Via Frugal Travel Guy, here’s a link for an online offer of 50,000 bonus United miles (presumably after $250 in spending on the card within three months) and first year fee waived for the United Visa.

Outstanding offer, I’ve never seen a better one. This was recently available as a phone-in opportunity, but that was pulled.

This link is likely intended to be targeted to folks who received a specific mailing. But it should still work for anyone. If by some change you don’t automatically receive your bonus, be sure to have printed each page along the way or saved them as .pdf files to show the offer you signed up for. That said, I wouldn’t anticipate that there will be any difficulties.

Most folks are able to get the signup bonus for each specific card only once, so if you’ve had a personal United Visa Signature card in the past you may not be able to get the bonus again. But ‘your mileage may vary’, as they say.

  1. Ehtesham Qamar said,

    I had this card in 2007. I was approved for the new promotion via phone. Got the card and then refused bonus with the first bill. Very disappointing for me.

  2. OK, I Guess I’ll Start Writing About United – 50,000 Mile Visa - Marshall Jackson on Travel said,

    [...] me to ignore any longer.  Here’s a link to the application.  And here’s a hat tip to Gary Leff and Frugal Travel Guy.  No guarantees, but certainly worth your consideration. var [...]

  3. tsvet said,

    I applied for the United Chase card back when the offer for 50K was available over the phone and got the miles promptly deposited in my account after the first statement, despite having United Chase card since 2005. Guess if it worked for me, should work for others too.

  4. vinny said,

    i wonder if anybody else is having this problem but when i go to the link, the page does not get displayed properly. Specifically, everything is there – except the place where i am supposed to put in my first and last name is missing and because of which, i can’t apply because it says information missing! i tried in firefox, chrome and safari – same result.

  5. ryan said,

    yes i am

  6. Bill said,


    I’m having the same result as well. Makes me think it is a targeted promotion.

  7. Joe B. SFO said,

    Per FlyerTalk, others (and myself) are having the same issue, thus this offer may be dead.

    Is anyone finding this on an actual website, without link?

  8. doug said,

    I tried this 3 times [online] using the linked listed, each time it says to complete the missing information highlighted….but nothing is missing. i just called the 800 # and was told the offer was for “special” invitees only and they would be happy to give me a card with 30k miles….. any other suggestions?

  9. ed said,

    so who won your Bing promotion???

  10. AF said,

    The link works well for me using IE 8.

  11. doug said,

    AF can u explain what you mean…..using IE 8? is that a code or something else.

  12. dracs said,

    @Doug , its Internet Explorer 8.

  13. SunnySoCal said,

    I spoke with United Visa yesterday (May 22, 2010). The customer service rep indicated that the 50,000 signup bonus expired April 30th, 2010. Only a 30,000 signup bonus is avaialbe at this time.

  14. Alissa said,

    Had the same problem…get rid of the site then, if it’s over–I just wasted 45 minutes trying different browsers. Very inconsiderate.

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