Is Citibank American Airlines Credit Card Churning On the Way Out?

Frugal Travel Guy reports that the high volume Citibank American American Airlines credit card churning party may be over. While some folks have been able to get multiple cards at once (for 30,000 signup miles apiece), others have been limited to a single card every couple of months. Even so, that’s 6 cards or 180,000 miles per year. Not bad!

But Rick says that some people have been denied recently, being told various things like they aren’t allowed to have more than three Citi credit cards at a time (no big deal from my perspective, wouldn’t get in the way of too much churning), that they have too much outstanding credit with Citi (again, as long as you don’t make Citi your primary card of choice and just use them to churn this shouldn’t be an issue), but more disturbingly that you could only apply for an American Airlines co-branded card once every twelve months.

Now, that may be false information. We’ll see what additional data comes out in the next several weeks. I applied and was approved for my umpteenth Citi AA Mastercard just a couple of weeks ago. So this is certainly a developing story.

At least there aren’t any reports that the churning party is completely over. Even in the most extreme they still say 30,000 miles per year per person, so I’ll take that if it’s all that’s left. And if would make sense, I’ve never understood why they continued to allow people to sign up over and over and get the bonus every time — even Chase finally wised up and stopped giving out bonuses but once per card type in most cases (occasionally people slip through the cracks on that one).

Any recent experiences? Hit the comments, your feedback and data points appreciated!

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  1. As a shareholder of C, I can only say “it’s about time”. How stupid can they possibly be?

    (yeah, I bought pretty much at the bottom and likely won’t hold much longer)

  2. Gary: I’ve had two readers just report in with a 2 card and a 3 card win. So it is definitely not over.

    But with these guys at Citi, who knows what will happen next.

    Thanks for the great work you do


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