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Two United Pilots Too Drunk to Fly, Passengers Entitled to Over $500 Apiece

Aug 28 2016

The first and second officers on United’s Glasgow – Newark flight yesterday “were too sozzled to fly.” They were arrested. The flight’s captain was not involved.

The flight was delayed over 9 hours, and its 141 passengers “were offered meal vouchers and hotel accommodation if necessary” while United confirms that the pilots in question have been removed from duty (though in fairness it’s tough to perform flight duties from behind bars).

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HOT FARE: Several US Cities to Vienna from $380 Roundtrip!

16585789 - vienna hofburg imperial palace at night, austria
Aug 28 2016

SkyTeam airlines Delta, Air France and KLM offering fares starting at $380 roundtrip from Boston, Chicago, and Miami to Vienna.

Travel is permitted Sunday through Wednesday from the US to Europe, and Monday through Thursday for the return from Europe to the US. The fare is available for travel which starts between September 12 and December 6. A Saturday night stay is required, and the maximum stay allowed is 3 months.

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AIRFARE ALERT: Several US Cities to Germany From $351 Roundtrip!!

40904093 - colorful night scene of rhein river at night in dusseldorf. rheinturm tower in the soft night light, nordrhein-westfalen, germany, europe.
Aug 28 2016

There’s a fare from New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Miami to Dusseldorf from $351 roundtrip. This is a base fare of $24.50 each way.

The fares I’m seeing allow travel Sunday through Wednesday in each direction, require a Saturday night stay, and are available for outbound travel September 12 through December 6 — though The Flight Deal indicates that they should be available through early April.

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Man Takes Off Pants, Drives Stolen Truck into Southwest Airlines 737

Aug 27 2016

On Thursday night a man stole a pickup truck and drove it into the landing gear of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 in Omaha.

The 35 year old parked a pickup that actually belonged to him in the airport’s garage. He proceeded to the front of the terminal where he screamed that people were trying to kill him. A police officer approached, and he headed back to the garage. He climbed a fence. And then, he took off his pants.

And that’s when things started to go off the rails.

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Since You Have to Choose, Should You Be a Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Member?

With especially rich offers for both the Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card and the Ritz-Carlton Rewards® Credit Card readers have been asking whether you can get a Ritz-Carlton card if you’re a Marriott Rewards member, and vice versa. This is a topic I covered back in 2013. Marriott acquired Ritz-Carlton in 1998, but the hotels had limited participation in the Marriott Rewards program: you could spend points for Ritz-Carlton stays, but that was it. Luxury chains have for the most part eschewed points, the belief was that they provide recognition not freebies and compete to offer the best luxury experience. However they launched the Ritz-Carlton program in the fall of 2010. You are only supposed to have one account between the two programs. You are supposed to choose between Ritz-Carlton Rewards and Marriott Rewards. However,…

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