Cathay Pacific 50,000 Mile Signup Offer Ends October 31

Oct 23 2017

Cathay Pacific launched its new US credit card back in February. It’s issued by Synchrony Bank — and any mileage-earning credit card not issued by Chase, American Express, or Citibank is worth looking at.

Two months ago they bumped the bonus to 50,000 points after $2500 spend within 90 days. The bounty went up without a concomitant increase in spend required to earn it.

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Not Good for Earning Miles: Plastiq Running Into Problems Processing More and More Payments

Oct 22 2017

Plastiq is a great service. It lets you pay bills by charging them to your credit card. This way you have credit card spend and earn miles, and you can also manage cashflow too (pay the bill now, at the beginning of a credit card’s billing cycle, and pay in six weeks or so when the card’s bill is due).

However Plastiq has been running into several problems recently. Perhaps this is predictable.

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