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How Delta Plans to Foster a Lifetime of Loyalty

Aug 28 2015

Years ago United used to offer ‘College Plus’ — the biggest benefit of which was 10,000 miles upon graduation.

It’s hardly a new idea to get to consumers early while they’re forming their preferences in hopes of a lifetime of future loyalty.

Delta is partnering with 9 newuniversities to try to do just that — going “beyond logo placement and into campus life.”

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How Do Flights on American Airlines Work When You’ve Redeemed British Airways Points?

Aug 28 2015

Flights of 650 miles or less cost just 4500 British Airways points each way in economy, and you can redeem for partner airlines like American, US Airways, and Alaska Airlines. Flights up to 1150 miles are just 7500 points each way in economy. And business class is double that.

Reader Robert asks, “how booking American/US Airways short haul award trips with British Airways Avios works come check in time?”

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