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US Airways A319s Will Be Getting New Seats, Extra Legroom Starting Next Month

Sep 04 2015

With the process of draining down the US Airways schedule, looking towards having only American Airlines flights starting October 17, there’s going to be some confusion over whose aircraft are you flying.

That’s relevant because American and US Airways aircraft have different interiors — different number of first class seats, different seats, seat power, and legroom. That’s about to start changing.

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Why We’ll Miss US Airways, and Why The Airline Plus “Hang Up Call Back” Were the Two Greatest Things In Travel

Sep 04 2015

Yesterday I helped a work colleague with a cancelled flight. Their US Airways travel was cancelled, and leading up to the Labor Day weekend most options were sold out. US Airways said they couldn’t re-accommodate until this afternoon which meant missing an important family event. They said nothing was available on other airlines, either, and that they could only rebook on US Airways or American in any case.

What do you do under those circumstances? Hang Up, Call Back: The Four Most Important Words in Travel, and Maybe Even in Life

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American Express Airline Fee Credits: No Longer Reimbursing Airline Gift Cards?

Sep 03 2015

Five years ago this month American Express introduced a $200 annual airline fee credit to their Platinum and Centurion card products.

Since the beginning it has been – for the most part – possible to use the fee credit towards purchase of airline gift cards and thus airfare. Even though that wasn’t how it was supposed to work. There are data points now that suggest the ability to do this has ended.

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