Get Upgraded to Award Wallet Premium for Free

May 25 2016

Regular readers of the blog know that I use Award Wallet to track my miles and points.

The free version of the service suffices for most. You enter your frequent flyer account numbers and passwords. Then you can update most of your account balances with a single click and see them on one page. You can log into your accounts with a single click.

When I first signed up I realized quickly I was happy to pay the minimum required for their premium membership that included expiration date tracking for many of my accounts.

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Silvercar Closing Shop at Dallas Fort-Worth

May 25 2016

I really like Silvercar. They have an all-Audi fleet and their all-inclusive model comes with free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio. You pay only actual tolls (no administrative charges) and can pay a flat $5 and they’ll refuel your car at market rate.

It doesn’t work for them everywhere, however. They used to have a Houston Hobby location but that’s closed. Now they’re closing down Dallas-Fort Worth.

Their website and app will not reserve cars past July 1 at DFW, and customer service confirms it’s because they are shutting down the location.

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Two Commercial Flights Re-Routed to Avoid Collision With US Spy Plane

May 25 2016

Russia is criticizing the US military for a spy plane over the Sea of Japan near Russia which came too close to two civilian jetliners.

The US military plane was reportedly flying at 36,000 feet and non-responsive to air traffic control. A KLM Boeing 777 “had to immediately change the flight path” and a Swiss aircraft reported “visual contact with a large four-engine aircraft, which was in direct proximity to their plane” leading to a change in altitude.

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The Truth About Basic Economy: Airlines Aren’t Creating a “Class Below Economy”

May 24 2016

Delta introduced ‘basic economy’ fares to compete against Spirit Airlines where Spirit is offering super low fares on non-stop routes Delta is flying. They introduced fares that stripped out things like advance seat assignments and used those fares when matching Spirit’s prices. Customers could spend more to get more, or spend less and get something akin to Spirit but still with better legroom and free carry on bags.

United and American will follow suit this year while Delta spreads use of the fares beyond routes where they compete with ultra low cost carriers and into international markets even.

The Economist calls this “a class below economy and tries to tie it into issues of class divide. But there’s a ton of misinformation out there about these fares.

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