American Express Centurion Lounge Miami Opens Early June

May 22 2015

American Express has begun operating their own network of “Centurion lounges,” which are a step above what travelers have become accustomed to from US airline-operated lounges. I consider the American Express Centurion lounge in Dallas one of my favorite airport spots. It’s one of the two lounges I visit most often. There’s a Centurion lounge already in Las Vegas and at New York LaGuardia as well and also San Francisco. American Express Centurion Lounge San Francisco There’s an additional known lounge in the pipeline for Miami, and a more modest lounge coming to Seattle. The Miami lounge is about to open in the North Terminal, convenient for American Airlines passengers. According to the Miami Herald it opens early June. As for the food, [Celebrity Chef Michelle] Bernstein’s buttermilk-brined fried chicken and Greek-style local watermelon salad…

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Three Passengers Popped Aircraft Slide, Hit the Tarmac, and Ran Away…

May 21 2015

They booked one-way tickets from Algiers to Istanbul via Rome. They boarded their onward flight to Turkey, and then bolted. Three Algerian illegal migrants found a quick way to avoid deportation last week – they jumped off a moving Alitalia plane at Rome’s Fiumicino airport and ran for it. …the three Algerians, who had been refused permission to stay in Italy, decided to do so anyway. They forced open a door while the plane was moving from the gate towards the runway, activated the exit chutes, slid down onto the tarmac and sprinted into the distance. A major manhunt for the trio has been launched and an investigation opened… The plane returned to the gate, and passengers offloaded onto another aircraft. Though hardly their fault, Alitalia needed to blame someone so they “called for stricter…

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No, Tray Table Advertising Hasn’t Come to American Airlines. Would it Be So Bad if it Did?

May 21 2015

Runway Girl Network tweeted about the advertising on the tray table of (what looks to me like) a US Airways economy seat — but that folks are assuming is an American Airlines ad. And tray table advertising raises a whole lot of passenger angst.

I like it. I don’t think it’s the future, but it’s better than most of the alternatives. For now, though, this campaign is US Airways only…

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Delta Playing Hardball With Online Booking Sites, About to Get Boost from the Government

May 21 2015

Delta has been pulling its fares off of some websites.

I don’t worry so much from a consumer standpoint, the average consumer searches about 10 sites when booking a trip. This is about tug-o-war over data, how ancillary services will be sold in the future, and distribution costs. In other words, a business-to-business scuffle.

But the Department of Transportation is considering rules that would require a website to highlight airlines that are not shown in their searches. ..which will tip the scales to Delta in moves like this.

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American’s President Can’t Wait to Make Changes to the AAdvantage Program and to Copy Some Competitors

May 20 2015

At the Wolfe Research Global Transportation Conference, American Airlines President Scott Kirby shared the things he’s looking forward to once integration is complete. There are lots of projects that have been put off given the single-minded focus on combining American Airlines and US Airways.

Among those, “we would have loved to make some modifications to the frequent flyer program” and he talked about more ancillary revenue and ‘shamelessly copying’ come of their competitors…

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