Upside Booking Site Finally Launched, Guaranteeing $200 Rebates Per Trip

Jan 23 2017

Upside is the new travel booking site from Priceline founder Jay Walker. It’s finally launched with its full functionality. They raised $50 million on a $200 million valuation even before they were fully operational. Because a new idea on how to deliver value to consumers from the guy who created Name Your Own Price bidding is a big deal in the travel world.

It’s also a widely misunderstood site.

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Dublin Airport Needs to Build a Big Beautiful Wall and Make British Airways Parent IAG Pay for It

Jan 23 2017

Two Aer Lingus employees and a potential illegal immigrant have been arrested as Irish authorities broke up an illegal immigrant smuggling operation at the Dublin airport.

The employees would use catering trucks to move inbound passengers directly from aircraft to a car park outside the airport facility, bypassing immigration. This operation has been ongoing for several years and authorities believe at least 500 people have managed to skip customs and border formalities using this Aer Lingus Catering VIP Arrivals service.

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United and American Blindly Copy Delta For All of the Wrong Things

Jan 23 2017

If you ask the top leadership at American what airline they admire most, it’s Delta. Now that former American Airlines President Scott Kirby has taken the President job at United, the same can probably be said for United.

But they misunderstand the lessons of Delta, and blindly copy Delta moves assuming that if Delta does something — since they run the more profitable, better operation — it must be both right and best for their airline.

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5 Card Offers You’re Probably Missing Out On

Jan 23 2017

Small business credit cards often have bigger and better offers than personal cards. That’s because small businesses spend more than individual people do on average. Acquiring a business as a customer means more spend, which means a card company can invest more marketing to obtain the customer.

Furthermore, small business cards from most issuers don’t generally ‘count’ towards 5/24 limits getting approved for a new card with Chase since most banks don’t report them on your credit report. So getting a small business card usually doesn’t stand in the way of getting other cards.

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Emirates Announces Newark – Athens Flight, Watch Delta’s Head Explode

Jan 23 2017

While United, American, and Delta have complained about growth of the Mideast carriers, who offer one-stop service to smaller cities in India, Pakistan and surrounding areas that US carriers do not serve (and that in some cases even their European partners do not serve) some have suspected the real concern is fifth freedom routes — to date, only Emirates has flown transatlantic, offering New York JFK – Milan.

This flight then represents something of a watershed. It will no longer be just one transatlantic flight offered by a Gulf carrier.

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Report: Delta Improving 2018 Diamond Elite Status – By Taking Away Automatic Lounge Access

Jan 22 2017

Delta Platinum members get one ‘choice benefit’ and Diamonds get two.

A Diamond member might choose 4 confirmed international upgrades valid on any fare, a benefit the airline introduced three years ago.

Indeed, now that American Airlines has reduced the number of confirmed international upgrades given upon reaching top tier to 4 and tightened up availability Delta is even with American offering international upgrades to top elites.

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