Social Media Doesn’t Matter

Apr 28 2015

When travel companies ask what their social media strategy should be, they’re missing the point. They need to understand their business, and do it well. Then they need to communicate authentically with their customers, wherever they happen to be.

Social media strategy isn’t even a thing. You have a business strategy, and then a willingness to be real with your customers. Anything else is a waste…

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How to Delete Your Google Search History

Google collects a tremendous amount of information. That’s pretty useful — to Google and to us. They improve their selection of what search results to show us based on what we’ve chosen in the past. They also give us similar results that we’ve liked before when we search again. And of course they tailor ads to our searching which, while creepy, is actually quite good — I’d rather have ads that contain relevant information and offers than ones that are utterly useless to me though in practice it doesn’t much change the likelihood that I’ll click. Google search data is also fascinating in the aggregate for social sciences. What people are searching tells us something about what they’re thinking, and en masse it tells us something about what “we” are thinking as a society. It…

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Silvercar Adds Fort Lauderdale with $43/day Rates, Chicago is Next!

Apr 27 2015

Silvercar announced Ft. Lauderdale as their 9th city, and strongly implies that number 10 will be Chicago. Silvercar of course is the company that rents only silver Audis. And they give you GPS, in-car internet, and no toll tracking administrative fees. They charge just $5 to refill gas at market rate. Promo code FLLE27 will get you 27% off their $59 introductory rates, or $43 a day (plus taxes). That’s even better than the $49 deal they’re running on all rentals this month (that’s valid at other locations as well). Although on a two day rental you’ll still do better with the Frequent Traveler University discount code FTU50 which will give even existing customers $50 off a rental of two days or more. The great thing is that these stack with Silvercar’s $25 bonus for…

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American’s New Plan to Renovate All of Their Lounges

Apr 27 2015

Two weeks ago I wrote about American’s new lounge design.

American, today, has finally announced it and it looks very much like their old new lounge design, which is to say it’s quite similar to the most recently-opened lounges such as in Buenos Aires and the midfield concourse at LAX and even Paris.

The idea is that eventually all of the lounges get re-done. Here’s details of the renovation and which clubs go first..

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Any Room Charge on an Award Stay Enough for 30,000 Club Carlson Bonus Points

Apr 27 2015

When Club Carlson announced that their co-brand Visa will stop giving second night free on award stays, they offered something of a sweetener to make the news go down more easily. They announced 30,000 bonus points on your next stay paid with the card by August 31. Presumably that was to keep cardmembers from cancelling their Club Carlson Visa — since they’d need to hang onto the card and use it to earn the 30,000 points, and presumably many would have cooled down or forgotten the devaluation by then. Reader B.K. confirms for me that it doesn’t actually have to be a paid stay in order to earn the 30,000 points. Any hotel charge that posts to your account should work. He passes along an award stay where he had a food and beverage charge…

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