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New Kickstarter Promises to Give Your Luggage ‘a Voice’

Nov 29 2015

Given the story about Alaska Airlines luggage handlers playing a 30 minute game of horseshoes with luggage not to mention the care shown by these Air Canada baggage handlers, and that you never know when your bags will have bullets planted in them or your personal items stolen right out from inside them, it seemed worth flagging an interesting kickstarter idea.

BagSentry plans to let you monitor your luggage throughout the trip.

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Airline Plays a Practical Joke on Me. Was it Funny?

Nov 28 2015

Yesterday morning my flying day started super early in Yakima, Washington. I had a 6:35 a.m. flight on Horizon Air to Seattle. On the way to the airport I stopped at Starbucks.

By the time I made it to the check-in counter I was almost done with my coffee. I placed it on the counter to hand the agent my ID. And it tipped over and spilled.

The agent played a practical joke on me, poking fun at how uncoordinated I was I suppose…

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The Most Profitable Airlines in the World Aren’t the Ones You Think

Nov 28 2015

Last week’s Airline Weekly included third quarter profit margins from 48 airlines that had reported thus far. Here’s the top 10:

Delta reported a 21% margin (16th), Southwest and American 20% margins (19th and 21st respectively), and United a 19% margin (22nd). A 10% operating margin only placed an airline (Finnair) 34th out of 48 reporting airlines. What’s surprising is the top 10.

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Can You Guess the Most Worthless Elite Status There Is?

Nov 28 2015

Traveling a good deal I accumulate status — some useful, some less so. I value my American AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond, and Starwood Preferred Guest Platinum. I much valued my Avis status when I had it.

Not all status is brings meaningful benefits, however. I wouldn’t go out of my way to earn Hyatt Platinum or Hilton Silver, for instance.

There’s one status that’s below them all, that fails to deliver anything of meaningful value, and thus truly stands out in a world of overinflated metals.

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How Your Family Can Fly and Sit Together This Holiday Season

Nov 27 2015

It can be really hard to get seats together for flights during the holidays. Flights are full. More families are traveling together so more people are trying to sit together (compared to solo business travelers). And more and more airlines are holding back the number of seats they assign for ‘free’.

For most passengers, your ticket doesn’t come with a ‘seat’. Obviously that isn’t literally true, since safety rules require all passengers to be seated. But there’s a limited number of seats on the seat map that airlines will let passengers reserve in advance.

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