KLM is offering two free design-your-own luggage tags in exchange for subscribing to their e-mail list.

You can use a photo of your family, your favorite destination, or, to make it easier, you can choose from one of the images pre-selected by KLM.

(Via Things in the Sky.)

  1. David Pearce said,

    Instead of KLM offering free KLM luggage tags with a personalised photo on, they could offer a co-branded luggage tag which allows their passengers to have a personal travel profile if the unthinkable happens like their luggage going walk about as it dose happen.
    From the feed back we received air line don’t loose luggage they loose contact with the owner.

  2. Baggageinhall said,

    Only available to US residents

  3. Kevincm said,

    Be warned – this is only for USA residents only :(

  4. Steve K said,

    Magellans has a bright yellow tag with an insert for itineraries. Tag declares its contents in several languages. For those 4 cities in 5 days trips, lost luggage might well show up at day-1 city while you’re in city-4. Knowing how to find you might be the difference between getting it back and having someone sell it by the pound.

    Speaking of which, I use a product called Retriever for my laptop. Turn it on and the login-background has info on how to contact me via that company. I also have contact info as my home picture on my cellphone. The point is that most people are honest and will try to help, if they can do so easily.

  5. Benjh said,

    Website not working for me. When I upload my pic it doesn’t show. Anyone else?

  6. gobluetwo said,

    @Benhj, that happened to me yesterday, but assumed it was just due to work firewall or something. It’s working for me now that I’m at home using the same laptop, but my own wifi connection..

  7. gobluetwo said,

    A question which I just thought of. How do people feel about having their street addresses on their luggage tags? I’m thinking of ignoring the “text” lines and doing just my email and mobile, but then the rest of the tag looks pretty bare. Any thoughts on what to put in those optional text lines?

  8. Name Tags said,

    This is a great tactic to generate names for an email list. Offering free items to customers can create great motivation.

  9. Free Customized Luggage Tag from Accor Hotels - View from the Wing said,

    […] This seems very similar to an offer that KLM has occasionally made in the past. […]

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