How Your Family Can Fly and Sit Together This Holiday Season

Nov 27 2015

It can be really hard to get seats together for flights during the holidays. Flights are full. More families are traveling together so more people are trying to sit together (compared to solo business travelers). And more and more airlines are holding back the number of seats they assign for ‘free’.

For most passengers, your ticket doesn’t come with a ‘seat’. Obviously that isn’t literally true, since safety rules require all passengers to be seated. But there’s a limited number of seats on the seat map that airlines will let passengers reserve in advance.

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New Robot With Laser Range Finding Eyes Will Help Lost Passengers at the Airport

Nov 27 2015

Amsterdam airport will unveil a test of ‘Spencer’ – a robot designed to help passengers navigate the airport. Amsterdam is one of the easier airports to get around, in my view, so I’m not sure the urgency that led KLM to dedicate funds toward its development. However, it’s at least believed “[n]avigating it is so challenging…many of its customers were getting lost and missing flights.”

The one week trial begins Monday, and an official roll out of the technology is planned for March.

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Will American Airlines Be the First US Carrier to Introduce Premium Economy?

Nov 27 2015

Premium economy is an important product throughout the world, positioning itself between business class and economy. It’s usually offered on long haul flights and depending on the carrier approximates domestic first class in the US perhaps with foot rests. There may be an upgraded meal and beverages as well.

US airlines on the other hand have extra legroom sections with generally the same seat width. But American Airlines CEO Doug Parker hints that they could be the first US carrier to change all that.

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Homeless Male Sex Offender Gets Through TSA ID Check With Stolen Woman’s Boarding Pass

Nov 27 2015

It’s a good thing that the TSA doesn’t actually contribute to security, and is only theater meant to make people feel safer while giving up their rights.

Because otherwise it would be a problem that this homeless man went through a TSA checkpoint at Salt Lake City’s airport using a boarding pass that a woman left behind at a check-in kiosk.

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Giveaway: London 3-Bedroom Apartment Stay Plus Incredible Deals on Chartering a Yacht, and a Week in a Greek Villa

Nov 26 2015

I have the opportunity to give a reader a 3-night stay in a 3-bedroom luxury apartment in Knightsbridge, London. All you have to do to enter is comment.

The giveaway highlights some luxury travel auctions that regularly give away some really high end opportunities dirt cheap — like chartering a yacht in the Caribbean or spending a week in a villa in Greece.

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