Usually It’s the Passengers Going Crazy: American Flight Attendant Charged With Attacking Crew

Nov 30 2015

It’s almost always passengers going berserk, like the 24 year old who attacked another passenger and then died prior to landing or the one who kicked and bit flight crew after being denied access to the premium cabin lavatory.

Or the woman dragged off a United Express flight when she refused to put her dog in a carrier. ‘Air rage’ doesn’t even always involve the Knee Defender. But it’s usually the passengers instigating things.

And when it’s the crew, it’s the pilots. So this seemed somewhat noteworthy.

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Airlines Padding Flight Times to Improve On-Time Performance? Nope.

Nov 30 2015

The Los Angeles Times asks, “Are airlines padding flight times to improve on-time performance?” This gets it exactly backwards.

Airlines adjust their schedules to reflect how long it will take to fly from one airport to another. And they absolutely hate it. Just a couple of extra minutes per flight means several more aircraft are needed to operate the same schedule for a large domestic carrier.

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Think United’s 8-Across Business Class is Tight? Boeing Patents 12-Across Seating!

Nov 30 2015

A new Boeing patent published November 19 details how an airline could go to 12-across seating in business class. Forget the dorm-style 8-across that United still has on some Boeing 777s, or the 6-across they have on others. American, Cathay Pacific, EVA Air and others have moved or are moving to a largely 4-across seating concept.

Boeing shows airlines how they can triple that, or even put six-across flat beds in a Boeing 737. “Business class” would never be the same again.

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LifeMiles Just Got More Valuable: Lufthansa First Class Bookable Again

Nov 29 2015

Avianca is a Star Alliance airline that regularly sells miles cheap, I bought quite a haul at around 1.35 cents per mile recently.

They offer one way awards, cash and points awards, and make their Star Alliance partner awards bookable online. They do not add fuel surcharges to award tickets.

And Avianca LifeMiles can once again book Lufthansa First Class awards!

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Six Bonus Offers Not to Miss This Month

Nov 29 2015

When I first got started in miles and points, it cost fewer miles for an award than it does today. But miles were a whole lot harder to earn.

I had never seen a 20,000 mile offer for the United Visa before April 2003. I first got the card when the offer was 15,000 miles. I didn’t even get a signup bonus when I signed up for the Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express.

Now two-thirds of miles aren’t even earned by flying and it’s easy to see why.

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New Kickstarter Promises to Give Your Luggage ‘a Voice’

Nov 29 2015

Given the story about Alaska Airlines luggage handlers playing a 30 minute game of horseshoes with luggage not to mention the care shown by these Air Canada baggage handlers, and that you never know when your bags will have bullets planted in them or your personal items stolen right out from inside them, it seemed worth flagging an interesting kickstarter idea.

BagSentry plans to let you monitor your luggage throughout the trip.

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