date?
I don’t know yet, but will find out shortly.

I actually like this change if the cumulative limit has been removed and I can get $1000 every ten days. It helps the Mint, ,easy on my back and still 30K + per year for a simple task.

Meanwhile, the famous MrPickles tweets:

US Mint lifts household restrictions. Rules limit you to $1k every 10 days per address. Time to get back to work…is 3MM poss? No! SPG best

Before you make purchases, if you’re new to this game, you’ll want to consult the FAQ on Flyertalk (last updated in March) and also review the latest posts in the ongoing Flyertalk discussion.

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    […] bank to pay off your credit card). In its place is a limit of $1000 in purchases every 10 days. Purchasing Money from the US Mint for Miles is Still Alive – View from the Wing __________________ … dank THY Bonsai-Bonze […]

  2. Casey Friday said,

    Good to know the restriction is per address. Thanks!

  3. yacine said,

    One can no longer use credit cards to buy 1$ since Jul 22 2011. See

    “The United States Mint has eliminated the credit and debit card purchase of $1 Coins through its Direct Ship Program effective July 22, 2011. Customers who wish to purchase $1 coins through the Direct Ship Program can still do so by wire transfer, check, or money order”

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