New York City is Putting Up Homeless in Hotels — and Not Even Using Discounted Rates

Apr 28 2017

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Radisson JFK being used as a homeless shelter. They have to go somewhere since New York LaGuardia now kicks them out.

I was torn over this. The Radisson JFK always struck me as likely around the upper range of what most homeless shelters are like. Which is really just saying it’s about average for a hotel near JFK airport. Customers don’t like staying in hotels where the largest in-house group are homeless, but I do think they have a right to stay on property if the going rate is being paid for their accommodations.

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Alaska Airlines Re-affirms Commitment to Generous Frequent Flyer Program and First Class Upgrades

Apr 27 2017

Delta adopted a revenue-based frequent flyer program for frequent flyer earning two years ago, and removed their award charts to reduce transparency with members. (They intended to do full revenue-based redemptions but were surprised by member pushback in focus groups.)

Naturally United and then American followed because they blindly copy Delta the way fast food restaurants locate stores near McDonalds on the belief that McDonalds is smart and knows what they’re doing.

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How Airlines Started Overbooking — and Why They Do It So Much Less Now

Apr 27 2017

Over the history of the airline industry in the United States, carriers have been subsidized and then protected by government. Prices even used to be set by government, and no shows were a lot higher than they are today.

The story of how airlines started overbooking and why they do it much less than they used to is a fascinating one. It actually begins with the Post Office.

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Etihad is Now Selling Miles – and Regular Price is Just 2 Cents Each

Apr 27 2017

Etihad is now selling miles, the price is reasonable, so this could be useful to top off an Etihad account, take the place of transfers from American Express or Citibank, saving those points for something else, or work in conjunction with transfers, you may not have enough Amex or Citi points on their own for the award you want but this option leverages your transferrable points.

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IHG’s New Gamified Promotion is Out — What’s Your Offer?

Apr 27 2017

The next IHG Rewards Club promotion is in the process of going live. It came right up for me, though if I use Google Chrome’s incognito mode I get the ‘promotion ended’ page from their last offer.

They’re coming out with ‘Accelerate’ again for stays between May 15 and August 31 you earn even more points. And in some ways it’s my favorite hotel promotion — not as much for its richness as much because it is sort of fun. It’s tough to get a thrill over double points for stays you’re going to make anyway.

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