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Boeing Provides Early Glimpse Into New 797 Aircraft

Jun 21 2017

Boeing has talked about a possible new “middle of the market” jet, something between the largest 737 and the new smaller 787 widebodies, since at least 2003.

This plane would be a replacement for the Boeing 757, which often flies from the Northeast to Western Europe (and runs into challenges sometimes Westbound during winter, United’s Newark – Europe service has been said to operate focus cities in Goose Bay and Gander). Production of the 757 ended in 2004.

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Does Delta’s New Airbus A350 Have Enough Bathrooms for Coach Passengers?

Jun 20 2017

There are two lavatories at the front of business class and two lavatories at the back of business class. And there are two lavatories in the middle of the economy cabin.

Assuming that premium economy passengers are allowed to use the two lavatories at the back of business class, then there are 4 lavatories for 226 coach passengers or one lavatory per 56.5 passengers in back.

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